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stop price rises

BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 59

Feb 23, 2014 12:58 pm

1. Barcelona rises up against Public Transport luxury prices
2. #AbortoLibre – Free Abortion : big uprising against the spanish law that bans free abortion
3. Ocax: an online tool to keep the budgets under people’s control 


From January 2014, Barcelona’s public transport price has increased again . Travelling by public transport in Barcelona today costs 71% more than ten years ago. The fare of the two most used travel cards –  the T-10 (ten tickets) and the 30/50 (fifty ticket in thirty days, a kind of worker’s ticket) – have increased 5,10% and 8,4% respectively. A comparision between salary and a one-way city’s travel ticket cost in several cities around the world shows that Barcelona has the lowest salary and the highest ticket price, becoming a luxury -as in the Catalan TV sketch. Continue reading

1. The history of cooperativism in Barceloneta: the SXX building belongs to the neighbourhood!
2. Girona vs. MAT (Very high voltage line): creative resistance
3. A new social and cultural project: la Base opens its doors



Anti-Fascist communique on latest repression

The repressive forces of the Caealan Police arrested on Tuesday 6 anti- fascist comrades in the neighborhoods and towns of San Andres, Hospitalet , Sant Feliu and Vilanova . On the other hand , early this morning , around 06:30 , the same police force , in an almost military deployment has proceeded to assault the Can Vies Squatted Social center in the Sants Barrio with nearly 200 agents , including riot and plainclothes police units. Continue reading

Thirty people on hunger strike in the Aliens Internment Prison in Barcelona reported another version in relation to the death of an Armenian citizen

CIE aliens prison Barcelona

CIE aliens prison Barcelona


About 30 inmates of the Aliens Internment Prison (CIE ) in Barcelona have begun a hunger strike to denounce the events that occurred the morning of December 3 , which ended with the death of a citizen of Armenian origin. Manukyan Aramis , but his friends and acquaintances called him Alik . He was 32 years old, had a daughter of seven years and had spent 12 days in the internal CIE Zona Franca . He died alone in an isolation cell. Continue reading

Dec 05, 2013 12:05 pm

1. Let’s disobey! Together we can!
2. Ateneu la Sèquia: denouncing injustices and building alternatives
3. The truth is the best propaganda. Livestreaming workshop


ALL POWER TO THE ASSEMBLIESJuntes Podem (catalan for Together We Can!) is the name of a working group born while preparing  the demonstration of last February 23th,  in Barcelona (see NL#40, 1) It brought together many groups, platforms, collectives and assemblies to increase strength by sharing information and strategies. Each entity meets separately and they have three comissions: contents, comunication and actions/strategy. They participate in comissions of general assembly as individuals and as groups. Continue reading

1. When police in a “democratic” country kill a citizen
2. Anonymous leaks documents proving that catalan govt. is spying activists
3.La flor de Maig (1896-2013): 117 years of resistence under threat of eviction


Manifestacion-Quintana-Andres-Benitez-Catala_EDIIMA20131114_0763_16Thursday 14th Nov saw pickets and a 1000 strong march against police violence in Barcelona, joining the spot where JuanAndrés was killed and where Ester Quintana lost her eye. Also in the Nou Barris area crowds of people have twice prevented the Catalaan police making arrests amid cries of ‘Murderers’.

On October 5 two residents of Raval, Barcelona’s popular downtown neighborhood had an argument which ended up in a fight. Once it was all over, several mossos d’esquadra (the infamous Catalan police) arrived and one of them – Juan Andrés Benitez – refused to show his ID. They cornered him and pushed him to the floor, brutally beating him, ignoring his shouts of pain. Passers-by and neighbours trying to stop them or even shouting at the police were forced to leave by cops branding batons Juan Andrés died the following day.

The autopsy revealed that he had died due to multiple traumas in the cranium-facial area. Furthermore, the forensic examination showed that his teeth, cheekbone, nose and eyebrows bones were broken. He had suffered injuries to his lips, bruises to his head and to the top-right part of his face as well as a fracture on the right metacarpal. He also had injuries in his arms, legs, knees and lower back.

Juan Andrés was the owner of two shops in the Eixample neighboorhod and one of the founders of the Associació catalana d’empreses per a gais i lesbianes (Catalan association of enterprises for gays and lesbians), which had made him a well known among Eixample neighbours.

Not only his friends, relatives and neighbours claimed for justice. The reaction extended to all astonished and outraged citizens of Barcelona and social activists such as Rereguarda (NL#18, 1) who demanded Juan Andres’ killers to be punished. A website was created immediately in order to spread this news and to look for witnesses and evidence which would prove that it wasn’ t just an assasination but also a serious attempt against the rights and safety of individuals within the Spanish democracy.

