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Dolly Parton – “A radical in rhinestones”

By Helen Morales

When Dolly Parton played at the Glastonbury Festival last month she won rave reviews. However, the media focus was not just on her exquisite singing (or alleged miming) and fabulous costumes, but also turned to feminism.

Lily Allen discussed feminism with Dolly in an interview for The Radio Times, Krissi Murison and myself debated whether Dolly is a feminist with Jenni Murray on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, and articles in The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Times also honed in on the subject. Continue reading

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Anarchist Lessons for the Zombie Apocalypse

I was in a med study when the zombie outbreak began. That’s right, a master’s degree in philosophy and the only way I could come up with to pay rent was to sell my still-living body to capitalist science. I know, I know… in retrospect I should have studied something useful, like small engine repair.

Oh, and I wasn’t just in any med study when the zombie outbreak began, I was in the med study where it began. The researchers were testing some kind of acne medication, looking to see if there were any adverse side effects when it was used on healthy adults. There were. Thanks, capitalist society, for pretty much ending the world.

Your Leaders Can’t Protect You—But They Can Get You Eaten By the Undead Continue reading


Act Five

Chapter forty six

Chained to Wainy

-´free the child in your head´-




  ‘Finally they’re not letting anyone out at all. It’s not just your friend.’- said Bruno to Damo, with a glance and a shrug at Macker’s support group. Continue reading


Rebecca Eisenberg More from Rebecca »

this shitWe’re not angry because we’re feminists. We’re feminists because we are sick and tired and so very frustrated that we have to repeatedly defend our desire for equal rights. Listen to this speech by Jessica Valenti and just try to get a little bit angry too.

At 1:56 find out the annoying question every feminist gets asked, at 7:00 things get emotional in a good way, and at 7:44 you don’t want to miss it when she basically “drops the mic” and answers that annoying question with an even better one.


Web_66_photo_on_2-22-13_at_3.12_pm-1 Rebecca Eisenberg May 3, 2013

A TED Talk That Might Turn Every Man Who Watches It Into A Feminist? It’s Pretty Fantastic.

comment: ”Great how he exposes the rampant male violence against women, children and other males in Nth American society. Then we find out his day job is controlling such violence inside the US military,! That is, to make them more efficient at State and Capitañlist violence against the rest of us. The US now has Special Forces in 92 couintries acting with zero democratic control.”

Web_66_photo_on_2-22-13_at_3.12_pm-1 Rebecca Eisenberg May 2, 2013

A Million Facepalms For All The Ways Everyone Got Weird And Racist After The Boston Bombings

Web_66_photo_on_2-22-13_at_3.12_pm-1 Rebecca Rebecca Eisenberg Apr 26, 2013


The People Who Approved These Ads Have A Lot Of Explaining To Do

Web_66_photo_on_2-22-13_at_3.12_pm-1 Rebecca Rebecca Eisenberg Apr 15, 2013


You Know You’re Working In A Patriarchal Society When…

the wonderful Green Pope plans to Save the Planet in his new Electric limousine

Pope Benedict XVI has been presented with a luxury  electric car to use only within the private grounds of the Vatican and his summer home of Castel Gandolfo.

The customised white Kangoo was presented to the pontiff by French carmaker Renault.

The Pope used his new car on Wednesday to travel from the helipad at Castel Gandolfo through the gardens back to his palazzo, the Vatican said. Continue reading

By Lisa Hymas,,,  Leave it to a wiseass mother of two to make the best case I’ve ever read for not having kids.

Caitlin Moran, the feminmist funnywoman, is currently having an American media moment as she marks U.S. publication of her book How to Be a Woman, a memoir-slash-manifesto that’s been a massive best-seller in the U.K. She’s been described as the British Tina Fey, the next Nora Ephron, and an occasional Lady Gaga bathroom companion. Everyone’s talking about her fervid defense of feminism. (“Do you have a vagina? and Do you want to be in charge of it? If you said ‘yes’ to both, then congratulations! You’re a feminist.”) But not enough people are talking about her fervid defense of the childfree life — so I’m going to. Continue reading

The trial continues of 3 women from the punk band Pussy Riot.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Mariya Alekhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich were taken into custody in February after singing a protest song against Putin in Moscow.

