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Linking the revolutions

 BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 64

 The financial dictatorship that has been in existence across the Spanish State since 2008 has a proper name: the banks. The bailout that the government has given to the banks has been countered by a new wave of occupation in the city of Barcelona: bank occupations.

Currently, there are 7 bank headquarters occupied by residents in downtown Barcelona. The variety of occupations is wide. Some were occupied following a demonstration with music, parades … etc. while others have preferred the anonymity while the occupiers were reforming inside the bank headquarters. Continue reading

Why is the world ignoring the revolutionary Kurds in Syria?

in The Guardian comments
  Amid the Syrian warzone a democratic experiment is being stamped into the ground by Isis. That the wider world is unaware is a scandal…
If there is a parallel today to Franco’s superficially devout, murderous Falangists, who would it be but Isis? If there is a parallel to the Mujeres Libres of Spain, who could it be but the courageous women defending the barricades in Kobane? Is the world – and this time most scandalously of all, the international left – really going to be complicit in letting history repeat itself?…
Demonstrators hold flags of Kurdistan and a flag with a portrait of jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan as 20,000 march in Dusseldorf

In 1937, my father volunteered to fight in the International Brigades in defence of the Spanish Republic. A would-be fascist coup had been temporarily halted by a worker’s uprising, spearheaded by anarchists and socialists, and in much of Spain a genuine social revolution ensued, leading to whole cities under directly democratic management, industries under worker control, and the radical empowerment of women.

Spanish revolutionaries hoped to create a vision of a free society that the entire world might follow. Instead, world powers declared a policy of “non-intervention” and maintained a rigorous blockade on the republic, even after Hitler and Mussolini, ostensible signatories, began pouring in troops and weapons to reinforce the fascist side. The result was years of civil war that ended with the suppression of the revolution and some of a bloody century’s bloodiest massacres.

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11/10/2014 MANIFESTACIÓN POR KOBANE.. 5.00 Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona

update: see Roar article below


Latest reports say that IS attackers have been re-armed and have taken more than half of Kobanê the last stand of the progressive YPG Kurdish volunteers.

All of the surrounding countryside has been lost, with nearly 200,000 refugees in Turkey.

Kurdish reinforcements are still held back by the Turkish army in nearby Efrîn i Cizîrê.

Food water and ammunition are running out and the IS forces are massacring, burning, raping, looting and imposing Sharia law.

The Turkish army are sealing the border and giving direct physical and medical aid to the Islamist forces.

In the last few days over 30  people have also died in Turkey in protests against Turkish support of IS and blocking of Kurdish reinforcements.


Arin MirkanArîn Mîrkan and her children

The amazing resistance to barbaric macho IS by the progressive revolutionary volunteers in Kobanê is summed up in the fate of Arîn Mîrkan , among thousands of others.

Arîn Mîrkan was a commander of the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), defending the Kurdish city Kobanê against the attacks of the Islamic State. Kobanê is on the 21st day of courageous resistance against IS. Arîn was surrounded by the jihadists, but instead of surrendering and falling into their dirty hands, she detonated herself and killed many IS-members with her. Continue reading

en castellano más abajo

Series of big anti-nazi demos against fascist squatters…   Anti- fascists seize ‘white Spanish only’ food stall and distribute to all..   Fascist squatters may have owners permission… Squatters movement disowns fascist squat… Police turn blind eye to nazi ”okupas” in Tetuan barrio….   Fascist thugs from MSR squat injure local youths..  Media equates nazi’ Social Home’ with long existing popular and anti racist Squat center ‘La Enrededera’ to demand its eviction.

neighbourhood protest against nazi occupation

                                                        neighbourhood protest against nazi occupation

They are not squatters: they are Nazis

alternative Housing Office Madrid
On 18 August, the neo-Nazi group Social Republican Movement (MSR) announced on social media their entry into an abandoned building in Madrid’s Tetuan barrio and fheir intention to turn it into a social center for  ‘those in need’  provided they were white and of Spanish nationality. .

