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tear gas at rio eviction of 5000At 4 am on Friday, 1,500 BOPE killer cops took under siege a building, in northern Rio, which had been occupied by homeless working people, teargasing and attacking people in their sleep.  Another person was executed during protests against the military occupation of Mare, on Saturday.

Residents believe that 2 kids and an old man have been suffocated to death in the military assault. Dozens have been injured, some lost their eyes.

Residents believe that two children and an old man have been killed – it is not known who are their names, or if they were killed due to the teargas or the smoke from the building set on fire during the forced eviction.  27 people had been arrested when they defended against the police attack.

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The Ukraine is more or less bankrupt, ruined equally by predator capitalist western bankers and rapacious Russian oligarchs and swindlers. Now after 20 years pillage we see nationalists and macho morons on both sides playing WAR CHICKEN for the right to continue sucking the country dry for the foreseeable future.

Police officers arrest an anti-Russian demonstrator from the group Femen outside of an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers at the EU Council building in Brussels

Stop Putin’s War! Police officers arrest an anti-War demonstrator from the group Femen outside of an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers at the EU Council building in Brussels

So who is ”right”?  Both the US/EU and the Russian leaders are ODIOUS IDIOTS playing with the lives of us all for their own megalomaniac obsessions with power, prestige, rape culture and greed. Continue reading

This article was originally published in Spanish by El Huffington Post (Spain).    by Will Potter on February 25, 2014Insultar a un policía

The newly approved “Ley de Seguridad Ciudadana” (Public Safety Act) may include provisions about drugs and sporting events, but make no mistake: this law is not about protecting the public, it is about criminalizing protest, and restricting your right to speak out.

I recently visited Madrid and Barcelona for the release of the Spanish translation of my book, Green Is the New Red. My work focuses on how political activism is being criminalized. Given my area of work, and living in the United States, it is rare that I am shocked anymore by new “national security” laws or repressive measures. I see them every day.  Continue reading

 A little rant against the Church, Slavery, Racism and Capital, then a reblog of Adrianne Aron’s classic essay.16

Haiti will get a CARDINAL. Pope Frances announced, on the 4th  anniversary of the earthquake, with tens of thousands still not rehoused,  and the 10th anniversary of the criminal US organised Coup against The President of the Poor, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, himself a former salesian priest.

Cardinal Langlois is a wonderful man, and so modest, and the western media have been given free rein to gush over him, this is ‘our boy’ and can be trusted not to rock the boat for ”our” corporations, like Aristide did. (see here Haitians oppressed to be robbed again in gold rush).church predators

  Both the wonderful cardinal and pope Frances love  the Poor, indeed they are desperately seeking new support from the poor and uninformed as the Catholic Church crashes in popularity, even  being condemned by the UN for making it illegal to report the rampant sex crimes against children by its criminal clergy. Continue reading

  in various languagesabortion and choice

by Feministes   30 Jan 2014


Everyone let’s participate in the Week to Defend Abortion Rights ..(February 1st -7th)

There’s a lot of us, and we’ve run out of patience….
There’s a lot of us and we know for sure that we won’t just watch how they
try to make us go back to the darkest years of our more recent herstory.
Creative, empowered, persistent and self-organized, our capacity to fight
back against the PP (Partido Popular) politicians of the Central
Government is enough, and we know it. They are divided and discussing if
they shuld move forward with the law proposal or not. Continue reading


Anti-Fascist communique on latest repression

The repressive forces of the Caealan Police arrested on Tuesday 6 anti- fascist comrades in the neighborhoods and towns of San Andres, Hospitalet , Sant Feliu and Vilanova . On the other hand , early this morning , around 06:30 , the same police force , in an almost military deployment has proceeded to assault the Can Vies Squatted Social center in the Sants Barrio with nearly 200 agents , including riot and plainclothes police units. Continue reading

by OccupyWallSt

Solidarity demos in support of arrested in Gamonal spread to 46 Spanish cities

Solidarity demos in support of arrested in Gamonal spread to 46 Spanish cities

Who would have thought that a relatively conservative city like Burgos, Spain would have detonated a string of spontaneous and massive protest across the country? Over the past four days, social media networks across the globe have exploded with the hashtag #Gamonal and #EfectoGamonal, virilizing this small town’s struggle against rising property prices and corrupt municipal dealings to international attention, and along the way reawaken national indignation that has been simmering in Spain for years. Continue reading

Marina Ginestà:  beyond the famous Hans Gutmann photo.

January 12, 2014   by Felix Población translation by The Free

Marina Ginestá on the roof of the Columbus Hotel, Barcelona, days after the revolution seized the city.

Marina Ginestá on the roof of the Columbus Hotel, Barcelona, days after the revolution seized the city.