They have spent already 5 months without bail for nothing more than playing a song in a church without permission. Their detention is seen as a direct revenge against the lively anti Putin movement that followed disputed elections.




Corrupt Church leaders called for heavy sentences, then blamed foreign infiltrators, then claimed God is judging Pussy Riot

Church leaders foaming at the mouth

Corrupt Church officials linked directly to Vladimir Putin have demanded 7 year sentences for Blasphemy and indulged openly in anti women tirades and sexist language. They described Putin as a ‘Gift from God’ and dubbed the jailings as ‘God’s Judgement’.



Defendants ill after sleep deprivation torture

Medics were called when the women said they felt unwell on the third day of the trial on Wednesday, the court said.

The defendants say they are being deprived of sleep and are poorly fed, according to a defence lawyer.



Singers and Artists support PussyRiot

Madonna ,Sting, Peter Gabriel ,Franz Ferdinand and Alex Kapranos have supported Pussy Riot

Jarvis Cocker, Pete Townshend and other musicians have called on the Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure the members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot are given a fair trial in Moscow. Continue reading

latest shock news HERE .. Pussy riot get TWO YEARS JAIL

Latest news Friday 17 Aug click here http:patriarch-demands-7-years-jail-for-pussy-riot/

latest news Friday 9 Pussy Riot Members Sent to Prison Coloniesth Aug click hereJailed Pussy Riot denounce totalitarian Putin.. verdict

Latest news Tues Oct 23rd  Pussy Riot Members Sent to Prison Colonies



Jailed Russian Punk-Rockers ‘Pussy Riot’ Begin Hunger Strike (July 2012)

- Common Dreams/ Counterpunch/The Free

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, a member of female punk band, “Pussy Riot”, reacts behind bars during a court hearing in Moscow July 4, 2012. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin

Three members of Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist punk-rock band, began a hunger strike Wednesday after a Moscow court suddenly told them they must prepare their defense for trial by Monday.

Maria Alyokhina, Yakaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova were taken into custody in March, after the group’s February performance of “Virgin Mary Put Putin Away,” an anti-Putin song, inside the Russian Orthodox Church’s main cathedral, asking the Virgin Mary to chase President Vladimir Putin out of power.

The three women were arrested over four months ago and have been held without bail on charges of criminal hooliganism  — which carry a possible seven-year prison sentence. Two other female members of the band have avoided arrest thus far.

“I announce a hunger strike because it is unlawful,” said Tolokonnikova, wearing a T-shirt with the famous slogan of the Spanish Civil War, “No pasaran!” (“They shall not pass“), emblazoned across it.

“Until July 9 is not enough (time) for me. I think it is absolutely unlawful,” she said in the Tagansky district court.

“I am categorically against it and I announce a hunger strike,” Alekhina also said after the court delivered a separate ruling on her and another one on Samutsevich.

As the case generates media attention, activists all over the world are advocating for Pussy Riot’s release. Over 100 Russian cultural figures, including some known for pro-government views, have signed a letter calling for the release of the trio. “We see no legal basis or practical reason for the further isolation of these young women, who do not pose any real danger to society,” the letter said.

* * *

Video of Pussy Riot’s February 2012 performance inside the Russian Orthodox Church’s main cathedral which led to their arrests:

* * *

The Russian Orthodox Church has come in for criticism for not intervening in the case and calling for mercy. Instead, leading church figures have criticized the women. Thousands of Orthodox Christian worshipers have turned out in the Russian capital Moscow in April for a prayer to support the controversial Church in what it perceives to be an attack on its authority.

Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton reported on April 22, 2012 from the Russian capital:

* * *

Yekaterina Samutsevich, a member of the feminist punk-rock band, Pussy Riot, is escorted in a district court in Moscow. She and two other band members began a hunger strike Wednesday. They face up to seven years in prison on ‘hooliganism’ charges. (AP/Misha Japaridze)

Pussy Riot in Russia

Putin’s Pussy Problem


“Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away!

Рut Putin away! Put Putin away!”

The shining bronze-plated walls  inside Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour echoed with the raised voices of an acapelo choir of strident female voices on February 21 this year, suddenly and unexpectedly  shattering the silence.  The anonymous feminist punk band Pussy Riot had begun an impromptu performance of their protest song ‘Holy Shit!’

“Black robe, golden epaulettes

All parishioners crawl to bow

The phantom of liberty is in heaven

Gay-pride sent to Siberia in chains!

Members of the group dressed in brightly-coloured slinky dresses danced wildly  in front of the cathedral’s atlar, their faces masked in balaclavas, prostrating themselves and making the sign of the cross, running away and changing positions as church vergers approached and tried to prevent the performance. http:/

/   Eventually captured,  the performers were firmly escorted out of the cathedral, the show over in less than five minutes.

The group said the performance, which came amid the biggest demonstrations against President Vladimir Putin’s rule since he first came to power in 2000, was a protest against the Head of the Orthodox Russian Church, Patriarch Gundyaev Kirill’s support for Putin in the run-up to the March 4 presidential elections.

“The head of the KGB, their chief saint,

Leads protesters to prison under escort

In order not to offend His Holiness

Women must give birth and love!”

Critics say church leaders are no more than Kremlin stooges and that Putin has used the church as a potent tool in his command structure, allowing it to amass vast riches in return for unquestioning support of his policies, and spiritual blessing for his leadership. The church consecrates new nuclear missiles as “Russia’s guardian angels” and urges young Russians to volunteer for military service in Chechnya – all the while enjoying hefty government donations and tax immunity.  Earlier this year Kirill met with Putin and praised his two presidential terms as “God’s miracle.” In return, Putin said that “the state still owes much to the Church.”

“Patriarch Gundyaev believes in Putin

Bitch, better believe in God instead

The belt of the Virgin can’t replace mass-meetings

Mary, Mother of God, is with us in protest!”

Perhaps it’s not surprising less than two weeks after the ‘flash’ performance 3 members of Pussy Riot were arrested and charged with “hooliganism” under Article 213 of the Russian Criminal Code. They have been in detention since then awaiting trial. The criminal code defines hooliganism as “inciting hatred” with the “use of weapons” to create “public disorder.”   If convicted, they face up to seven years in prison.

Patriarch Kirilli condemned Pussy Riot’s act as “blasphemous”, saying that the church was ‘under attack’ and that “the Devil has laughed at us.

And Russian Orthodox church spokesman Vsevolod Chaplin said: “God condemns what they’ve done. I’m convinced that this sin will be punished in this life and the next,  God revealed this to me just like he revealed the Gospels to the church.  There’s only one way out: repentance.”

In reply Pussy Riot say their impromptu performance in the cathedral was’ a special prayer’ addressed to the mother of God “to give courage and power to send away King Herod and his servants, and then begin a new life according to human conscience.”  They also accused the Patriarch of letting the church become “a tool in dirty electoral intrigues.” 

“We knew what the political situation was but now we’re personally feeling the full force of Putin’s Kafkaesque machine,” they said. “The state’s policy is based on a minimum of critical thinking and on a maximum of spite, and a desire to get even with those who don’t please it.”

“The Church’s praise of rotten dictators

The cross-bearer procession of black limousines

A teacher-preacher will meet you at school

Go to classbring him money!”

Amnesty International has declared the detained women as ‘prisoners of conscience’ and is demanding their release.

