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EscuelitaZapatistaMore than 1500 invited students are in the Lacandonan Jungle taking part in the Zapatista Freedom school this week. The school has also gone online with registered studemts participating by teleconference around the world. Due to demand new courses are planned for Dec and Jan. Ask for invite or register for teleconference here:   See videos below.

Day 1: Zapatistas in their first class on Autonomy

The Zapatista Freedom School online got started this Monday! The first session was on autonomy…. Continue reading

Squatting in empty properties is now a criminal offence, but homeless people say they are being unfairly criminalised.

The ministry of justice estimates up to 2,000 people could be prosecuted each year [Al Jazeera/Simon Hooper ]
London, UK – “Todd” was 18 when he came to the United Kingdom from Lithuania in 2005 in search of a better life. But things didn’t work out. By 2009, with the British economy ravaged by recession, he had lost his job and had nowhere to live.

“I had really bad depression so I couldn’t hold a job. I ended up sleeping rough on the streets. My mental health was deteriorating… I had suicidal thoughts,” he recalls.

Todd – an adopted Anglicisation of his Lithuanian name – ended up in Brighton, a town on England’s south coast with a reputation for tolerance, a vibrant arts scene and a homelessness problem. It was there that he began to rebuild his life, finding a vital support network among those squatting in the town’s ample stock of empty and neglected buildings and sometimes opening them up as impromptu galleries and cultural spaces.

“I call myself houseless, not homeless. We are a community and we help each other out,” he explains. “There is a lot of support and there is always somebody to talk to. Living like this, you’re always in control of your own life. You don’t have the money to support yourself food-wise, maybe, but you can go and get it from skips. It’s still the same food.” Continue reading

wildAct One

Chapter ten..

Horny, Bossy and Wild..

Shaking out the feathers of my giant snowy wings.

Maxie narrating

Maggie’s ‘getting pregnant party’ was wild, but short, because she went home early to tell them all at the Assembly meeting at her house. Barney soon ushered everyone out. Delighted to be a dad-to-be. Ecstatic but exhausted.

-‘You done quite well Barney.’- I said, matronizingly, Continue reading

Hi there.. I see on Farcebook we are now more than 2000 Friends of ‘The Free’ the new novel set in an Occupy style social revolution, during the COLLAPSE of capitalism due to Climate Chaos. If you haven’t seen it yet you can read online or free download, or even order a paper edition  HERE:

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May 9, 2012  7.00an…
they are evicting the Rimaia Lliure University .. + + + … by surprise, for the fourth time!

The eviction is a brutal provocation just 3 days before the big 12M mobilizations, and with the anarchist Laura Gomez still held for no crime.

 From 6:45 o’clock in the morning two units of the Mobile Brigade of the Catalan police (fourteen vans) are evacuating the building of the University Lliure The Rimaia in 12 Ronda Sant Pau in Barcelona. The agents have come by balconies with ladders and have burst the door of the building to the surprise of the people living there, because the trial court ordered 22 of Barcelona’s criminal case file two years ago it was understood an abandoned building for two decades and, therefore, was not committing any criminal offense against property developer Camat, owner of the property. (the trial had been archived) Continue reading

Están desalojando la Universitat Lliure la Rimaia.. …+++por cuarta vez!

Desde las 6:45h de la mañana dos unidades de la Brigada Móvil de los Mossos d’Esquadra (catorce furgonetas) están desalojando el edificio de la Universitat Lliure La Rimaia, en la ronda de Sant Pau 12, en Barcelona. Los agentes han entrado con escaleras por los balcones y han reventado la puerta del edificio ante la sorpresa de la gente que vive allí, ya que el juzgado de instrucción 22 de Barcelona ordenó el archivo de la causa penal hace dos años entendiendo que se trataba de un edificio abandonado desde hace dos décadas y, por tanto, no estaba cometiendo ningún delito penal contra la promotora inmobiliaria Camat, titular de la finca. Continue reading

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

Global Revolution brings you live stream video coverage from independent journalists on the ground at nonviolent protests around the world. The channel officially started on September 17, 2011 with occupation of Liberty Square in downtown Manhattan, NYC and was the first livestream channel to cover occupy wall street protests. Since then the global revolution tv collective helped start countless of live streaming channels in all the
occupations worldwide with technical livestreaming assistance, rebroadcas

Live video coverage of worldwide revolution for equality. from #tahrir to #15m to #ows Join us live & support our work bringing live resistance video from the streets to the entire worldspreading around the world.