Despite the police’s attempt to get rid of witnesses and photos, videos that neigbours hcontra-impunitat-policialad shot form their balconies came out as a clear proof. Even after everyone had seen how up to 11 mossos had beaten Juan Andrés, the mossos kept declaring that Juan Andrés had died of some random cause, unrelated to the police´s intervention. The Catalan councillor responsible for the police Ramon Espadaler, and the Mosso’s Director Manel Prat systematically denied any ill doing by these policemen and questioned the results of the Spanish National Police force’s investigation of this subject. Finally, 8 policemen were charged with crime against life, moral and physical integrity, coercion and obstruction to justice, and are called to testify on November 13th. These mossos have been suspended temporally from duty.

The Raval neighborhood is well-known in Barcelona for its police violence in the streets.This situation is constantly denounced by residents, immigrants, gay and lesbian communities and prostitutes (NL#10, 1 ). Raval is now – following this scandalous incident – more active than ever with increasing numbers of demonstrations, protests, assemblies and public talks, including an escrache protest under the motto : el barri parla, tu callas (the neighborhood talks, you keep silent in Catalan) (NL#42, 2 ) accusing and holding the councilor for Raval, Mercè Homs, accountable for Juan Andrés´ death.

Meanwhile, though citizens and certain political parties are demanding the dismissal or resignment of both Espadaler and Prat for not treating this death with the seriousness required, they are both protected by the ruling party and changes in the police modelin Catalonia seem hard to achieve.


Juan Andrés Benitez blog [EN]

Investigation opened after man dies in custody of Catalan police force [EN]
Videos capture violent arrest that ended in death of suspect [EN]
Police brutality video angers Barcelona [EN]
The judge sees homicide in the death of the business owner restrained by the mossos [SP]
Witnesses say that the mossos beat the Raval’s neighbour without having been attacked [SP]
Eight cops have been charged for the death at Raval [SP]
Department of Internal Affairs suspends the eight mossos charged for the “Raval Case” [SP]

Video & Pictures
Catalan Police kills a man for no reason in Barcelona [EN]
Raval death (summary of what happened that night by @15mbcn_tv) [CAT]
Mossos hit Juan Andrés until death – video proof
Demo at Raval #RavalDiuProu (Raval say: enough!) – Streaming by @okokitsme
#EscracheHoms video
#EscracheHoms photogallery by @fotomovimiento

Twitter HT
#MossosAssasins #ProuImpunitat #ElRavalDiuProu #JusticiaJuanAndres #MortXMossos #RespostesEspadaler


On October 28, Anonymous leaked documents proving that the Centre de Seguretat de la Informació de Catalunya (Cesicat) (Center of information and security of Catalunya), an agency that depends on the Generalitat (Catalan Government) and protects “computer security”, was monitoring the twitter activity of activists linked to Catalan social movements. On October 31st more documents were leaked, showing more dangerous tracking activities.

On the first leak no hidden or secret activities are reported on documents. What was shown in them were just simple and poor statistical reports based on the influence of many activists´ twitter accounts of activists and their tweets during specific actions, such as the protest camp in front of Bank La Caixa (NL#21, 3 ), the occupations of Universities, the first anniversary of the 15-M (NL#45, 1 ) etc,. Also, videos and pictures of some significant tweets, the most used hashtags and the name of the first user were reoported.

The second leak of docs added assignments for Cesicat to investigate specific profiles and ideologies. Complete reports on specific activists were listed as pending tasks, identification of activists using collective accounts was ongoing and there was a 7-page report on photojournalist and activist Jordi Borras (@jordiborras) including home address, phone and camera models he uses. This last leak was specially worrying as he is being chasen and threatened by Spanish neonazis due to his photos of their concentrations, and there were versions shared without covering up this vital info.

Since the leaking of the information, a big wave of protest raised throughout activists in the social networks. A few hours after the leak, a parody twitter account created as people were calling the Cesicat ”the Catalan T.I.A.”, inspired by a Spanish comic, where the T.I.A. is a fictitious organization which parodies the C.I.A.ano-copia

The Cesicat kept silence about the authorship of the docs and, when pressed by journalists, said they would not comment on “anonymous leaks” until someone owned up for them. However, users of Dropbox who had upnloaded copies of these docs to replicate them and keep them circulating were notified that the reports had been removed as Cesicat claimed the copyright of these documents, recognising de facto the authorship of this activist monitorization. Other filesharing companies also deleted the docs without giving any reason.

Now, what´s really disturbing is not the monitoring itself, but the reason whay they are doing it. As a Barcelona lawyer specialized in internet law said: “it is illegal to create archives based on the ideology of people. And it´s even worse when the governament is using public money to do so” . People are wondering, if these leaks are from reports during mid 2012, what are they oding now? who else is in these files?


