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Mnica-Caballero_thumb.pngMonica Caballero – letter from an anarchist prisoner
”Send a fraternal hug to those who have supported us, every gesture of solidarity illuminates the shadows of these cold walls.”

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Women hold Biggest EverStrike Day yet.vaga de totes On Wed 22 Oct thousands of women went   on social and work strike in the biggest action yet of the ‘Womens strike of everybody’ movement.

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  • McDonald’s by Beth Buczynsk
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    1. It‘s a lie.
    McDonald’s, really fast-food
  • in general, isn’t real food….
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    Which Way to Utopia?: Anarchist Spatial Theory by jessecohn This is a fascinating Slide Essay which applies anarchist ideas to urban planning of all sorts. How would the world appear if the rule of the capitalist market were to end?

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Hi there, The Free is a book and a blog. Set in the fall of capitalism amid climate chaos, Maxie escapes her awful school, abusive home and the rapist police, and lands up in a social revolution.. .142,000 reads so far! The great updated 2014 edition is out now and you can read it here.

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‘The Free': New Slideshow from the 2014 edition

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At last a major ‘tech guru’ is in favour of green-NH3, the non-fossil aand CO2-free fuel that has always existed, suppressed by the fossil fuel industry. (See Ted Talk below). We’ve been saying it for years with zero impact. all combustion motors can be run on green NH3, cutting climate destroying gases by 30% and abolishing air pollution, saving millions from an agonizing death.

Ammonia Energy System

Alex Lightman has challenged the oil giants, with

Its a huge advance for green-NH3 (ie.  ammonia from renewables) and comes hard on the heels of Toyota’s CO2-free ammonia prototype sportscar..  and the proposal to convert part of Sth Korea’s fleet Korean ammonia NH3 car to Slash CO2 and Toxic Air.

Lightman is another ‘Mr Fix It’ reformist, albeit a brilliant and powerful one. He wants to destroy the oil giants to fix capitalism, so that it can escape its current blind alley and the USA can still rule the world. However if the alternative is climate chaos and the extinction of millions of species, including our children,  his reformism is more than welcome, as a respite while real grass roots revolution can develop.
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Originally posted on The Free:

España, paraíso de los Corruptos

Lista de políticos imputados por corrupción y que, a pesar de todo, están presentes en la política.

0- Rafael Blasco (PP) – Valencia. IMPUTADO por SEIS delitos.
1- Francisco Camps (PP) – Valencia, IMPUTADO Caso Gürtel
2- Ricardo Costa (PP) – Valencia, IMPUTADO Caso Gürtel…………………..

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On Wed 22 Oct thousands of women went on social and work strike in the biggest action yet of the Vaga de Totes ( Womens strike of everybody) movement.Vaga de totes (Strike of everyone) is a collective of women “tired of social, economic and legal politics that threaten seriously our rights, our dignity and our freedom” as we can read in their manifesto.

Feminism is the radical idea that we women are people

Feminism is the radical idea that we women are people

They talk about: the conservative laws on abortion and assisted reproduction that want to control the woman’s body;

the femicide ; the cuts in health care, social assistence and education;

the repression; the immigration laws and the health care apartheid and – last but not least – the laboral reform that increases the gender discrimination. Women in our society, being responsable quite entirely for care tasks, are now working harder and longer for balancing cuts and privatization of social services out .

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Smashy Smashy: Nine Historical Triumphs to Make You Rethink Property Destruction

Flag-burning and property destruction in Ferguson are part of a long, proud history

M’ikmaq anti-frackersanti-frackerss…Sabotage Works!

 By , | October 21, 2014. with thanks.

After Officer Darren Wilson shot teenager Michael Brown dead this summer, Ferguson, Missouri, erupted with outrage, compassion and street protests. The response from many corners of the commentariat was predictable: condemnations of those “bad elements” among the protesters who resorted to property destruction as their demonstration of resistance. After two more high-profile incidents of cops shooting St. Louis black men to death, protesters even burned Old Glory, eliciting still more scandalized gasps from the usual crowd.

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Dear All,  


                  At this time, after nearly 10 months  in Spanish  state prisons, I must deliver these words to you, dear companions (female and male) who fight for the abolition of all authority and the integral development of each individual.

Mónica CaballeroMonica Caballero Anarchist Political Prisoner CP Sepulveda Avila

Posted on October 22, 2014 by fesoria
Written by Monica Caballero from prison Avila

“In prisons the individual is crushed in the depths of her/his essence”


Today anarchism is a major concern in terms of security for many Western (and some Eastern) states; in this witch hunt informal antiauthoritarian anything goes, this repressive hysteria is inherent in our quest for total freedom, is as old as the anarchist ideas. So all who attempt to confront or question the prevailing order must expect a momentary or prolonged visit at one of these monuments of human extermination. View full article »

5 Reasons to Never Let Your Kids Eat McDonald’s

Hold on to your hats, parents: A court-appointed psychologist recently called a Manhattan father an ‘unfit parent’ because he denied his son’s request to eat at McDonald’s. Yes, you’re reading that right.