“The severity of the response of the Russian authorities – the detention on the serious criminal charge of hooliganism – would not be a justifiable response to the peaceful – if, to many, offensive – expression of their political beliefs,” they said.

“The activists left the Cathedral when requested to do so and caused no damage.  The entire action lasted only a few minutes and caused only minimal disruption to those using the cathedral … Instead of prosecuting members of Pussy Riot for their political opinions criticizing the Russian government and some Church officials, the Russian authorities must recognize that their protest is protected by the right to freedom of expression, guaranteed in international human rights law.”

“Virgin Mary, Mother of God, become a feminist!

Become a feminist, become a feminist!”

Two of the three young jailed feminists, Maria Alekhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samucevich, are the mothers of small children.  Investigators have threatened to terminate their parental rights.  Free Pussy Riot demonstrations have sprung up throughout Europe and the United States demanding an aquittal of at least a fair trial.

Meanwhile, Pussy Riot is looking for new recruits.

“Always! Pussy Riot has to keep on expanding. That’s one of the reasons we choose to always wear balaclavas—new members can join the bunch and it does not really matter who takes part in the next act—there can be three of us or eight, like in our last gig on the Red Square, or even 15. Pussy Riot is a pulsating and growing body.”

“We often change names, balaclavas, dresses, and roles inside the groups. People drop out, new members join the group, and the lineup in each Pussy Riot’s guerilla performance can be entirely different.”

“We realized that this country needs a militant, punk-feminist street band that will rip through Moscow’s streets and squares, mobilize public energy against the evil crooks of the Putinist junta and enrich the Russian cultural and political opposition with themes that are important to us: gender and LGBT rights, problems of masculine conformity, absence of a daring political message on the musical and art scenes, and the domination of males in all areas of public discourse. There are loads of Pussy Riot fans in Russia’s protesting masses.”

“We have nothing to worry about, because if the repressive Putinist police crooks throw one of us in prison, five, ten, 15 more girls will put on colorful balaclavas and continue the fight against their symbols of power.”

“Do you know anyone who wants to come to Moscow, play illegal concerts, and help us fight Putin and Russian chauvinists? Or maybe they could start their own local Pussy Riot, if Russia is too cold and too far.”

Patriarch Kirilli said that the Pussy Riot performance in the cathedral “desecrated” the church.

“We will have no future if sacred shrines are desecrated, if this desecration is seen by some as virtue, as some proper expression of political protest, as some appropriate action or harmless joke,” he said.

Perhaps he should be reminded of the ‘hooligan’ Jesus and his act of desecration when he overthrew the tables of the Money changers and drove them out of the Temple in Jerusalem.

That man would have been proud of these protesting Pussies.

“Shit, shit, the Lord’s shit!

Shit, shit, the Lord’s shit!

Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away!

Рut Putin away!  Put Putin away!”

Michael Dickinson can be contacted via his website –

Spanish police have attacked a legal art mural, painting over themselves as riot cops beating up women with birds heads.The artist Vinz Feel Free had permission, he usually paints cops with reptile features, and executives with frogs heads…

part of mural before cops were painted out

Varios testigos aseguran que el mural lo arrancaron agentes de Policía Nacional hacia las 13.30 dando parte para eliminar el muro. Se lo envié a la organización, ellos también habían sido informados de que había sido la Policía“, relata.. Hay fotos….

  • Arrancan las imágenes de unos policías en un mural del artista Vinz Feel Free
  • Estaba dedicado a las mujeres de los mineros de Asturias, León y Teruel
  • El ataque afecta a las figuras de policías; los desnudos están casi intactos
  • ‘Contábamos con permiso por escrito del propietario del muro’, dice el autor
  • VALENCIA | Festival Incubarte

Inline image 1

JESÚS BASTANTE MADRID 09/05/2011 06:00 Actualizado: 09/05/2011 06:03

Spain tightens borders to stem ECB protests

Visa-free travel suspended ahead of European Central Bank meeting, overriding Schengen Protocol.


