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Police stormed the iconic Villa Amalias squat center in Athens, but left and released prisoners after a huge solidaritry response

Police stormed the iconic Villa Amalias squat center in Athens, but left and released prisoners after a huge solidaritry response

Athens: anarchist squat Villa Amalias raided by riot police

At approximately 07:00 GMT+2 on December 20th, riot police raided the anarchist squat Villa Amalias in Athens.

Eight people were detained inside the building, while the police are now searching in the presence of an ninth person who was also in the building at the time of the raid and who is acting as witness to the search. It is expected that this person will also be detained at the end of the operation.

It is still unclear whether or not the police intend to evict the squat.

People are already gathering in solidarity outside the squat in big numbers…… Continue reading

No social or cultural revolution can happen if, instead of embarking on the fight, of releasing our bodies and thoughts, we act from the prisons of our own prejudices, limitations and embarrassments

porn as self education

porn as self education

.Chronicle and assessment of the international art and postpornography Show, ‘Muestra Marrana’,  in Barcelona.    by Diana J. Torres

For three cold days the art production center Hangar (Barcelona) was again heated with groans and feminism. Yes, that’s one way of describing what is Postpornography, a way of understanding sexuality as a free identity construction tool , as a liberating weapon system from boring and oppressive hetero, and as a way of  reimagining and renewing our sexuality.

Continue reading

Free Jeremy HammondOn the evening of March 5th, 2012, more than a dozen federal law-enforcement officers broke down the door of a small brick house on the southwest side of Chicago and arrested Jeremy Hammond, a 27-year-old anarchist and computer hacker. Six feet tall and lanky, dressed in a purple T-shirt and cool trousers – a signature style one of his female friends.

He’s now facing life imprisonment, under a biased Judge whose husband was one of his victims. Continue reading

phillipine victoryFor 13 years the Vatican has banned Family planning in the Phillipines, causing the deaths of 10 mothers a day, and up to a million unnecessary abortions a year.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, one of the leading advocates of the bill said: “The Catholic church has steadfastly opposed the (reproductive health) bill for 13 years. But I humbly submit this afternoon that there is no force more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Continue reading

goodbye spainby Esther Vivas

“Independent Catalonia? Over my dead body and those of many other soldiers”. It was with these words that on August 31, retired infantry lieutenant-colonel Francisco Alaman Castro referred to the possibility of an independent Catalonia. And he added: “We will not make it easy. Although the lion seems to be sleeping, they have no interest in provoking it too much, because it has already given enough proof of its ferocity over the centuries. These plebs are not up to much, if we know how to confront them”. Continue reading

eco house

Join the Launch of new Living in the Future Film on 22nd January 2013, 8pm.

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The Free best colour Jan22  2012. _Page_154_Image_0001


Act Two

Chapter twenty four

The Coppice Party

-’..ripples of pleasure ran up and down my body..’-

Maggie narrating

-‘Look! A squirrel.. two of them!.’-  I pointed.

-’Where where?’- said Lucy -‘Oh Yes!’-

With dramatic leaps one red squirrel was chasing the other. Continue reading

Theresa’s Hunger Strike on day 15 .. urgent support  needed

Idle No More: Women rise to lead when it’s needed most

Idle No More: Women rising to lead when it's needed most Change the conversation, support today.

Chief Theresa Spence is now on Day 13 of her hunger strike. Too weak to leave the teepee she is living in on Victoria Island, a mere stone’s throw from Parliament, she called for a round dance yesterday at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Prime Minister Harper’s residence.

Throughout the duration of her hunger strike, Harper has maintained a chilly silence around the grassroots Indigenous movement now widely known as Idle No More, taking to Twitter instead to share his jokes about bacon with the Canadian electorate.

What started as a string of emails between four Saskatchewan women back in November in protest of Bill C-45 eventually became a hashtag on social media, snowballing over time into a global movement for Indigenous rightsContinue reading

confront fossil fuels(extract from George Monbiot’s article with References and Comments)

”Preventing climate breakdown – the four, five or six degrees of warming now predicted for this century by green extremists like, er, the World Bank, the International Energy Agency and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (1 , 2 , 3 ,  ) – means confronting the oil, gas and coal industry.”

