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Building Resistance..  Squatters Rights abolished

Organising opposition to new anti-squat law

The date the new anti-squatting law comes into force in English and Welsh law has been set for September 1st. The Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) have issued a warning and a call to arms: “We are going to need to be more organised and look after each other better. We will need legal back-up available on the street, and people will need help moving quickly and storing their possessions. We need networks, linked up with others resisting evictions and attacks on housing rights.

The Eviction Resistance Network (ER) have emerged to counter to the new law and new enforcement techniques. They have already mobilised big numbers to resist several evictions, and their phoneline is open 24/7. Continue reading

here’s part 3 of the weekly serialization.. Linda has just run away from her awful school and abusive Dad…

Okay so you can read it here anyway, but this has more illustrations and may appear more in GooogleSo maybe more people will get the chance to read it.


     I didn’t want to go back so I just walked on. On and on, down the abandoned canal. It was freezing cold, you’d think it was winter, and I was wishing vaguely that I’d brought my coat.

            But I didn’t care really, till it started to rain… Continue reading

by  Most importantly, you’re being urged to realize we’re all brothers and sisters, one species, connected by the basic instincts we have to socialize and protect one another. 2012 is not the year we wake up as a group, or a country, or even a planet, 2012 is the year we wake up as a species. However this can only be done if you want it to be, you hold the power in your hands.

Greetings citizens of the world, you’ve most likely heard of the recent exposure of the global security network called TrapWire. You may have also heard of the recent developments concerning the NDAA (or National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012). As time goes on it gets more evident that our situation is getting worse…. Continue reading

A lawyer for members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot has appealed their convictions on charges of “hooliganism” for a protest against President Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral earlier this year, Reuters reports, even as the musicians say they’re more committed than ever to seeking the removal of Putin.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, Maria Alyokhina, 24, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, were each sentenced to two years in prisonAugust 17th for their February “punk-prayer” demonstration in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral. Their lawyer, Nikolai Polozov, said he doubts the court will reverse the convictions. “If the court abides by the law it would throw out the verdict,” Polozov said. “But being realists, understanding all the efforts the state has put into this case, we think it’s unlikely the verdict will be overturned.”

Continue reading

Originally posted on KanPasqual:

Durante los últimos días la policía ha vuelto a aparecer por las
huertas de Arantzadi. El Sabado un hortelano fue detenido y el domingo
se decomisaba el motocultor que estabamos utilizando.
Os convocamos a una concentracion en la plaza del ayuntamiento a las
12.30 de este miercoles 29, para mostrar nuestro rechazo a las obras
de Aranzadi y solidarizarnos con la huerta de Aranzadi Auzolanean y la
huerta de Agustin Beroiz que tambien estos dias corre peligro.
También nos gustaria informate de que para este sabado dia 1 se esta
organizando una gran fiesta por la soberania alimentaria, con
intercambio de semillas, degustacion de tomate y conciertikos


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What’s really happening in Greece,  how nationalist Fascism is being used again in Europe, and how it might be stopped with solidarity.

No tolerance to the attacks of police and neonazi; we are together with the migrants. Hands off the Academic Asylum. Students Union of the Athens School of Economics

 Summer 2012, a report from Greece

by George Caffentzis via UniNomade

1. Arrival in Thessaloniki. It is July 5 and I just have arrived in Thessaloniki full of questions concerning the political situation in Greece. My trusted and knowledgeable friend meets me at the airport. In response to my impatient questions he immediately begins the tale of what happened in Greece and in Thessaloniki in particular over the last year, as he drives us into the city. Continue reading

Arctic sea ice reaches record low, Nasa says

 The melt season is expected to continue until the second half of S


eptember. The Arctic has lost more sea ice this year than at any time since satellite records began in 1979, Nasa says. Scientists involved in the calculations say it is part of a fundamental change. What is more, sea ice normally reaches its low point in September so it is thought likely that this year’s melt will continue to grow.