March 2012

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The protest brought together tens of thousands of people 70,000 according to the organizers, 25,000 according to the Guardia Urbana police..-roads that have been jammed including the AP-7 Motorway and the center of the city from early in the morning. They also wanted to show solidarity with the students in Valencia, harshly repressed by police in recent weeks.

The student protests in Barcelona have been attacked by Autonomous Police
Three arrested and nine wounded. Police surrounding the Mobile Phone World Congress against the protes

Un coche y diversos contenedores arden esta tarde durante los incidentes registrados en la confluencia de las calles Diputación y Balmes de Barcelona. EFE

A car and several containers burn this afternoon during the incidents at the junction of Provincial and Balmes streets of Barcelona. EFE

The student demonstrations on Wednesday against cuts in education from the streets of Barcelona have received police charges and clashes between the Autonomous Cops and  the protesters, and have resulted in a balance of 12  injured and 12 arrested, including two children.

The detainees have been charged with public disorder, damage to street furniture, container burning and attacks on police officers, all of whom will this Thursday to justice as they are closing the proceedings.

Major incidents have occurred on campus in the city center and Plaça Catalunya, where they are celebrating the Mobile Phone World Congress.

Congress has been much of the afternoon heavily protected by a cordon of riot and Mossos to the hundreds of protesters who were nearby. Agents have arrested one of the students when they wanted to cross the police line that had surrounded them, which caused the student reaction, and a stone throwing objects, and some agents charge.

“Less police and education” or “we are students and not criminals” were some of the slogans that have shouted.
The Sindicat d’Estudiants dels Catalan Countries (SEPC) has accused the Catalan police of “suppressing” the protests and demanded the release of detainees without charge. Fifty students have protested peacefully against the Mossos police station in the district of Les Corts.
Students at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has called for another day strike for Thursday.

The campus, OCCUPIED

Earlier, hundreds of students have taken the campus of the University of Barcelona, which has led to the Autonomous surround the campus, in the center of the city, where there have been serious riots and clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement.
At the end of the protest some people have burned container
During the morning, the protests have resulted in new police charges after several of the protesters have burned containers and vehicles passing through some of the streets, as the confluence of the Calle de Balmes council or the Eixample.

Upon completion of the protest, some demonstrators have dispersed into groups by the Eixample of Barcelona and have overturned and set fire to several containers. In one of the fires that have been formed, the fire has caught in a vehicle parked next to containers, Efe reported.

Barcelona, collapsed

Tens of thousands of people in Barcelona, students and university staff have carried out a march in the Plaza of the University of Barcelona that has collapsed the city center. In the morning, protesters cut off several highways and Bellaterra station of the Railways of the Generalitat, causing major delays. At 10:30, about 200 students have come to the SER, where they read a statement with their demands in the program live ‘Fora Joc’.

The strike in favor of public education in Catalonia has also been seconded by

teachers, researchers and administrative staff, showing banners with the slogan “We wont pay foryour scam” and that the organizers have described as “huge success”. This protest is in addition to those held in about a dozen more cities participating in strikes, rallies and demonstrations organized by the Students Union.

Protests in 20 cities

In Barcelona, a group of students have entered the BE and have read a statement in direct

In Valencia closures have occurred in universities during a demonstration tonight and has come from the History Department at 12:00 hours.