Anonymous denounces that Catalan Government have spied activists on Twitter [EN]
The Cesicat claims the authorship of the activist’s monitoring, by Dropbox [SP]
Anonymous leaks documents showing the monitoring of activists in the web by Catalonia Government side [SP]
Video of the documents by Anonymous
Anonymous annoncement [SP]
“Cesicat Case”: catalan Black Lists [SP]

Twitter account @ceTIAcat
Twitter HT #TIAcatalana #laTIAcatalana


flor de maig

The building La Flor de Maig (May Flower), located at Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona, was built in 1896 to be the headquarters of the consumer cooperative called La Flor de Maig. It soon became the largest cooperative in Catalonia with 1,600 members, and was active until the 50s, but economic losses and the political context eventually forced the building to be sold.

After having the property in disuse for a few years, the Ateneu La Flor de Maig was recovered in the late ’70s thanks to the effort of local movements. This historic space was claimed as an establishment in which neighbours could carry out cultural and artistic activities.

The City Council agreed to take the necessary steps to make the place available for public use and they would pay the rent until the expropriation were possible. In May 2012, almost as a joke, the City Council decided unilaterally to terminate the lease agreement with the owner of the property, closing the Ateneu activity in disregard of the historic promise. The neighbours tried to save this social center, and after seeing the City Council wasn’t interested, in October of the same year they claimed the building by reopening and occupying it, once again for the use of the neighborhood.

The Ateneu La Flor de Maig is at a new turning point in its long history. It is time for celebration for the success of the recovery, reinvention and relaunch of the project that began a year ago: now there are over 15 active projects and groups, and hundreds of people participating in the Ateneu. Also, a permanent process of retrieval has started, which means, going through a process of historical revisionism of the cooperative in the neighborhood and fighting to get the Ateneu back.

Yet a trial was scheduled for November 5, threatening to evict its occupants as per a request by the owners. Ateneu members organized a protest conference a year after the reoccupation with the idea of ​​raising awareness in the neighborhood of the risk of an unfair eviction and losing the Ateneu once again. The trial has finally been suspended, but the Ateneu is not saved yet, as a new schedule will be fixed soon


Ateneu Flor de Maig blog [CAT]
Activities [CAT]
Projects [CAT]
Press archive [CAT, SP]

Re-occupation october 2012 [CAT]
Popular Trial [CAT]
Symbolic occupation HUB museum [CAT]
La Flor de Maig at Danger [CAT]

Social Networks
Twitter: @flordemaig HT #florenperill #flordemaig
Facebook page


Anti Fascist Alarm against the imminent celebration of the fascist rally Oct. 12 at Plaza de Sants called by the coordinating group España en Marcha .web-santsantifa

About 200 people have gathered in Sants barrio today in an open Assembly and we have agreed the following calls in the coming days. We need to be many, many people disseminating , hanging posters and handing out leaflets , encouraging our friends, colleagues and family to show our opposition to the views of this mob ! Continue reading

Dignity..Residence permits..Housing. ..Work

Concentración- Dignidad Papeles Vivienda Trabajo- 21 S 2013 Barcelona

Hundreds of migrants proclaim ” Barcelona Dignity ” at Annual Mercé Festival

Homer Rosetta / @ LA_DIRECTA /translation thefreeonline

Immigrants evicted from the occupied warehouse in Poblenou fistrict, alomng with neighbours and supporters  fromother neighborhoods have demonstratedted in Sant Jaume Square to protest the Aliens Act and demand the same rights as all other citizens of Catalonia.

A ” Barcelona Dignity demo” took place yesterday on the first day of the Fiesta Mayor de la Mercé . Hundreds of migrants from four continents were heard as one voice  demanding equality from a government that denies basic rights to housing, jobs and residence papers , the three main demands  yesterday afternoon in the Plaza Sant Jaume . Continue reading

rip the mask 2

Fear, Loathing and Collective Amnesia in Crisis-Ridden Spain

Update: Since the Catalans joined hands in a 400km demo for Independencethe fascist reaction has been predictable, with all sorts of politicians and military men making outrageous, illegal, racist invitations to violence against Catalans which are plastered all over the Spanish media

19/09/2013 by Don Quijones

If Spain and Catalonia were playing a real rather than figurative game of Russian Roulette, the revolver would now be loaded with at least two or three bullets. On Tuesday night, an extra one was slipped into a chamber when the Principe de Asturias prize-winning economist Juan Valerde announced that Madrid may have to “bomb Barcelona” in order to put a halt to the region’s rising separatist aspirations. Continue reading

Catalans will try to form a human chain, holding hands along the entire 400 km seashore of Catalonia in the Spanish State. The demonstration is called by a non governmental organization the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) with the theme “Catalan way to independence” on Wed. September 11, the Catalan national day. The event aims to both challenge Madrid and make the Catalans’ voice heard in the world.    ... continued below CGT article