Opening a such center in the district with the largest migrant population of Madrid and the opposition it generated among neighbors attracted media attention, especially after the massive demonstration against held the same day as opening of the center, on August 30.

Since then, it has been common to see the press referred to the center as a squatted buildingand members of the neo-Nazi group as “squatters” in an error which is then repeated in social networks. The center is equated with the squatting movement, which has always had among its main objectives the recovery of abandoned homes to become social centers and buildings.

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Emma Goldman
en Castellano más abajo.

Dear old Emma Goldman, throughout her long and prolific career within the
anarchist movement of the twentieth century, produced many political texts to which activists return much more frequently than to other anarchist thinkers. Usually these texts are criticized by leftist feminism for being just what they are: anarchist harangues from on the barricade itself. Here we take the thought of Emma Goldman not uncritically as libertarian gospel, but to make it live in your discussion today, and to rescue Emma’s special ability to put her finger right on the spot, in the wound of mainstream feminism of her day, while at the same time opposing the practices of her own fellow militants of the anarchist movement,  whip in hand. Continue reading

-Choice protests in tomorrow – rights now – repeal 8th amendment

BvZSdPuIEAA8lH3Anger is growing around the news that “a raped woman who went on food and liquid strike in Ireland was denied an abortion.” ( Doctors for Choice ) A large demonstration is already scheduled in Dublin for Wednesday (6pm The Spire).

In the aftermath of the passing of the X-case legislation we explained why the legislation was worthless. Continue reading

By Aishah Shahidah Simmons and Alisa Bierria

Today is the first day of Standing Our Ground Week of Action (July 25 – August 1, 2014) in Jacksonville, FL and everywhere in support of Marissa Alexander’s case. The Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign is a coalition of organizations and activists that has been mobilizing people in Jacksonville, across the US and around the globe to support the call for Marissa’s freedom.

Less than two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to break bread and talk with my sister and comrade Alisa Bierria, a Free Marissa Now member based in the Bay Area, about what Marissa Alexander’s case means for feminist social movements and the current push for grassroots support for her freedom during the week of action.

Since Ms. Alexander is under house arrest, I asked Alisa if she would partner with me on a Feminists We Love feature on Marissa Alexander. Ms. Alexander’s current struggle for freedom exemplifies many aspects of The Feminist Wire’s mission and vision. We are in unwavering solidarity with the movement to free her. If you aren’t aware of Ms. Alexander’s case or if you don’t have a full grasp of what’s at stake for Ms. Alexander, and by extension all women who are or will be in similar situations in the future; we hope that after reading this conversation you will be called to action.

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This group argue that a big taboo is seeing how our anxiety is caused by the system and not just ourselves, and how exposing this can empower us to fight back.

Six Theses on Anxiety and Why It is Effectively Preventing Militancy, and One Possible Strategy for Overcoming It 1    

Reposted with the kind permission of the Institute for Precarious Consciousness:

 1:  Each phase of capitalism has its own dominant reactive ‘affect’. 2

Each phase of capitalism has a particular affect which holds it together. This is not a static situation. The prevalence of a particular dominant affect 3 is sustainable only until strategies of resistance able to break down this particular affect and /or its social sources are formulated. Hence, capitalism constantly comes into crisis and recomposes around newly dominant affects.

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Dolly Parton – “A radical in rhinestones”

By Helen Morales

When Dolly Parton played at the Glastonbury Festival last month she won rave reviews. However, the media focus was not just on her exquisite singing (or alleged miming) and fabulous costumes, but also turned to feminism.

Lily Allen discussed feminism with Dolly in an interview for The Radio Times, Krissi Murison and myself debated whether Dolly is a feminist with Jenni Murray on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, and articles in The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Times also honed in on the subject. Continue reading


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In  summer 2013 members of several ABC groups discussed the necessity of introducing an International Day for Anarchist Prisoners. Given there are already established dates for Political Prisoners Rights Day or Prison Justice Day, we found it important to emphasise the stories of our comrades as well. Many imprisoned anarchists will never be acknowledged as ‘political prisoners’ by formal human-rights organisations, because their sense of social justice is strictly limited to the capitalist laws which are designed to defend the State and prevent any real social change.