In Madrid there was a demonstration from Cybele to the Sun, called by the university network of community meetings, along with the Assembly and Youth Without Interinstitutos Future. About a thousand students chanting “we are students, not criminals” or “We are all the Luis Vives High School” have participated in it. The general coordinator of IU, Cayo Lara, has attended the event, where young people said “do not want to be in a country with 31% of school failure and spent half a point less than the European average spending on education” , Efe reported.

Also in Malaga have left protested on campus about one hundred students demanding a “free public education and quality.”

Mass Police brutality fails to stopValencia Uprising (Spain)
The Spanish National Police condemned the “aggression” of school students, who they considered the “enemy”
20/02/2012 Rights and Freedoms

Huge seige of students at the Lluis Vives High School | Author: @ JoanaRibes
The student revolt takes more strength than ever despite the efforts of the Spanish government and police to quell it. more than a hundred demonstrators , many of them minors,  have been wounded, and there have been dozens of detained since the protests began last week.

On Monday,  there were about twenty prisoners, and the emergency services had to meet four people who were injured by the loads of riot, they have not stopped all afternoon.

As usual,the fourth day of protests, has started at 14:45 the doors of the IES Luis Vives High School, the school that sparked the protests. From there the demonstration went to cut the main roads of the Valencian capital, where there were severe persecutions and police charges throughout the evening, even with rubber bullets and tear gas. The police occupied the city in helicopters and the Civil Guard(militarised) controls the different access roads of the Orchard North suburbs.

At nightfall, groups of demonstrators were still protesting in the streets Bailen and Xativa. In addition, the Faculty of History at the University of Valencia has been occupied about 400 students and teachers to protest the police action with the intention of spending the night. 60 vanloads of riot police were deployed, the police chief refused to reveal their numbers wuith the phrase ?’I don¡t tell my enemies how majny we are”. The un iversity declared the students were refugedthere with permission, but most left to resume the struggle.

Students rebelled against cuts in education, which have led schools to Valencia suffered an extreme situation, to the point of cutting light or heating.

Police condemned the “aggression” of students, who considered the “enemy”

The Spanish National Police, for their part, spoke of aggressiveness. In a hearing this Monday afternoon, the upper head of the police in Valencia, Antonio Moreno, spoke to students as the “enemy” and justified the police charges against students for “aggressiveness” of young. As he said, the protesters have acted with “a surplus of aggression” that has led police officers to provide “a fair response.”

Solidarity with students from all over the country

Solidarity with the Valencian revolt has spread throughout the country. In this respect, concentrations were held in the Plaza Sant Jaume de Barcelona, Plaça de la Font in Tarragona, in the Plaza Wine Girona and Alicante Montanyeta Square. Tuesday at 7 they held another in the Plaza of the Town Council of Lleida at half past eight in the square of the President Ferrer Olot. Sunday he held a Palma.

There was also a big demo in Madrid, etc.

Students have demanded the release of detainees without charge.

The SEPC ask the whole school community to join the general strike of February 29.

Teachers reported the siege of Vives High School bypolice

The assembly of teachers of IES Lluis Vives Valencia has also denounced the siege of students. He recalled that on Wednesday, in the vicinity of the institute, there was “a violent and disproportionate” police action against a student group focused out to protest against cuts in education. The result several students were injured and bruised, and even arrested, injured, handcuffed and taken to the police Sapadors.

Thursday and Friday also saw “these violent actions, disproportionate and out of any democratic logic against children and adolescents, treated like criminals.”
All in all, the teachers expressed their “strongest condemnation of such actions” and that “stem from the repeated attempts of our authorities to discredit public education and criminalize us all that we are engaged as teachers, non-teaching staff, students and families in the dignity of public education. “

original Catalan

La brutalitat policial no apaga la revolta estudiantil valenciana

La Policia Nacional espanyola denuncia l'”agressivitat” dels estudiants, a qui considera l'”enemic”
La revolta estudiantil pren més força que mai tot i els esforços del govern espanyol i la policia per sufocar-la. No és de franc: es compten per més d’un centenar els manifestants –molts d’ells menors d’edat- que han resultat ferits, i hi ha hagut desenes de detinguts des que van començar les mobilitzacions, la setmana passada.