The only realistic way to do this is by making further development unprofitable. Global Warming Point of No ReturnThis seems impossible, even if extraction were to be limited by a world agreement, scarcity would drive prices up and make evasion eminently profitable, to companies who are anyway more powerful than many nation states.

One step forward is the movement in the US for Disvestment by Companies, Universities and Local Administrations, as it becomes ever clearer that the future of the planet really is being destroyed. (See article HERE Campaign to de-Invest from Fossil Fuel Climate Criminals ) Continue reading

December 2012

Eco-fuel Africa uses low-cost and tailor made technologies to create a new breed of clean energy entrepreneurs in Uganda and exploit mobile phone based technologies like SMS and Mobile Money to ensure that their entrepreneurs turn our technologies into viable businesses.

They plan to use their technology to create a new breed of clean energy micro-entrepreneurs in Africa through a micro-franchising model that they have successfully piloted in a town called Lugazi in Uganda.
80% of Sub-Saharan Africans depend on wood for fuel. This is a leading cause of deforestation in Africa. As forests disappear women and children (especially girls) walk arduous distances to gather wood for their families.

Therefore, many children are dropping out of school because they spend most of their time gathering wood;
Secondly, fuel-wood is very smoky and leads to indoor air pollution. Again in Africa, women and children are the most frequent victims; Also, in Sub-Saharan Africa, unemployment among youths and women is very high. In Uganda for example, unemployment among young people between 15 and 30 years of age is over 80%. Such young people turn to violence, prostitution and drug abuse. This increases the risk of armed conflict, worsens the problem of HIV/AIDS and leads to wastage of talent.
These are the problems that Eco-fuel Africa seeks to address using their low-cost, tailor-made technology and inclusive business model.
Kilns: Eco-fule Africa invented invented a low-cost kiln made out of old oil drums. These kilns are leased to rural farmers. They then teach these farmers to convert their agricultural waste into charcoal powder using these kilns. Farmers sell part of this charcoal powder to us while some is retained and used as organic fertilizers (biochar). These farmers use SMS messages to inform our local collection agents to collect this charcoal powder from their farms.

The amount of charcoal powder supplied by each farmer is recorded on our phone based data system called Carbon Keeper and these farmers are paid monthlyusing Mobile Money payment methods. We also have an SMS based training program through which they periodically send farmers tips on how to use our kilns and how to covert the charcoal powder they retain into organic fertilizers (biochar).

Eco-fuel Press Machine: Eco-fuel Africa also invented a low-cost briquetting machine called Eco-fuel Press which compresses charcoal powder bought from farmers into clean burning fuel briquettes. Eco-fuel Press doesn’t require electricity to operate and is so simple to use that it can easily be used by a 40 year old illiterate woman in rural Uganda or 17 year old former child soldier in DR Congo.

Women Distributors: To ensure that their clean burning fuel briquettes can easily be accessed, Eco-fuel Africa has created a network of women distributors. They train these women and empower them to become the local distributors in their local communities. Eco-fuel Africa teaches these women to make orders using SMS messages and to pay for new supplies using mobile money payment methods. These women therefore don’t have to come to the offices for new supplies.

Mentoring: To ensure that Eco-fuel Africa’s micro-entrepreneurs succeed, they currently use a phone based mentoring system that periodically sends business tips to the women distributors and other micro-entrepreneurs. Eco-fuel Africa also intends to develop an interactive, internet based mentoringplatform through which their micro-entrepreneurs will beable to ask questions, share experiences and learn from local and international business experts.

Success: 1,500 farmers in Uganda use Eco-fuel Africa kilns. On average, these farmers make an average
of $30/month from selling char to Eco-fuel Africa. This is triple what most farmers previously earned. These farmers have also been able to improve their soil fertility using biochar made by our kilns. Biochar has been scientifically proven to increase water retention in soils, improve soil fertility and sequester C02 by burying it in the soil where it belongs. This has enabled these farmers to increase their food harvests. Most of Eco-fuel Africa’s farmers now have enough food for their families and have some left to take to the market. This is increasing food security and improving incomes of farmers.

