next in the series will be South Europe general Strike on Nov 14th

A demo of about 500 people  came in the morning to the Barcelona city center starting from Plaza Catalunya, stopping at some notorious companies where they encouraged the workers to join the strike ecundaran the day, or what they represent in terms the modern labor exploitation.

FNAC was visited, the company Apple, BBVA, etc, going down Via Laietana and the demonstration and ending in front of the Employers Central. Besides the main picket in various neighborhoods of the city there was picketing organized by neighborhood assemblies.

The strikes have been followed especially in the transport sector, Metro, RENFE, Post, Tugs, telemarketing, etc. Commuter trains operated at a frequency of between 40 minutes and two hours in the Barcelona Metro at peak frequency step was 18 to 20 minutes.

In the afternoon the demonstration called by the CGT, CNT, Labor Commission of 15-M, COS, and neighborhood assemblies that have joined as Metro workers block called by the Works Council has been assisted 3,000 people , starting from Arc de Triomf, through Conselleria of Interior, the Government offices, the headquarters of the right wing Catalan CiU and ending in Jardinets de Gràcia with the reading of a manifesto.