Aquest dilluns, en la quarta jornada de protestes, hi ha hagut una vintena de detinguts, i els serveis d’emergències han hagut d’atendre quatre persones que han resultat ferides per les càrregues dels antiavalots, que no han cessat en tota la tarda.

La mobilització, com cada dia, ha començat a les 14.45 h a les portes de l’IES Lluís Vives, l’institut que va encendre les protestes. D’allí n’ha partit una manifestació que ha tallat les principals vies de la capital valenciana, on s’han produït persecucions i severes càrregues policials durant tot el vespre, fins i tot amb pilotes de goma i gasos lacrimògens. La policia ha ocupat la ciutat, amb helicòpters i controls de la guàrdia civil per diferents accesos de l’Horta Nord.

Ben entrada la nit, grups de manifestants segueixen protestant entre els carrers Bailén i Xàtiva. A més, a la Facultat d’Història de la Universitat de València s’hi ha tancat al voltant de 400 estudiants i professors en protesta per l’actuació policial amb la intenció de passar-hi la nit.

Els estudiants es rebel•len contra les retallades en educació, que han dut els centres educatius valencians a patir una situació límit, fins al punt de tallar la llum o la calefacció.

La policia denuncia l'”agressivitat” dels estudiants, a qui considera l'”enemic”

La Policia Nacional espanyola, de la seva banda, ha parlat d’agressivitat. En una compareixença aquest mateix dilluns a la tarda, el cap superior de la policia de València, Antonio Moreno, s’ha referit als estudiants com l'”enemic” i ha justificat les càrregues policials contra els estudiants per “l’agressivitat” dels joves. Segons ha afirmat, els manifestants han actuat amb “un plus d’agressivitat” que ha portat els agents policials a donar “una resposta equitativa”.

De la seva banda, la responsable política de l’actuació, la delegada del govern espanyol al País Valencià, Paula Sánchez de León, s’ha limitat a donar suport en tot moment a l’actitud de la policia, que actua “davant d’una situació de desordre i desacatament”, afirma. “No hi ha repressió, ni instruccions ni intent de control del dret a la manifestació”, ha asseverat.

Solidaritat amb els estudiants des de tots els indrets del país

La solidaritat amb la revolta valenciana s’ha estès per tot el país. En aquest sentit, s’han celebrat concentracions a la Plaça Sant Jaume de Barcelona, a la Plaça de la Font de Tarragona, a la Plaça del Vi de Girona i a la Plaça de la Montanyeta d’Alacant. Aquest dimarts a les 7 se’n celebrarà una altra a la Plaça de la Paeria de Lleida i a dos quarts de vuit a la plaça del Rector Ferrer d’Olot. Diumenge se’n va celebrar una a Palma.

Aquest cap de setmana s’ha portat a terme diverses mobilitzacions arreu dels Països Catalans per denunciar les brutals agressions

luis Vives High School yesterday

contra els estudiants a València, després que les càrregues policials de la setmana passada se saldessin amb una desena de detinguts i diversos ferits.

Els estudiants adverteixen que seguiran rebel·lant-se

Els estudiants han rebutjat en bloc la brutalitat policial i han exigit l’alliberament sense càrrec dels detinguts. El SEPC ha remarcat que es repeteix la violència i repressió que es va viure al Principat amb el Pla Bolonya i denuncia que el govern espanyol “està disposat a les retallades i les polítiques privatitzadores per sobre de la voluntat de les classes populars”. En aquest sentit, considera “indignant que haguem de patir la incompetència dels nostres governants” i “lamentable la negació del diàleg per part del Govern de la Generalitat Valenciana”, així com l’ús de la violència contra els manifestants, especialment els estudiants d’institut.

Per tot plegat denuncia que les retallades “s’estan aplicant amb violència, per precaritzar l’educació pública i hipotecant el futur del nostre país” i exigeix l’aturada de la violència per part de la policia espanyola i la fi de les retallades i de l’EU2015 que hipotequen el futur del país.

