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20D..Spain: 33 Mass Demos vs. Gag law and Arrest of Anarchists

Saturday 20th December sees at least 33 major demonstrations against the much hated ‘Gagging  Law’.FINAL

The law has already been pushed through  as the corrupt far right PP still have a majority, and is due to come into effect, giving the police ridiculous powers, plus fines of up to half a million for protesting, plus internet censorship, etc, Continue reading 20D..Spain: 33 Mass Demos vs. Gag law and Arrest of Anarchists

Nikos Romanos ends strike. World solidarity helps Triumph

nikos-romanosNikos Romanos has triumphed. After 31 days of hunger strike and thirst strike beginning today the Greek government has yielded to his demands and has agreed to allow leave to study, as Nikos claimed and to which he was legally entitled.With this agreement consisting of about 6 months distance learning from prison first, then exit permits on electronic tracking device to study later, Nikos Romanos abandoned today the hunger strike and thirst having not only jeopardized the Greek state, but having overcome with a historic hunger strike.

Few is any similar examples can be found of the solidarity movement that has risen with this hunger strike.ÓÕÍÅÄÑÉÁÓÇ ÕÐÏÕÑÃÉÊÏÕ ÓÕÌÂÏÕËÉÏÕ Continue reading Nikos Romanos ends strike. World solidarity helps Triumph

Free Prisoners NOW: Amèlie,Fallon and Carlos get 2yr 7months

  On Nov 6th Amélie Trudeau Pelletier, Fallon Poisson Rouiller and Carlos López Marín were sentenced to 2 years, 7 months and 15 days in prison, and ordered to pay damages of 108,000 pesos, on charges of attacks to public peace and aggravated damages.

fallon carlos amelie2

 Freedom for all! Down with the prison walls!

and  solidarity with Carlos, Amélie and Fallon!

Letter from Carlos López Marín

A big hug to all comrades! Continue reading Free Prisoners NOW: Amèlie,Fallon and Carlos get 2yr 7months

Indigenous leader Marinalva Manoel murdered

Brazil: Guarani ‘despair’ as female indigenous leader murdered

She was stabbed to death after campaigning for her tribe’s ancestral land.
Marinalva Manoel  was stabbed to death after campaigning for her tribe’s ancestral land.Nov 04, 2014.

Na foto ela aparece com a camiseta branca ao centro.

Posted by Survival   and  Red An indigenous leader has been killed in central-western Brazil, after campaigning for her tribe’s ancestral land to be returned.

Marinalva Manoel, a 27-year-old Guarani Indian, was allegedly raped and stabbed to death. Her body was found on the side of a highway on Saturday.

Last month Marinalva traveled over 1,000 km to the capital, Brasília, with a delegation of Guarani leaders, to insist that the authorities fulfil their legal duty to return the land to the Guarani before more of their people are killed.

The Guarani Council, Aty Guasu, which voices the Indians’ demands, has released a letter calling on the authorities to investigate the murder, and proclaiming, “No more Guarani deaths!”   The letter detailed a whole series of death threats against them.  Marinalva’s body was naked with dozens of stab wounds.

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Anarchist Center ‘The Gatonera': our eviction communiqué

Madrid: Anarchist squat La Gatonera evicted

In the early morning of October 27th, 2014, the squatted social centre La Gatonera in Madrid was evicted. We send strength to the comrades; nothing is finished.

Below is their communiqué(translation from Contra Info) from the day of eviction:

The State orders, the Press targets and the police evicts La Gatonera: this is how this story begins once again, that far from being a novelty, ends up being a suspicious routine. A disgusting routine that, by force of repression and fear, gradually makes an entire movement and a whole history of anarchist struggle get accustomed to having this sensation, which has become way too normalized, in its interior. The importance of so many generations that have striven, each one for years, to demonstrate that another life is possible, that there is an option outside the system in which we live, that they target us because we no longer want to be part of their miseries and because we seek to be able to manage our lives.

By evicting the social centres, they attempt to turn fear into the only outlet, paralyze the struggles that go to the root of the problem, normalize repression and make those who struggle assimilate it, thus offering a recuperative and totally controlled option such as the institutionalization of all kinds of struggle so they won’t get out of their hand, either with the formation of new political parties of the Left, the cession of spaces, or the negotiation with any type of institution. We can only draw a conclusion from this: the legal struggle has no effect; otherwise it wouldn’t be legal.

