Wednesday, November 14, 2012     updates   Barcelona: Cop cars burnt, Nazi shop trashed, etc, as Half million march      Battlefield Lisbon    14N European strike: Bologna

Videos From Today’s General Strike in Europe

All videos come courtesy of Europeans Against the Political System:

Beginning of the strike in Madrid.

Clashes in Milan.

Striking nurses in Portugal.


”And then they’ll say there were only five or six of us…”

Police attacking protesters in Madrid.

Footage of demonstrators outside the Portuguese parliament in Lisbon.

More in Lisbon.


General Strike 14N,,Consume NOTHING!.. Shut The BASTARDS DOWN!

Spanish Revolution: Call to Occupy empty Bank property

Bankia occupied after Debt Suicides

Corrupt Spanish Congress surrounded during Budget ‘Debate’

España, paraíso de los políticos Corruptos

anarchism in Occupied Social Centers.. anarkismo el los CSO

Greek heroes fight fascist and police thugs

Greek Uprising: Defense Ministry stormed. Airport Occupied..

Inside Story from Greece.. Solidarity needed

Huelga GENERAL Strike..Portugal