El SEPC demana al conjunt de la comunitat educativa que s’adhereixin a la vaga general del 29 de febrer.
De la seva banda, Endavant OSAN ha exigit la dimissió de Paula Sánchez de León i d’Antonio Moreno, “per actuar sobre la ciutat de València com en una zona de guerra”. Així mateix, exigeix l’absolució sense càrrecs de totes les persones detingudes i convida tota la ciutadania a mobilitzar-se.

I la COS ha condemnat la repressió policial però ha lloat la resposta dels estudiants. Una afiliada del sindicat ha estat agredida per un policia espanyol a l’IES Lluís Vives. Segons informa la COS, la càrrega li ha provocat una síncope cardiaca i ha hagut de ser avacuada en ambulància.

La COS celebra que “comença l’autèntica primavera valenciana, l’autèntica primavera dels Països Catalans” i denuncia que “l’Estat, i el cap major dels torturadors, Jorge Fernandez Diez, ha tornat a usar València com a laboratori de proves repressives pel conjunt del nostre país”. Però “només estan aconseguint que tota la ràbia accumulada comence a brollar com l’aigua neta i bona dels brolladors de l’Albufera de València”, proclama.

Els professors del Vives denuncien el setge policial

L’assemblea del professorat de l’IES Lluís Vives de València també ha denunciat el setge contra els estudiants. Ha recordat que dimecres, a les proximitats de l’institut, es va produir “una violentíssima i desproporcionada” actuació policial contra un grup d’estudiants concentrat a fora per protestar contra les retallades en Educació. El resultat foren diversos alumnes ferits i contusionats, i fins i tot un detingut, lesionat, emmanillat i portat a la comissaria de Sapadors.

Dijous i divendres es van produir també “aquestes actuacions violentes, desproporcionades i fora de qualsevol lògica democràtica contra adolescents i menors, tractats com a delinqüents”.

Per tot plegat, els professors expressen la seva “més enèrgica repulsa a aquesta mena d’actuacions” i assegura que “s’emmarquen en els intents reiterats de les nostres autoritats per tal de desprestigiar l’ensenyament públic i criminalitzar-nos a tots els que estem compromesos com a professors, personal no docent, estudiants i famílies en la dignificació de l’educació pública”.

A més, anuncien que denunciaran formalment les actuacions i reclamaran responsabilitats penals i polítiques per als qui han promogut “aquest despropòsit”. També adverteixen que continuaran denunciant els atacs als serveis públics i “la criminalització que els governants intenten fer dels seus empleats per desprestigiar-los”.

Indignació política

El síndic de Compromís, Enric Morera, ha demanat que s’alliberin sense càrrecs tots els joves que es troben detinguts a la comissaria i que es retirin tots els expedients sancionadors oberts contra els estudiants de l’IES Lluís Vives de València. Morera considera que amb el PP “han arribat les retallades en democràcia, perquè la resposta del govern a les protestes estudiantils ha sigut desproporcionada i més pròpia d’un règim dictatorial que d’una societat democràtica, la qual cosa lamentem”.

De la seva banda, la coordinadora general d’Esquerra Unida al País Valencià (EUPV), Marga Sanz, ha demanat la dimissió de Paula Sànchez de León, a qui ha acusat de “saltar-se els principis democràtics i ha deixat el poder a mans de la policia”. Segons Sanz, “el que està passant a València és propi d’èpoques no democràtiques, que ens recorden massa el franquisme i les persecucions dels grisos a les revoltes estudiantils contra la dictadura”.

I quant al PSPV, simplement ha telefonat al president de la Generalitat Valenciana, Alberto Fabra, perquè cessi la violència contra els estudiants, segons ha informat el secretari general dels socialistes, Jorge Alarte, a través del Twitter.