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stop mortgage evictions

Linking the revolutions

 BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 64

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Eat the Rich

Originally posted on My Blog OceansSpirit:

Plastic Junk Litters our Oceans, Killing Sea Life — And it’s Getting Worse


Two masses of bits and pieces of plastic are growing larger each passing year. Most of the plastic is from North America and Asia.

The ocean may conjure up images of coral islands, gray whales and deep blue seas, but plastic junk?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a collection of debris in the North Pacific ocean – is one of five major garbage patches drifting in the oceans.

Captain Charles J. Moore recently returned from a six-week research trip to the patch and was “utterly shocked” by how the quantity of plastic debris – everything from hard hats to fishing nets to tires to tooth brushes — had grown since his last trip there in 2009.

“It has gotten so thick…

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Originally posted on EL BLOG DE CARLOS:


“Más de cien años después de su fundación recuperamos la voz anónima de un sindicato, la Confederación Nacional del Trabajo. A través del testimonio directo de sus protagonistas recorremos su historia, sus luchas, sus esperanzas y sus ilusiones. Un viaje a la utopía de aquellos que llevan un mundo nuevo en sus corazones.”

La Confederación Nacional del Trabajo consiguió la jornada de 6 horas en el campo andaluz en el año 1936.

Sin tíxxxtuloAños antes había sido pionera a nivel internacional en la consecución de derechos laborales como la jornada de 40 horas semanales, el reconocimiento de la edad de retiro obrero, la erradicación del trabajo infantil o la reivindicación de los derechos de las mujeres trabajadoras. .

Esta memoria colectiva nos lleva a la fundación en 1910 de la Confederación Nacional del Trabajo, siguiendo por sus luchas sociales más sobresalientes como la jornada laboral de las ocho horas, la revolución…

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Originally posted on Chain Of Thoughts:

A number of viruses have been found in northern Spain that are killing frog, toad and newt species. Infected animals can suffer from ulcers on their skin and die from internal bleeding. Researchers fear the strains, which belong to the Ranavirus group, have already spread to other countries. via Pocket

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great action I reckon!

Originally posted on RED POWER MEDIA:

Illegal Logging in Para State, Brazil as revealed by Greenpeace activists.

Illegal Logging in Para State, Brazil as revealed by Greenpeace activists.

October 15, 2014

Every night empty trucks disappear into the Brazilian Amazon, they return laden with timber. This timber —illegally cut —makes its way to a sawmills that sell it abroad to places like the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan using fraudulent paperwork to export the ill-gotten gains as legit. These findings are the result of a daring and dangerous investigation by Greenpeace-Brazil that had activists hanging out with truckers and illegal loggers, all the while surreptitiously tagging trucks with GPS locator beacons. The high-tech equipment allowed the organization to track where the logging trucks went.

“Illegal logging can be hard to get to tackle. Logging happens deep in the forest, far from the eyes of the world,” reads a blog on the mission by Greenpeace. “But all that is changing. Covert GPS tracking technology and satellite surveillance means…

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Designated by Franklin D Roosevelt as “Columbus Day” in 1937, the 12th of October is the date that Christopher Columbus first “discovered” the Americas.

The anniversary was re-named “Day of Indigenous Resistance” by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in 2002 to commemorate the beginning of the indigenous struggle against European invasion and colonisation.resistencia-indigena-fidel-ernesto-vasquez

On 12 October, the Spanish state celebrates its festival with a great military parade as the central event. This is a date full of
controversy. Today it is called the Day of the National Festival, but for a large part of Franco’s time, it was also called ‘Hispanitat’ Day
and originally the Festival of the Race. And it was and is not only observed in Spain, but also in a few American countries under very
different names, in commemoration of the beginning of the Spanish colonisation of America.
In Argentina for example, it is called the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, and in Chile the Day of the Meeting of the Two Worlds,
whereas in Nicaragua and Venezuela, the 12 October is the Day of the Indigenous Resistance.

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Why is the world ignoring the revolutionary Kurds in Syria?

in The Guardian comments
  Amid the Syrian warzone a democratic experiment is being stamped into the ground by Isis. That the wider world is unaware is a scandal…
If there is a parallel today to Franco’s superficially devout, murderous Falangists, who would it be but Isis? If there is a parallel to the Mujeres Libres of Spain, who could it be but the courageous women defending the barricades in Kobane? Is the world – and this time most scandalously of all, the international left – really going to be complicit in letting history repeat itself?…
Demonstrators hold flags of Kurdistan and a flag with a portrait of jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan as 20,000 march in Dusseldorf

In 1937, my father volunteered to fight in the International Brigades in defence of the Spanish Republic. A would-be fascist coup had been temporarily halted by a worker’s uprising, spearheaded by anarchists and socialists, and in much of Spain a genuine social revolution ensued, leading to whole cities under directly democratic management, industries under worker control, and the radical empowerment of women.

Spanish revolutionaries hoped to create a vision of a free society that the entire world might follow. Instead, world powers declared a policy of “non-intervention” and maintained a rigorous blockade on the republic, even after Hitler and Mussolini, ostensible signatories, began pouring in troops and weapons to reinforce the fascist side. The result was years of civil war that ended with the suppression of the revolution and some of a bloody century’s bloodiest massacres.

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