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The 25S Coordination group proplet the Assembly Decideosed in the assembly in the Plaza de Neptuno Oct. 23 organize a “Constituent Days” in principle for days 6, 7, 8 and 9 December, to start making a new anticapitalist constitution.

The aim is to achieve a minimum agreement to drive a real constituent process in which the people have the decisive voice. The agreement consists of a joint political declaration and a roadmap for the constitutional process. Continue reading

A sweltering August has given us a break in the frantic escalation of cuts repression and protests in Spain.

But September will be all GO, running up to the ultimate sellout when the Govt. accepts workers slavery to the terms of a national ”Bailout” .

Included are the ‘anonymous’ call to storm the Congress on 25th Sept and the general Strike, Sept 26th, see below.

Will we have to sacrifice our health, jobs, schools to pay back,  for ever and ever, the private debts of the banks, and the billions ‘disappeared’ by the 1%?

Diary for Sept 2012 (a selection) Continue reading


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