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At last a major ‘tech guru’ is in favour of green-NH3, the non-fossil aand CO2-free fuel that has always existed, suppressed by the fossil fuel industry. (See Ted Talk below). We’ve been saying it for years with zero impact. all combustion motors can be run on green NH3, cutting climate destroying gases by 30% and abolishing air pollution, saving millions from an agonizing death.

Ammonia Energy System

Alex Lightman has challenged the oil giants, with

Its a huge advance for green-NH3 (ie.  ammonia from renewables) and comes hard on the heels of Toyota’s CO2-free ammonia prototype sportscar..  and the proposal to convert part of Sth Korea’s fleet Korean ammonia NH3 car to Slash CO2 and Toxic Air.

Lightman is another ‘Mr Fix It’ reformist, albeit a brilliant and powerful one. He wants to destroy the oil giants to fix capitalism, so that it can escape its current blind alley and the USA can still rule the world. However if the alternative is climate chaos and the extinction of millions of species, including our children,  his reformism is more than welcome, as a respite while real grass roots revolution can develop.
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The AmVeh – an ammonia fueled car from South Korea

South Korean researchers have successfully road-tested a dual fuel passenger car that runs on a mixture of ammonia and gasoline. It is called the AmVeh and was developed by members of the Ammonia Research Group at the Korean Institute forEnergy Research (KIER

Ammonia-gasoline dual fuel, and pure ammonia engines

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There’s a simple answer to climate change that’s been available all along. Really? You don’t believe me?

The answer is to switch to a proven, cheaper, safer, CO2-free fuel that is also non toxic when used and would have saved, according to the WHO, seven million air pollution deaths last year.

All internal combustion motors can be converted easily to run on NH3 fuel, which with new tech can be made anywhere from solar energy, wind and water.

see here

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Disclose.tvHydrofuel NH3 (ammonia) Car

NH3 green gasoline finally Gaining Momentum

The fossil fuel companies get grants and subsidies of over 500,000,000,000 dollars of public money a year, on top of their already obscene profits, while paying ZERO for the destruction of the earth and oceans, climate chaos and millions of air pollution deaths every year.

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Life Without Money  post 3

Integral Coop a

Money-Free Novels, continued

Imagine your life without money. Most people can’t really do it, because immediately you run into impossible situations.. How would you pay? Why would anyone offer free goods? etc.

Yet most of human history has been without money, in many countries now the system barely functions, and capitalism only ‘works’ by using up and destroying Earth at an ever faster rate.

Though it seems impossible to transition to a Money-Free world, it’s a good idea to imagine it now before our money system collapses. One way to envisage such a transition is in a story or film. We have a plethora of ‘end of the world’ movies but hardly any set in society being transformed in a positive way.

One novel where this does happen is The Free, it’s an adventure story but in the background we learn that Climate Chaos is destroying the world economy, and local Cooperatives are increasingly providing food and social services, as the bankrupt State nears collapse.

In this current web novel ‘The Free’ we see how the Money System is gradually abolished, in the context of collapsing Capitalism, climate emergency, and a vibrant anarcha-feminist Social Revolution. It’s a free download here.

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   natures-hydrogen-tank Grab ammonia out of thin air for fuel of the future

31 July 2013 by Hal Hodson  New Scientist Magazine issue 2928.
”AS VITAL chemicals go, it’s hard to beat ammonia. Industrial production began in the early 20th century, and it played a key role in the second world war and in two Nobel prizes. It brought about a global revolution in agriculture – today, crops grown using ammonia-based fertilisers feed no less than 48 per cent of the planet. Continue reading




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Q: What is ammonia?

A: Ammonia is simply Hydrogen and Nitrogen (NH3). Notice there is no carbon (C) in “NH3”. That means when you burn ammonia, it cannot release carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse pollutants…. Continue reading


(traducido con ayuda  google del inglés aquí) Cuando el señor Craig Steinke, director general y accionista principal de R2 Energy, llegó a Castellón para convencer a los alcaldes locales y la prensa de los beneficios de la extracción de petróleo y Fracking les dijo una sarta de mentiras. 41 alcaldes de las localidades afectadas por la aplicación de Fracking se reunieron en el Palacio Municipal, con la prensa, la televisión y una concentración de la Plataforma Contra el Fracking en el exterior. Abajo refutamos esas mentiras una por una, e ilustramos el escándalo criminal de la fractura hidráulico. (Ver referencia 1 Craig Steinke.)

Esta fue la gran oportunidad de Craig para conseguir un permiso de perforación , para impulsar sus acciones y hacer otra fortuna. Él ya había ganado $ 20 millones (approx) de la fusión de su compañía anterior, Realm Energy con el  San León, de la que también es director general, después de conseguir 10 permisos para frackear en el norte de España y así multiplicar los precios de las acciones, (era dueño de más del 30% de Realm). (ver Ref. 2 Realm Energy). Continue reading

Manchester, Houston: An Environmental Battleground

no Tar Sands31 Dec

On Thursday, December 27th, in Houston, TX, residents of Manchester gathered with allies to issue new demands on Valero. “We demand to know what you are forcing us to breathe!  ¡Exigimos saber lo que nos están obligando a respirar!”

The community came together in a celebration of unity and strength.  Manchester is populated almost completely by Latin@s, and surrounded on all sides by industry.

