King Joan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hiunting elephants, may soon be sacked as King for blatant family Corruption

King Juan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hunting elephants, may soon be sacked as King for blatant family Corruption

Pressure is mounting as various protest groups and political parties add to the calls for the abdication of the Spanish King, and the creation of a Republic with a new Constitution.

The latest scandal is that Urdangarin, son in law and protegée of the King and now on trial for massive corruption, also plundered a foundation for disabled children.

Urdangarin and Torres totally looted the foundation for disabled children they  had been put in charge of by Royal patronage.
Only 9,800 of more than 620,000 euros in donations earmarked for social purposes were received by public and businesses, the rest was pocketed by the Duke and his partners.

Of the 621,528 euros the Foundation received in the concept between 2007 and 2009 only 1.5% was allocated to social assistance or associations related to social integration .

#hambredejusticia @movistar_es Cartell de prot...

#hambredejusticia @movistar_es Cartell de protesta de #MWC13 Urdangarin imputat (Photo credit: CGT Catalunya)

In total, in five and a half years the founding social organizations gave only 9800 euros.

And even that was not always given to children. It only includes a donation of 800 euros for the magazine of the Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer. Other beneficiaries are the Association of American Federations in Catalonia and, above all, the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God.



26/02/2013. A court has sentenced , Koldo Méndez, to a fine of 600 euros and eight months in jail for an offense of contempt of court after protest against the Monarchy. Koldo is from Bilbao, an ex counsellor of the PSE in Berriz and former secretary general of the union of autonomous UPTA in Euskadi.  more  here

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