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Neighbourhoods: city old_street

this week, ‘occupy london’ activists opened up a new community squatted building in the city, near old street. it is a deserted primary school with loads of beautiful airy classrooms, a small gym, and some pleasant outdoor space. it has lain unused for three years and the owners are awaiting planning permission before demolishing. in the meantime, the hope is to put it to good use for the community. see photos and report and watch video of the new ‘school of ideas’.

Suport a l’Espai Alliberat d’UB-Raval  
Email: espaialliberatubraval (nospam) (verificat) 08 feb 2012
Modificat: 05:25:45
Des de les Facultats d’Universitat de Barcelona-Raval ens estem organitzant per alliberar un espai en desús de la nostra facultat.
Volem convertir-lo en un punt de trobada entre estudiants i gent del barri, on crear coneixement més enllà del marc acadèmic i sense cap tipus de mediació.
Tenim la intenció d’organitzar activitats des de tots els col·lectius d’estudiants i desenvolupar el pensament crític i col·lectiu. Un espai on crear alternatives econòmiques i autogestionades, trobades d’intercanvi i un banc d’apunts, exàmens i treballs. Volem un espai on desenvolupar-nos lliurement!
Si vols donar-nos un cop de mà, aquest és el material que necessitem:
– Estanteries- Taules- Cadires- Fotocopiadora- Suro d’anuncis- Maons, ciment i fusta- Endolls, cables d’energia- Pintures- Pintura de garatge, parquet, moqueta (pel terra)
I qualsevol cosa que creieu necessària!I difusió!
Pel tema de recollida, poseu-vos en contacte amb espaialliberatubraval (at) gmail.comEnglish transalation (google)   Support Freedom of Space UB-Raval  on
From the faculties of Barcelona University-Raval we are organizing to free unused space on our faculty.
 We make it a point of contact between students and local residents, which create knowledge beyond the academic framework and without any mediation.
We plan to organize activities from all groups of students and develop critical thinking and collective. A place where self and create economic alternatives, meetings and exchange of bank notes, exams and assignments. We want a space to develop ourselves freely!
If you can give us a hand, this is the material we need:- shelves- Tables- Chairs- Photocopying- Cork Ad- Bricks, cement and wood- Plugs, power cables- Paintings- Painting of garage flooring, carpet (by land)
And anything that you feel necessary! And spread!
 please contact espaialliberatubraval (at)

”Occupy Everything! Call-Out to Occupy Buildings on January 28th, 2012 January 12, 2012 at 9:53 pm

We call on people to reclaim space in their areas on January 28th in the spirit of the occupy movement, but first and foremost to move past the idea of private property and build communities of resistance.

Groups in multiple cities have already announced plans for building takeovers on this date. We urge people to partake in actions that match their capacity. Momentum is on our side; resistance is building.

The natural next step of the occupy movement is to create a political squatting movement that will be a base of power for the continued struggle against the state and capitalism.”

Comment and 10 Tips.. COPY Spain!!

In Spain also squatting is a criminal offence. Yet in Catalunya alone there are dozens of thriving ‘ Occupied Self managed Social Centers of every description.’ How is this possible? any movement to grab a bit of free space in the US could learnlots from our ideas and tactics.

Occupied self managed social center.. barcelona 2012

Here ae some tips from an ancient squatter.

1. Pick a building that’s long disused or forgotten or that it’s a disgrace to be abandoned.

2.Invite the neighbours to open house type participation from the start.

3. Immediately start all kinds of daily activities, from yoga to dance to ‘freegan’ cafes etc

4. Decide things by assembly, seeking consensus, this short circuits the ‘politicos’ and power obsessed men

5. People living there have first choice, maybe we can ‘adopt’ one person with problems, but we

can’t invite in all the drug and mental casualties of the brutal capitalism-

6.Good Squat Centers are often begun by an already strong group of friends.