However, they have not realized that there are still people willing to go a step further, people who won’t leave this situation alone, either because of personal dignity or because of collective solidarity. The eviction of La Gatonera was nothing more than the closure and demolition of a building, but that building was made up of the people who turned it into an anarchist space, a tool of struggle, complicity, encounter, gathering and creation of new relationships.

the eviction
the eviction

They evicted us from the building located in Amistad street, but they haven’t even remotely achieved their goal: to scare us.

We want to be clear on this and make them understand it: this is not the end of anything, it’s the continuation of a seven-year project that will be carried out wherever, however and whenever we decide.

At the same time we are aware that, even though this is part of a wider plan against social centres in general, the eviction of La Gatonera did not occur by chance. We stood firm on previous occasions, not giving in to blackmail and trying to remain as faithful as possible to our ideas. We received both eviction and personal threats, our social centre was boycotted on several occasions, not to mention the mishaps we had with the forces of order from time to time. We did not resort to complaints, victimisms or formalisms. Our way of confronting matters has been to continue on our line that, at the end of the day, has brought us to this terminus. We proudly assume the consequences, because all this tells us that we’re causing them trouble, and so we are on the right track.

This has only just begun. They have ignited a spark that will help us take the struggle to the next level with more passion than ever before and much more firmness and rage.

To those who have stood in solidarity with us, when it was needed, we say we feel very proud of all of you. All those who have made La Gatonera possible, those who have preserved the essence of the space, and those with whom we’ve worked so hard together.

inside La Gatonera
inside La Gatonera

The response we see as coherent is to continue the struggle, visualizing this response as one sees fit, maintaining the original idea La Gatonera has always tried to fulfill: the decentralization of neighbourhoods and direct action.

To you: mobsters, politicians, cops, businesspeople, exploiters, mercenaries, assassins, snitches, torturers…

… this has only just begun.
The struggle continues.



Prisoners Aid Cafe
Prisoners Aid Cafe


[Madrid] Comunicado sobre el desalojo del CSOA La Gatonera
04 Nov 2014
Modified: 01:41:00 PM
El estado ordena,la prensa señala y la policía desaloja la gatonera. Asi empieza esta historia una vez mas,que lejos de ser una novedad,se empieza a convertir en una sospechosa rutina. Una asquerosa rutina que,a golpe de represión y miedo,hace que poco a poco un movimiento entero y toda una historia de lucha anarquista,se acostumbre a tener esta sensación ya demasiado normalizada en su interior.La importancia de generaciones y generaciones que se han partido la cada durante años para demostrar que,otra vida es posible,que hay una opción fuera del sistema en que vivimos,que nos señalan porque no queremos formar parte una vez mas de sus miserias y porque aspiramos a poder gestionar nuestras vidas.
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Desalojando los centros sociales,pretenden que la única salida sea la del miedo,la paralización de las luchas que van a la raíz del problema,la normalización de la represión y la asimilación por parte de quienes luchan,ofreciendo así una opción recuperadora y totalmente controlada como es la de institucionalizar todo tipo de luchas para que no se les escape de las manos,ya sea con la formación de nuevos partidos políticos de izquierda,como la cesión de espacios o la negociación con cualquier tipo de institución.De esto solo sacamos una conclusion:SI LA LUCHA ES LEGAL,NO SURGE EFECTO PORQUE SI NO,NO SERIA LEGAL.Pero no se dan cuenta de que aun quedan personas dispuestas a seguir un paso mas,a no dejar que esto se quede así,bien sea por dignidad personal o por solidaridad colectiva.El desalojo de la gatonera,no a supuesto mas que el cierre y derribo de un edificio,pero dicho edificio lo conformaban las personas que hacían de ello un espacio de herramienta anarquista,de lucha,de complicidad,de encuentro,de reunión y de creación de nuevas relaciones.
Nos han desalojado del edificio de la calle amistad,pero ni de lejos han conseguido lo que pretenden:Asustarnos.
Pretendemos ser claros en esto y así hacerlo entender:Esto no es el fin de nada,es la continuación de un proyecto de siete años que se llevara a cabo donde,como y cuando nosotrxs decidamos.A la vez creemos,que aunque esto forma parte de un entramado contra los centros sociales en general,somos conscientes de que el desalojo de la gatonera,no se a producido por casualidad.Nos hemos mantenido firmes en ocasiones anteriores no cediendo a chantajes y tratando de ser los mas fieles posibles a nuestras ideas. Hemos recibido amenazas de desalojo como personales,se nos a boicoteado en varias ocasiones el centro social y hemos tenido algún que otro percance con las fuerzas del orden alguna vez.No hemos recurrido a denuncias, a victimismos ni a formalismos. Nuestra forma de afrontarlo ha sido continuando con nuestra linea,que al fin y al cabo es la que nos ha llevado a este termino.Y orgullosxs de ello,asumimos las consecuencias que ha tenido porque ello,nos dice que eso es lo que lxs hace daño y que por lo tanto vamos por el buen camino.Esto no ha hecho mas que empezar.Han encendido una chispa que nos servirá para dar un empujón a la nueva etapa de lucha con mas ganas que nunca y mucha mas firmeza y rabia.A quienes os habéis solidarizado con nosotrxs cuando ha sido necesario,deciros que nos sentimos muy orgullosxs de todxs.A todxs los que habéis hecho que la gatonera sea posible,a lxs que habéis mantenido la esencia del espacio y a lxs que habéis currado tantísimo con nosotrxs.La respuesta que creemos coherente es continuar con la lucha,visualizar dicha respuesta como cada unx crea conveniente,manteniendo la idea original que la gatonera a pretendido siempre levar: descentralización de los barrios y acción directa.A vosotrxs: mafiosxs,politicxs,policias,empresarixs,explotadorxs,mercenarixs,asesinxs,traidorxs,tor turadorxs…


