Huanang/Soulic is the first serious typhoon of the season.

Already some forecasters say it could be a top level Super Typhoon.

Latests forecasts put it’s route more to the south..

It’s now predicted to slam into the northern tip of Taiwan, that is Taipei, Keelung and Wenshan where over 4 million people live.

Especially exposed are the eastern coastal cities of Luodong, Yilan and Toucheng.

Let’s hope Soulic changes course and stays at sea!

Note. One effect of Climate Change is more and more wild weather. 

At present there is NO international agreement to control fossil fuel burning (oil, coal gas)

It’s almost too late already to stop emissions at a safe level, because they are cumulative and

take decades to take effect.

Please please if you’re affected by Huaning/Soulic try to get compensation and force the authorities to address climate change.