7. The local economy is often based on recycling and benefit parties.

8. A great tactic is to have a backup place in case you don’t survive the first crucial days

9. A theme is a good idea, from Circus Squats, Womens centers, Prisoners Aid, rural permaculture, etc.

10. Above all look out for each other, beyond personal irritations, and enjoy the adventure!


love and rage: life after the collapse of capitalism

Greetings to all, especially you FoFees  (friend of the Free)  hope you’re enjoying the book

Set in the Collapse of Capitalism our heroes escape their School and Family and fall in with the squatters, anarchists and gays, who are busy getting ready for the final confrontation and the Dawn of a co-op Money Free world.. It’s a thriller as well..

Just to say it is selling well..Not a surprise as it’s FREE  (lol). It also makes a very economical present.

It now has 1322 Friends of The Free on FARCEbook (FoFoFs), and I havent a clue who’s who.

Plus its Blog has had 36.218 page views in 7 months. Seems like a lot.

Of course most people just  passed by the blog looking at other stories.

Here’s a few more of the hundreds of reviews the book has had on the ‘Authonomy’ website

Abuse of power being consistent in our culture, where fear colludes with the bully, it is cheering to see victims organising and supporting each other . This will appeal to a great many young people.
You give us moments of delight:… rolling her big eyes back to us girls … such scandal would zoom round and round the area – like a bee in a jar … Then her daffodil moment of glory: dancing and swirling, waving the flowers at the grey building … the golden snow. I’ve never heard of ‘testerical laughter’, but it kind of hits the mood of the moment.I really like your book and back it with pleasure.  Pia (Course of Mirrors)

Wow; I can’t stop reading! I’ve just finished chapter 8, and I’m only stopping because it’s 1AM! It seems to remind me a little of ‘A Clockwork Orange’, combined with ‘A Child Called It’. I cannot wait to read on. I’m still not entirely sure about a lot of things (such as the political situation) but everything I’ve read so far has been wonderful. If I get the chance, I will buy this book.

Karen Eisenbrey I read three chapters and the glossary. I like your ideas for remaking society, especially the mix of practical, earnest things with more whimsical ideas of fashion etc. I especially like how in the first chapters, it’s not obvious that the story takes place in (I would guess) the near future in a shifting, alternative society. But there are little clues all over the place that things are falling apart and changing, present but not taking over the story. We start with Linda, a real, relatable character. You’ve nailed the voice here. She’s articulate and smart, but not at all formal; young, angry, scared, beaten down but ready to stand up. Good luck with The Free!…Karen Eisenbrey

Aaron Pattis wrote After three chapters, nothing will stop me from reading the rest of this book! Who couldn’t pull for a kid like this and wonder where she’s going to end up? There are some terms that I have difficulty with sometimes, like “lekky” and such, but soon enough figure it out. But I wouldn’t change that voice for this story because it adds to the richness realism in the characters. Great job and backed with pleasure..Aaron,”80 Grit”

Lmfrenchwrote   Wow, what can I say? I love how you capture Linda’s voice. It wasn’t too long ago that I was a fifteen year old girl and…well…wow. I read some of this the other day and wasn’t too

Occupy The Planet. Abolish Debt. For a Co-Op world.

impressed, but I re-read it and trudged on to see what happened beyond the first page and I must say, I am very glad I did. I found myself giggling a bit and read on with a smile. It is a fun story. I am not normally a fan of 1st person POV but you seem to be able to still bring your characters to life. Very nice.

Funny and wonderful. Loved it. J.
CamilleS wrote
What a uniquely funny read.  Really cracked me up!  Camille…Curse of the Golden Fly/The Hobble Knobble Gobble Tree
 Great opening. Fast-paced and spirited way of writing. I like the talk about men drooling over Janice (lol); very typical. It’s real! and the “like a pack of randy dogs snifting after her”…This is what happens most of the time, in real life. Good job Mike. This work is so rich and moving, good humored. I can’t stop reading it.GOOD LUCK!!    Emma Philips…The Dark Intruder
Well Mikey…a huge HUGE contemporary tale. Brutal and brave..comical and painful.  Your style is enviably quirky. The language stripped yet so incredibly weighted. Congratulations, I wish you every success with THE FREE. .    Dawn:ARK
 What a crazy romp this is! I like it!

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