At the same time, even within our individual communities, we know so little about the repression that exists in other countries, to say nothing of the names and cases involving many of our incarcerated comrades.

This is why we have decided to introduce an annual Week for Anarchist Prisoners on August 23-30.

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The story of the unsung heroes: Black Bloc Brazil

by Esther Solano Gallego, from ROAR with thanks

blac bloc brasil

Despised by many, hailed by some: the Black Bloc in Brazil uses its “performative violence” to draw attention to the everyday struggles of millions.

Article by Esther Solano Gallego and Paulo Rogério Lugoboni Filho. Illustration by Luciano Cunha, creator of O Doutrinador.

It was in the first weeks of the massive anti-government protests that started in June 2013 and shook Brazilian society to its very foundations that the Black Bloc made its first appearance on the protest scene. Demonstrations took place in dozens of cities across the country, but the black-clad youngsters who covered their faces and linked arms at the front-line of the marches, ready for any confrontation with the security forces, made their appearance mainly on the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.anon brasil

While being denounced by some for their violent tactics, actively looking for confrontations with the police and smashing banks and other symbols of global capitalism, those joining the Black Bloc in a protest could also count on some support from fellow protesters. During last year’s education crisis in October, which drew thousands of indignant teachers to the streets, the Black Bloc was present to protect them from the police violence.

In response, the SEPE Teacher’s Union declared its unconditional support for the Black Bloc, claiming that many have been protected by the masked youngsters from the excessive use of force by the police. Even though the SEPE has now retracted its support for the Black Bloc, and popular opinion has turned against it due to its negative depiction in the mainstream media, this strategy of radical anti-authoritarianism is still alive and kicking on the streets of Brazil today.

blac bloc brasil 2

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 Barcelona: Rebuild Can Vies!  UNBELIEVABLE SHOCK VICTORY

by Héctor Abad

translated from mujeres sin fonteras y sin bozal.  with thanks

From my male viewpoint these new rebel women ( if you can manage to tie up the sexist donkey inside you) make the best possible partners,
For sexist men, who are maybe 96 percent of the male population, women with a rough, tough, determined character bother us. We designate disparaging words: harpies, witches, bitches, whores, dykes, tomboys, etc etc..
Actually, we are just afraid of them, and we can’t wait to make them pay dearly for their challenge to male power that until recently was wielded unchallenged. Incorrigible sexists with macho culture as an ancestral heritage are instinctively bothered when these women defend themselves instead of submitting to their will.
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Braving the cold, hundreds of schoolboys in the city of Nantes in western France swapped their trousers for skirts Friday as part of an anti-sexism initiative.

French schoolboys wear skirts to fight sexism

I Fight Sexism

A group of male pupils pose in their skirts. © @ BreizhWeCan (Twitter)

Hundreds of male pupils in the city of Nantes in western France ditched their trousers and came to school wearing skirts Friday as part of a campaign against sexism, despite opposition by some conservative groups.

The “Lift the Skirt” initiative, an idea put together by students, saw pupils at 27 schools in the region around Nantes invited to attend school wearing skirts as part of efforts to raise awareness of discrimination and sexism faced by their female classmates. In the photos the girls are also wearing skirts… could be the girls are forced to wear skirts to school in that area by sexist authorities and the boys protest is partly in ironic solidarity.

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by lesbo-feminist Osa Flaca  (‘skinny female bear’) versión  original más abajo

The Benefits

1 – 100 % guaranteed Contraceptive Effectiveness : no prescription needed , its completely free and without hormonal side effects.

2 – Prevention of life-threatening diseases such as :

2.1 -“Compulsory heterosexuality
2.2 – Compulsory Maternity
2.3 – Chronic Anorgasmia!

3 – Collapse of heterocentrist myths about orgasm . Penetration and ejaculation ( the female does exist but isn’t the jet spray that appears in the movies) are possible but not essential.

