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6th Dec. last Update..  unfortunately we were right. Cateel was devastated with at least 28 dead, hopefully the report/warning below, which came out 1 day before and was read by over 3000 people on the net, helped some people escape to safety.

”Davao Oriental Governor Corazon Malanyaon said initial reports indicated that in one town, Cateel, 95% of the buildings had been damaged. Twenty-three people had drowned or were buried under fallen trees or buildings there, she said…..” the massacre toll has risen to at least 500 with more than 400 others reported missing and about quarter of a million people made homeless.At least three cities on Mindanao’s east coast remain cut off after bridges collapsed and roads were swept away by floodwater.The sheer numbers of refugees have overwhelmed the Philippine disaster agencies prompting  government to call for international aid to help cope with the mega disaster.The…

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