Greenpeace storms Arctic oil platform Continue reading

This Earth divided we will make whole, so it can be a common treasury for all.
Runnymede Eco Village Lives On + Saturday’s Workshops
by ecovillager

In recent days there have been attempts to forcefully remove us from the disused land of Cooper’s Hill in Runnymede, Windsor. Continue reading 

Carrefour expropriation

Supermarket expropriations have extended to other parts of Spain, following the example of ‘Robin Hood’ mayor José Manuel Sánchez Gordillo in Andalusia.  A store of the global  supermarket chain Carrefour in the town of Merida in the western region of Extremadura was hit Friday by 50 members of the Platform for Basic Income in Extremadura. The regional leader of the radical United Left coalition Pedro Escobar backed what he described as a ‘symbolic’ action  that would ‘draw attention to, and provoke reflection about the extreme situation that many families are in. ‘ Escobar observed that some families were in such dire straits that they were actually going hungry. El Publico

  • Miembros del Colectivo la Trastienda y de la Plataforma por la Renta Básica en Extremadura han entrado en un supermercado para emular la acción del SAT. Continue reading

A sweltering August has given us a break in the frantic escalation of cuts repression and protests in Spain.

But September will be all GO, running up to the ultimate sellout when the Govt. accepts workers slavery to the terms of a national ”Bailout” .

Included are the ‘anonymous’ call to storm the Congress on 25th Sept and the general Strike, Sept 26th, see below.

Will we have to sacrifice our health, jobs, schools to pay back,  for ever and ever, the private debts of the banks, and the billions ‘disappeared’ by the 1%?

Diary for Sept 2012 (a selection) Continue reading

this is the second part of the serialization  One part will appear here every Friday for the next year. For part 1 click the ‘serial’  category above. Hope you like this version with more illustrations

Act One  Chapter Two

Linda leaves home

-’Don’t be naughty, little darling, don’t be bad.’-

Linda narrating

            I was thinking bad stuff. When I got home any good humour had long gone. In I went by the side door. Just a bit wet and depressed and heading for my bed.

But there was my Ma in the spotless little kitchen feeding the baby. And there was Mrs. Geraty from down the road drinking tea. If anyone thinks I got any sympathy from my mother they’re much mistaken…. Continue reading

Sobre la creciente ola de represión en el Perú y el papel de los anarquistas

per Unión Socialista Libertaria – Perú 18 ago 2012
Pronunciamiento libertarioAnte este panorama de agudización del conflicto social y su consecuente criminalización urge la necesidad de consolidar y fortalecer las organizaciones populares por la defensa del agua, del medio ambiente y de nuestros derechos sociales. En el caso concreto de Conga, nosotros como anarquistas, pensamos que una salida viable al tema es potenciar la capacidad de respuesta y decisión de las propias comunidades afectadas y que esto se traduzca en su fuerza real para la administración y control directo de los recursos naturales que existan en sus tierras.

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Sobre la creciente ola de represión en el Perú y el papel de los anarquistas1.- El Estado peruano, Continue reading

en español abajo  The SAT , independent county workers trade union, yeasterday occupied the Moratalla Estate which inclyudes the palace Hotel  by Kaos. Andalusia
The SAT Palace Hotel occupies facilities Moratalla to eviction
More than 200 people, according to the organization, have entered “peacefully” in Moratalla, in the municipality of Hornachuelos Cordoba, in the second stage of labor march organized by the SAT. It contains the Hotel Palacio Moratalla. Continue reading

They Came in the Night… To Evict the Books.

Oakland Police evicted the first Occupants in many years of the abandoned building at 1449 Miller Street late on August 13th. That was the same day the abandoned building had been proclaimed a people’s library and public space, a Biblioteca Popular for a neighborhood in East Oakland sorely in need.

First they came for the anarchist books,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an anarchist.

Then they came for the trade union books,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Continue reading


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