4 – Increased aerobic capacity, flexibility and muscle tone . A lesbian sex session can last at least 40 minutes, including rubbing , stretching and various positions with a high secretion of endorphins.

5 – It has also been observed that the mouth movements made in the practice of lesbian oral sex prevent the emergence of “annoying heterosexual marks around the lips and perinasal region”.

6 – Reminding us of the importance of the clitoris . Lesbian sex gets away from the typical role of the clitoris as an “accessory that gets discovered if you are lucky \ ” and makes it the main beneficiary of the actions.

7 – Diversification of the “Erogenous zone” to any part of the body that can be stimulated successfully or serve as a penetrating member .

8 – Extension of pornographic imagery.  Although it is not necessary to imitate classic porno movies just to show you’re interested, if you should wish to do so you can act out any role , even more than one at a time.

9 – Breakdown of  the penetrated / penetrator binomial . All orifices are democratically available.

10 – Promotion of different vocal expressions . You can make any noise you want or remain in pleasant silence, as it is not really necessary to scream like a porn star to let others know you’re enjoying it.lips

11 – Eroticization of mystery and curiosity strengthening : the pleasure of arriving at your work and saying \ ” last night I had a fine lesbian sex session \ ” and know that nobody has any idea what you really mean and at least 80 % will take that doubt to their homes and beds ( the other 20 % do know but pretend not to.. that closet! ).

12 – Encouragement of self-examination and redefinition of desire . Frequent practice of lesbian sex , requires a high degree of creativity and body awareness and promotes:  masturbatory sessions , explorations in front of the mirror , auto-stroking thigh to thigh in public libraries, as well as erotic fantasies with fellow students / workers, teachers , waitresses, anonymous cyclists and generally any warm body that falls under your tortilla eyes.

13.- Dispersion of the time variable : while there are estimates based on shared experiences , usually a lesbian sex session has no default length . You know when it starts but not when it ends .

14.- Elimination of the age limits for the maintenance of desire: no desire or ages to be desired . The lesbian erotic values ​​the experience , disarms the usual canons of youth and the limits of what is desirable .

15 – Deconstruction of social impositions on beauty . A hairy leg or armpit unshaven for months can be highly erotic . Lesbian desire does not need to justify patriarchal discourses . Lesbians get hot for free bodies.

16 – Lesbian sex is extensive and varied , no time , no fixed positions, but the tongue hands and imagination are key. For example, if you’re reading this aloud while your hands caress the keyboard , it may be because you’re starting a pleasurable lesbian sex session .

Any day is good to be a lesbian.
And if you are already a lesbian, you can always be more.
Note for those with heterosexual identity :

Please kindly refrain from condemning this text with phrases like  ”it can also be done with a man ¨ or ¨ what  I like is cock \ “and other platitudes . Heterosexual sex is quite sufficiently promoted through the media, and science and in general by all institutions, including the family , even using coercion , torture and other strategies to maintain it as the only possible imaginary.

So cool it, their empire ( unfortunately ) will not crumble due to the promotion of other practices. Also, if heterosexuality is the ‘only  natural way’  and as pleasant as they say, would it really need such  heavy promotion.?
Think about it….. and look as well .

translation by The Free .  SEE at least 17 comments (in Spanish) HERE:

