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‘The Free’  has had almost 250,000 visitors to the site (but mostly to read the news posts page). The ebook is FREE and you can now also buy the physical ‘dead tree’ edition (printed as ordered) and the Kindle edition . .  but in reality it’s still a rare and hardly known ‘Indie’ publication, let’s see if more people discover it this year!

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about the book

Adventure/Thriller.. Maxie rebels and runs away, with the anarcha feminists, squatters and gays.. Capitalism is going bottoms up. The climate is revolting.. our heroes live through the social and permaculture revolution, and the dawn of a money-free world…


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‘The Free’ has no commercial promotion. It relies on its friends to do that. And since the eBook is ‘money free’ that’s simpler..IF readers help.

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Its also available here..http://www.scribd.com/doc/25577340/The-Free- and in the Anarchist  Library and Google Books. http://theanarchistlibrary.org/. Also on Issuu here , which has a cool reader , http://issuu.com/mikegilli/docs

What it’s about..

Accompany Linda through her hilarious, terrible day, as she:
-escapes her useless school and abusive daddy,-changes her name to Maxie and falls in with the anarcha feminists, squatters and gays.

The State is going bottoms up, the Climate is going crazy, we’re living the collapse of capitalism, blow by blow, with a rainbow.

Maxie and her new friends get free of their traumas,and get into dealing subversive death blows, to a skinhead gang,a bankrupt school and the testerical special police. Next thing they flee to Ragwort CoOp Pool,in a big safe occupied working class area. We play the adventure live through their eyes, laughing and lamenting… inventing social revolution.

The PIF soldiers eventually arrive, to restore capitalist chaos, Macker and Maxie are missing, the hunt begins, while the spaced out invaders get subverted, corrupted, swallowed and (burp) digested.

Our odd family puzzles with the pieces.. finding a fun lifestyle,a coppice farm, and bright ideas for saving The Planet, but keep your hankies ready, folks.. click on your giant wings, for the fantastic FLYING finale!

obsolete capitalism.2

about the writer

…..’here I play around with gardens and mechanics, and, um, look after children and horses. I can cook a deadly vegetarian paella and my hobbies include solar-powered internet and, er, rooting in bins’….

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