A massive Valero refinery looms over the community’s only park and its smokestacks poison the people who live there 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Manchester is plagued by a long list of diseases and ailments including asthma, respiratory disease and inflammation, infertility, birth defects, and a myriad of deadly cancers.  The National Disease Clusters Alliance reports (pg. 2) that children living within two miles of the Houston Ship Channel have a 56% higher likelihood of developing leukemia than those who live more than ten miles away. Continue reading

CO2-free fuel b**********************

Act Two

Chapter twenty two

The Green-Gas Factory

-‘That’s if this contraption ever gets to the top.’-

                   Barney narrating

We were all off for the weekend. It was raining incessantly and the buses were late. Jerry drove us to the bus stop in a Pools van, and we were parked up waiting. Macker, Bernie and Josie hadn’t come.

But Maggie and Lucy, were making whoopee with Moonbeam in the back, plus me, Sol and Maxie, three bikes and boxes of gear, and food.

            They were coming to attack the Air Factory.            ref 1 Air  and NH3 tech    Continue reading

Final Update 25 dec 2012   Over 1000 dead.   Despair Sweeps bopha Survivors

Super Typhoon BOPHA with 275kph winds to hit Philippines.. update  the massacre toll has risen to at least 500 with more than 400 others reported missing and about quarter of a million people made homeless. At least three cities on Mindanao’s east coast remain cut off after bridges collapsed and roads were swept away by floodwater.


As they become more common, climate related disasters may allow prosecution of the big Oil Companies, which they could be sued for billions for willfully dumping CO2 in the air for profit, with clean alternatives available.

DOHA, Qatar — A delegate from typhoon-hit Philippines demanded Thursday that ministers at the United Nations climate talks put aside their political differences and take bold steps to combat global warming.In an emotional appeal, Naderev Sano spoke of the "heartbreaking tragedy" of Typhoon Bopha, which has so far killed more than 350 people and left hundreds of thousands homeless, and urged participants at the U.N. climate conference in the Qatari capital to stop procrastinating on committing to halting the dangerous trend.

DOHA, Qatar — A delegate from typhoon-hit Philippines demanded Thursday that ministers at the United Nations climate talks put aside their political differences and take bold steps to combat global warming.
In an emotional appeal, Naderev Sano spoke of the “heartbreaking tragedy” of Typhoon Bopha, which has so far killed more than 350 people and left hundreds of thousands homeless, and urged participants at the U.N. climate conference in the Qatari capital to stop procrastinating on committing to halting the dangerous trend.

You cannot say that one climate massacre is caused only by climate change, but statistically we know that they are. Just as a child with thyroid cancer living next to Fukushima may have contracted it by chance, but if the cancer rate has increased 1000%, then nine out of ten victims are caused by the Nuclear meltdown.

To take that analogy further, if ten possible victims of Climate Chaos sued Exxon, nine of them would be real victims, only we can’t say which nine…. Continue reading

Driving much faster to the climate cliff

by Jordan Nichols     A recently released PricewaterhouseCoopers (or PwC) report, titled Too Late for Two Degrees?, suggests that, to meet even a goal of a 4° C increase in global mean temperatures the world must quadruple our current rate of decarbonization.  (Yes, this is that PwC — the “Big 4” accounting firm and the largest professional services firm in the world.) This is the most alarming study I have come across in months.

A 4o C global warming is double the threshold climate scientists will say must not be crossed to avoid disastrous impacts of climate change within this century and beyond.  It will take a massive, concertized international effort by both developed and developing nations to stop short of this ‘climate cliff.’ Continue reading

Montanans Prepare to Harness Direct Action in Coal Fight

note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE..

Climate Change Capitalism Destroys the Planet Earth

On Sunday, people from across Montana, and the larger area affected by coal export projects, will start converging in the state capitol of Helena. They’re coming for what will likely be the largest act of nonviolent direct action related to energy policy the Northern Rockies region has ever seen.

We’re calling it the Coal Export Action. By tapping into the type of nonviolent protests in other parts of the country this summer — such as the fights against mountaintop removal and fracking — our coalition of groups plans to challenge an energy project that threatens the health of communities across the Northwest: coal mine-for-export projects.

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Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe – and that make clear who the real enemy is

note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE..

By Bill McKibben       also check out new CO2-free Blog HERE

Greenpeace activists shut down 74 UK Shell petrol stations
Activists protesting against the company’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic have targeted London and Edinburgh

If the pictures of those towering wildfires in Colorado haven’t convinced you, or the size of your AC bill this summer, here are some hard numbers about climate change: June broke or tied 3,215 high-temperature records across the United States. That followed the warmest May on record for the Northern Hemisphere – the 327th consecutive month in which the temperature of the entire globe exceeded the 20th-century average, the odds of which occurring by simple chance were 3.7 x 10-99, a number considerably larger than the number of stars in the universe. Continue reading

note. posts on ‘NH3 the CO2-Free fuel’ now have their own blog HERE..


Fracking for gas is declinng in the US, not because of permamently poisoning the groundwater, they couldnt give a shit, but because the gas price has fallen through the floor.

Fracking for oil is the new craze, and over 20,000 wells have already  been drilled.

The reserves of this ‘tight oil‘ are gigantic, peak oil theory has been proved wrong for now, as the US is set to raise its production to 8 million barrels a day  in 2 years(but they consume 19m barrels a day).

Far from declining there’s enough oil available to skyroclet CO2

levela and fry us all, leaving the planet as sterile as Venus.

” We were wrong about peak oil: there’s enough in the ground to deep-fry the planet.”

See George Monbiot‘s  article here

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