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Paremos el desalojo del CSO La Traba

BANKS Expropriate Homes.. Neighbours EXPROPRIATE BANKS !

12th Oct.. Day Of Indigenous Resistance


Designated by Franklin D Roosevelt as “Columbus Day” in 1937, the 12th of October is the date that Christopher Columbus first “discovered” the Americas.

The anniversary was re-named “Day of Indigenous Resistance” by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in 2002 to commemorate the beginning of the indigenous struggle against European invasion and colonisation.resistencia-indigena-fidel-ernesto-vasquez

On 12 October, the Spanish state celebrates its festival with a great military parade as the central event. This is a date full of
controversy. Today it is called the Day of the National Festival, but for a large part of Franco’s time, it was also called ‘Hispanitat’ Day
and originally the Festival of the Race. And it was and is not only observed in Spain, but also in a few American countries under very
different names, in commemoration of the beginning of the Spanish colonisation of America.
In Argentina for example, it is called the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, and in Chile the Day of the Meeting of the Two Worlds,
whereas in Nicaragua and Venezuela, the 12 October is the Day of the Indigenous Resistance.

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Resistance as nazi MSR opens ‘white Spanish only’ occupied center.

en castellano más abajo

Series of big anti-nazi demos against fascist squatters…   Anti- fascists seize ‘white Spanish only’ food stall and distribute to all..   Fascist squatters may have owners permission… Squatters movement disowns fascist squat… Police turn blind eye to nazi ”okupas” in Tetuan barrio….   Fascist thugs from MSR squat injure local youths..  Media equates nazi’ Social Home’ with long existing popular and anti racist Squat center ‘La Enrededera’ to demand its eviction.

neighbourhood protest against nazi occupation
                                                        neighbourhood protest against nazi occupation

They are not squatters: they are Nazis

alternative Housing Office Madrid
On 18 August, the neo-Nazi group Social Republican Movement (MSR) announced on social media their entry into an abandoned building in Madrid’s Tetuan barrio and fheir intention to turn it into a social center for  ‘those in need’  provided they were white and of Spanish nationality. .

Opening a such center in the district with the largest migrant population of Madrid and the opposition it generated among neighbors attracted media attention, especially after the massive demonstration against held the same day as opening of the center, on August 30.

Since then, it has been common to see the press referred to the center as a squatted buildingand members of the neo-Nazi group as “squatters” in an error which is then repeated in social networks. The center is equated with the squatting movement, which has always had among its main objectives the recovery of abandoned homes to become social centers and buildings.

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