gay sex


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Beneficios del sexo lésbico

12 mai 2014
Osa Flaca1.- Eficacia anticonceptiva 100% garantizada: no necesita receta, es gratuito y sin efectos hormonales colaterales.2.- Prevención de enfermedades potencialmente mortales como:
2.1.- Heterosexualidad obligatoria
2.2.- Maternidad obligatoria
2.3.- Anorgasmia crónica3.- Derrumbe de mitos heterocentristas para lograr el orgasmo: la penetración y la eyaculación (femenina, sí, existe y no es el chorro de grifo que aparece en las películas) son posibles pero no obligatorias.4.- Aumento de la capacidad aeróbica, elasticidad y tonicidad muscular: una sesión de sexo lésbico puede durar como mínimo 40 minutos, lo que incluye frotamientos, elongaciones y posturas diversas, con altísima secreción de endorfinas.
5.- Mejoramiento de la calidad de la piel: los fluidos vaginales aplicados en el rostro, manos y areolas tienen un efecto reafirmante. Además se ha visto que los movimientos bucales realizados en la práctica de sexo oral lésbico previenen la aparición de molestas marcas heterosexuales alrededor de los labios y región perinasal.6.- Recuperación de la importancia del clítoris: abandona el rol que le ha dado la heterosexualidad como \”accesorio que se descubre si es que se tiene suerte\” a ser el principal beneficiario de las acciones.7.- Diversificación de zonas erógenas: cualquier parte del cuerpo puede ser estimulada satisfactoriamente o sirve como elemento penetrador.8.- Ampliación del imaginario pornográfico: si bien no es necesario emular películas pornos clásicas para demostrar interés, en caso de desear hacerlo es posible interpretar cualquier rol, incluso más de uno al mismo tiempo.9.- Quiebre del binomio penetrada/penetrador: todos los orificios están democráticamente disponibles.10.- Promoción de expresiones vocales diversas: puedes hacer los ruidos que quieras o permanecer en placentero silencio pues no es necesario gritar como actriz porno para que la o las involucradas sepan que lo estás disfrutando.11.-Erotización del misterio y reforzamiento de la curiosidad: el placer de llegar a tu trabajo y decir \”anoche tuve una exquisita sesión de sexo lésbico\” y saber que nadie tiene la menor idea de a qué te refieres en realidad y que del total de oyentes al menos el 80% se llevará la duda a su casa y a su cama (el otro 20% sí sabe pero fingirá que no. El clóset).12.- Estímulo de la autoexploración y resignificación del deseo: la práctica frecuente del sexo lésbico, al requerir un alto grado de creatividad y conocimiento del cuerpo, favorece las sesiones masturbatorias, las exploraciones frente las espejo, los autofrotamientos muslo con muslo en bibliotecas públicas, las fantasías eróticas con compañeras de estudio/trabajo, profesoras, meseras, ciclistas anónimas y en general cualquier cuerpo tibio que caiga bajo ojos tortilleros.13.-Dispersión de la variable tiempo: si bien hay estimaciones basadas en las experiencias compartidas, en general una sesión de sexo lésbico no tiene duración predeterminada. Sabes cuándo empieza pero no cuándo termina.14.-Erradicación de los límites etarios para la mantención del deseo: no hay edades para desear o ser deseada. La erótica lesbiana valora la experiencia, desarma los cánones habituales de juventud y los límites de lo deseable.

15.- Deconstrucción de las imposiciones sociales sobre belleza: una axila peluda o una pierna sin depilar por meses son altamente eróticas. El deseo lesbiano no necesita los discursos patriarcales para justificarse. A las lesbianas nos calientan los cuerpos libres.

El sexo lésbico es amplio y variado, no tiene tiempos, ni posiciones fijas, pero la lengua las manos y la imaginación son claves. Por ejemplo, si estás leyendo esto en voz alta mientras tus manos acarician el teclado, puede ser que ya estés iniciando una placentera sesión de sexo lésbico.homecoming
Cualquier día es bueno para ser lesbiana.
Y si ya eres lesbiana, siempre se puede serlo aún más.

A las heterosexuales identitarias: por favor abstenerse de comentar este texto con frases como ¨eso también se puede hacer con un hombre¨ o ¨es que me gusta tanto el pene\” y otras frases trilladas. El sexo heterosexual está suficientemente promocionado a través de las medios de comunicación, la ciencia y en general todas las instituciones, incluyendo la de la familia, usando la coerción, la tortura y otras estrategias para mantenerse como el único imaginario posible. Así es que tranquilas, el imperio (lamentablemente) no se va desmoronar por promover otras prácticas. Además, si la heterosexualidad fuera ¨natural¨ y tan placentera como dicen, no necesitaría tamaña promoción. Piénsenlo.

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