Ginestà Marina , a true icon of Republican resistance against Franco during the War of Spain thanks to a photograph of Hans Gutmann ( Juan Guzman ) on the roof of the Hotel Colon Barcelona in 1936 , has died in Paris at age 94 . Ginestà died in a hospital in the French capital , the city where she had lived over the past 40 years. Continue reading

Finally Nadezhda and Maria are free! Both denounced the cynical manipulation of President Putin seeking credit for amnestying them just before their release date anyway. Both called for a boycott of the Winter Olympics in Russia to protest the blatant neo-fascist style persecution of women, gays and minorities

put putin outPussy Riot was founded in 2011, but shot to greater prominence after appearing in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in February 2012, to perform a radical brilliant  song called Punk Prayer which attacked the Orthodox Church’s support for President Vladimir Putin.

Virgin Mary, Put Putin Away” Lyrics (translated from Russian)

Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away
Рut Putin away, put Putin away Continue reading

Dozens of police injured as they attack eviction protest in Hamburg (PHOTOS, VIDEO)1387710985-violent-riots-break-out-during-protest-in-hamburg_3547743

Over 8,000 protesters have clashed with riot police as they protested against the planned eviction of squatters from a popular social centre, and against the eviction of hundreds of Syrian refugees from their homes. The largely peaceful protest erupted following a baton charge, and use of teargas, and water cannons by the police. The protesters responded by building barricades, throwing stones, fireworks, and bottles. It is reported that over 500 people has been injured, and around 150 arrests made.

December 22, 2013 15:33

Hamburg residents have clashed with police in what is the most violent protest in years, with scores injured, after more than 7,000 took to the streets to protest plans to evict squatters from an old theater building, which is a leftist cultural center.

Police and protesters give conflicting figures, putting the number of participants anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 people, with more than 100 policemen and a yet unspecified number of protesters injured in Saturday’s civil unrest.

Police said that some 4,000 of the protesters were from extreme left-wing groups. The violence involved stone and bottle-throwing, firecrackers and smoke bombs. Police responded with pepper spray and water cannon. Continue reading

Spanish activists arrested in dawn raids:

Vampire State shows its Fangs

right to demonstrateAll those arrested have now been released with charges .
Público reported : ” The 19 antifascists arrested in police operation Thursday demonstration at the Complutense University of Madrid on 20 – N have been released with charges after giving evidence at the headquarters of the Courts of the Plaza Castile .
Surrounded by a thousand people , who came to the court in a demonstration from  Genoa street , the 17 young people have been released , although the judge imputes a crime against fundamental rights .
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recession over The Spanish Right have been looting the public ever since they first took power with a military coup and civil war in 1937. Now finally the shit has hit the fan in a welter of accusations and counter revelations, 30 new scandals yesterday… but NOBODY RESIGNS Now they claim the recession ‘is over’ after contracting a public debt for 2 centuries to save bank fraudsters

Irresponsible and heartless Political “liars ,” lead Spain to misery and ” deceive the people ” still in recession     by A Spy in Congress

pobreza 2013Professor of Economics , Roberto Centeno, has warned it is not true that Spain is emerging from the crisis : Continue reading

The spokesman of Judges for Democracy published in his Facebook profile a Decalogue to end the ‘ shame ‘ that killed more than 100,000 people who remain in mass graves.PUIG ANTICH 1974

Joaquim Bosch , spokesman for the progressive Association of Judges for Democracy , wanted to explain in a simple way and through a Decalogue their stance on the situation of the families of the victims of Francoism and the “shameful ” Spanish Government action to not favor or even allow the recovery of their remains . Spain , reminded the judge , is the second country with the highest number of ‘disappeared’, behind Cambodia.

Today it’s more important than ever to remember what happened as fascism is stirred up again to protect corrupt politicians and put down protests at mass poverty.

exhumation of mass killing by spanish fascists

The “ten things you should know about the crimes of Francoism ” are, according to Joaquim Bosch on his facebook page , the following : Continue reading

US Capitalism..  racing to a cliff with Faster Growth and less Brakes

'You can't trust humans with power over others. We need to refuse to obey at all levels and decide everything with direct assembly democracy. If not Capitalism always wins.''

‘You can’t trust humans with power over others. We need to refuse to obey at all levels and decide everything with direct assembly democracy. If not Capitalism always wins.”

leaders remain wedded to economic metrics that say little about the well-being of humans and the environment.

Last month the Associated Press reported that the income gap in the United States broke a new record in 2012, with the 1 percent grabbing a greater share of total household wealth than ever before in history.

This news follows on the heels of the fact that the 1 percent not only captured all of the income gains during the first two years of the economic recovery, but also stole a portion of the already-existing incomes of the bottom 99 percent, causing median household income to decline despite overall economic growth. Continue reading

rip the mask 2

Fear, Loathing and Collective Amnesia in Crisis-Ridden Spain

Update: Since the Catalans joined hands in a 400km demo for Independencethe fascist reaction has been predictable, with all sorts of politicians and military men making outrageous, illegal, racist invitations to violence against Catalans which are plastered all over the Spanish media

19/09/2013 by Don Quijones

If Spain and Catalonia were playing a real rather than figurative game of Russian Roulette, the revolver would now be loaded with at least two or three bullets. On Tuesday night, an extra one was slipped into a chamber when the Principe de Asturias prize-winning economist Juan Valerde announced that Madrid may have to “bomb Barcelona” in order to put a halt to the region’s rising separatist aspirations. Continue reading


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