There are now 3,500 families in slums and rural towns in Uganda using Eco-fuel Africa green charcoal.For these families, cooking fuel no longer means smoky, expensive and inefficient wood. Green charcoal burns cleaner, burns longer and is 20% cheaper than charcoal from wood.Families that use Eco-fuel Africa green charcoal save an average of $200/year. They also don’t have toworry about indoor air pollution, their children stay in school and women have enough time toengage in productive activities like digging and doing business;

This project has also already created 100 new women entrepreneurs (distributors). Eco-fuel Africa works with poor local women to sell our green charcoal in energy poor communities. They go to slumsand villages, identify local women, train them and empower them to become distributors of green charcoal in their communities. Eco-fuel Africa’s women entrepreneurs earn an average of $5/day orabout $1825/year. Now, these are women that previously had no marketable skills and had no other source of income. This is changing lives and empowering communities.

Eco-fuel Africa also uses part of their proceeds to replant trees. They funded the formation of a club called “FOR TREES” which works with local schools and communities to replant trees. They make an annual tax deductible donation to this club to enable it keep planting trees. FOR TREES has already
planted 10,000 trees in Uganda and as Eco-fuel Africa expands and becomes more profitable, they will enable FOR TREES to plant even more trees.

Otra anarquimaddy-pfeiffer-grand-jurysta a la cárcel por resistencia al Gran Jurado este 26 de diciembre 2012

Es probable que otra anarquista sea enviada a prisión por negarse a hablar de sus ideales y de sus amigos al “Gran Jurado federal” de Seattle. 

Maddy Pfeiffer, de 23 años, despreció la “audiencia” de la semana pasada y el juez ha ordenado que se entregue este 26 de diciembre a las 9. Ya había estado frente al “Gran Jurado” y no colaboró. Continue reading

Atheist Census is back online!

support HERE

We don’t need his shit.. For millenia priests have posed as prophets to rob and manipulate people with guilt and terror..

We don’t need his shit.. For millenia priests have posed as prophets to rob and manipulate people with guilt and terror..

by Paul King
Email: sorrel69 (nospam)

Numbers matter.

Standup and be counted.

Atheist Census was launched on 7 December and received 8,880 confirmed entries with another c. 2,300 pending before it was taken offline by a DoS (denial of service) attack about 17 hours after launch.

Atheist Census was launched on 7 December and received 8,880 confirmed entries with another c. 2,300 pending before it was taken offline by a DoS (denial of service) attack about 17 hours after launch. The census and DoS attack were mentioned in media reports: Huffington Post, Examiner, Christian Post. Continue reading

 wild fireFossil fuel divestment campaign: “If it’s wrong to wreck the climate then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.”

On the recent Do the Math tour, Bill McKibben, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, author Naomi Klein and other speakers and a team of organizers launched a campaign calling on churches, colleges, and others to divest their stock portfolios of investments in fossil fuel corporations Continue reading

In the last few days a wave of anti government demonstrations have  transformed into mass looting which is still spreading looting the insane systemacross the country. People have lost all faith in yet another round of austerity and cutbacks to please the 1% controlled markets in this resource rich country.

Union leader Hugo Moyano, who opposes the government’s economic policies, dismissed the government’s accusations of a left wing plot and organised robbery.

“This is probably triggered by the difficult situation the people of Argentina are facing. I cannot imagine that this has been organised by someone,” said Mr Moyano, head of the powerful CGT union. Continue reading

zapatista marchZapatistas: “to be heard, we march in silence”

By Leonidas Oikonomakis On December 21, 2012

As the Maya calendar ends, a new cycle of struggle begins with thousands of Zapatistas peacefully and silently occupying town squares across Chiapas.

The Zapatistas are back! Flowing like the water of the river that beats the sword. And while some were anticipating the Christmas holidays, some others the end of the Maya calendar, and others still the new Communiqué from the Comandancia General of the EZLN that was announced back in November, the main cities of Chiapas woke up today with memories of 1994. Continue reading


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