Spain has suspended visa-free travel and re-instituted border checks ahead of a meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Barcelona next week.It is an unprecedented move that overrides the Schengen Protocol that was first instituted in 1985. The agreement means there are no int

Community police remove a dangerous terrorist

ernal border controls for the 26 European

countries and their combined population of more than 400 million people.

Spain says it needs to regulate its borders to prevent foreign protesters disrupting the ECB meeting .

It is not the first time Schengen Protocol has been called into question. Germany and France also want new rules to make it easier to suspend passport-free travel.

Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego reports from Madrid. Continue reading

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

Global Revolution brings you live stream video coverage from independent journalists on the ground at nonviolent protests around the world. The channel officially started on September 17, 2011 with occupation of Liberty Square in downtown Manhattan, NYC and was the first livestream channel to cover occupy wall street protests. Since then the global revolution tv collective helped start countless of live streaming channels in all the
occupations worldwide with technical livestreaming assistance, rebroadcas

Live video coverage of worldwide revolution for equality. from #tahrir to #15m to #ows Join us live & support our work bringing live resistance video from the streets to the entire worldspreading around the world.

A las 0.00 horas del jueves se paró el metro de Lisboa. La interrupción del servicio es uno de los primeros efectos de la huelga general que hoy vivirá Portugal y que durante la madrugada ya se ha dejado sentir en la recogida de basuras, la suspensión del servicio de bomberos y cierre de actividades
Portugal, paralizado por una huelga contra el ajuste del FMI

At 0.00 hours on Thursday the Lisbon Metro stopped. Interruption of service is one of the first effects of the general strike today live in Portugal and am already making itself felt in the collection of refuse, the suspension of the fire service and the close of business
Portugal, paralyzed by a strike against IMF adjustment
Continue reading

The eviction of the Occupy Dame Street camp

A large force of Garda and council workers were deployed at 3.30am today, International Women’s Day, to clear Occupy Dame Street (ODS) camp. The camp was completely demolished in the course of the eviction, campers intimidated and their personal property stolen.

This was a level of force way out of proportion with the numbers in the camp (about 15 people) and stands in contrast with the lack of resources put into investigating what happened at Anglo, the collapse of which has left a debt of 26,000 Euro on every single person in the country.

The small Garda team ‘investigating’ what happened at Anglo only includes one forensic accountant. As far as anyone can tell they have yet to get into the computers that were encrypted and which the bank has refused to hand over the passwords for. This certainly tells us whose interests those in power protect and that the Garda will ‘just follow orders’ even if they are individually included amongst the 99% of us who have been screwed over.

Media coverage of the eviction suggests that it was a fairly low key affair with an overwhelming number of Garda (around 100) compared to campers (about 15) but commentary from the campers and a video interview published by the Irish Times suggests that a significant level of physical intimidation & force was used by Garda. Campers talked of pick axes being used to break into structures while they were still inside and of the seizure of mobile phones, lap tops, clothes, minutes & contact books and even bicycles that were chained on the square. This happened without warning, while people were sleeping. One of the campers said of the police that “they came like volatile bullies & terrorists .. they behaved like animals”

Updated 14.30: In a second video interview from this morning two women from ODS talked about how the Garda had arrived wearing balaclava’s, didn’t poduce the court order until they had dragged everyone off the site and had twisted their arms and stamped on their hands when they attempted to sit on the street.  Just before lunch a small group were forcibly prevented from putting up tents.  A number of witnesses have said that last night some of the Garda appeared to be carrying guns.

  Latest UPDATE
GARDAÍ IN DUBLIN city centre are preventing the protest group who had camped outside the Central Bank’s headquarters from 8 October until this morning from erecting any more tents at the property.

The camp was dismantled by dozens of gardaí at around 3.30am today and the area was subsequently cleaned by Dublin City Council workers.


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