Bumper stickers in Barcelona celebrate the Catalan Donkey instead of the Spanish Bull

Bumper stickers in Barcelona celebrate the Catalan Donkey instead of the Spanish Bull

Right to decide : For the determination and self-management

Permanent Secretariat of the CGT Catalonia for September 11 , 2013.

en català sota

All people were born to be free . Given that all people live in society , the desire for individual freedom also becomes a right to collective freedom . Hence the whole community recognized as such, as a group , as a people , as a nation , and of course , as a class , have the inalienable right to decide their future. As expected this September 11th the people of Catalonia will again take the streets to demand something that is obvious and logical : the right to be free to decide as a people on all aspects of our future . Continue reading

(VIDEO) Contrainfos y Kaosenlared presentan “Crónica de un desalojo”: Seguimiento de todo el proceso vivido en la nave industrial del carrer Puigcerdà

por Kaos. Inmigraciónmigrantes-poblenou

Col.laboració de Contrainfos amb Kaosenlared que realitza el seguiment de tot el procès del desallotjament de la nau industrial del carrer Puigcerdà de Barcelona, on hi habitaven centenars de persones de diferents ètnies, en la seva majoría subsaharians.Manu-Chao-Puigcerda-Foto-Rodriguez_EDIIMA20130722_0087_14

solidaridad de Manu Chau


L’Assemblea Solidària Contra els Desallotjaments, i les persones tancades a l’Església, volem extendre el nostre agraïment a la comunitat parroquial de Sant Bernat Calbó, i especialment al seu rector Francesc …
… 300 VECINOS DESALOJADOS DE LAS NAVES DE POBLENOU: Reportaje fotográfico de Ground Press y RUEDA DE PRENSA COMPLETA GroundPress / 2013 El barrio de Poble Nou en Barcelona dormía ayer cuando más de …
Un gran dispositivo policial ha desalojado este miércoles 24 de julio una nave industrial en el barrio del Poblenou donde vivían y trabajaban más de 300 personas. Ved el Video de Oriol Sabata / Librered  …desalojo
… neonazi celebrado el 12 de octubre de 2011 en Poblenou, aseguró a La Directa que nadie que no fuese de la organización había grabado el acto y que los asistentes no habían sido identificados. Dos unidades …
… Poblenou de Barcelona, adonde acudió, en compañía de Arcadi, para solidarizarse con un grupo de inmigrantes que solicitaban su reconocimiento, se decidió que Albano y Marta comenzaran el acto y empezamos …
… sólo por ocupar, porque necesito un espacio”, relata. Junto a otras casi 300 personas, subsiste en una antigua fábrica situada en la calle Puigcerdà del barrio del Poblenou de Barcelona, entre el nuevo …
A partir d’avui divendres 19 de Juliol i fins diumenge 21 se celebrarà un Festival d’Art per la Dignitat a les naus del Poblenou del carrer Puigcerdà 127, on comptarem amb la participació de nombrosos …1370886786595DESALOJOSc4
… solució global i digna a l’exclusió social dels assentaments A Barcelona malviuen almenys 700 persones en assentaments, la majoria ubicats al Poblenou, veïns i veïnes nostres. La majoria són africans, …
A Barcelona malviuen almenys 700 persones en assentaments, la majoria ubicats al Poblenou, veïns i veïnes nostres. A Barcelona malviuen almenys 700 persones en assentaments, la majoria ubicats al …
DIMARTS 9 de JULIOL 16:30h Plaça Sant Jaume CONCENTRACIÓ PEL DRET A UN SOSTREA Barcelona malviuen almenys 700 persones en assentaments, la majoria ubicats al Poblenou, veïns i veïnes nostres. La majoria …Puigcerda-Poblenou-Barcelona-MARIA-ALZAMORA_EDIIMA20130303_0316_13

945615_571044949585014_1377500657_nThe current status of the 5 ‘Sabadell’ anarchist prisoners anarchist on July 31. They are at present dispersed  in two Spanish provinces (Avila and Madrid) and 5 different prisons under the (anti terrorist punishment) ‘FIES3′ prison regime, more than 1000km from their homes. They have finally lifted the ‘incommunicado’ isolation rule on all of them but they continue with the other restrictions of the ‘FIES’ regime. Continue reading

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691_2902Attitudes Harden in Spain as Catalonian Referendum Looms (someday,maybe..)

“I hate Catalonia and I can’t stand the Catalans.” These blunt words rolled off the sharp tongue of an habitually sweet-tempered 15-year old Spanish girl called Aina. Aina is from Spain’s north-eastern province of Aragon and she is among a score of Spanish teenagers attending a two-week summer language course I’m helping to organize in the UK. Continue reading

this image was a favourite on the Facebook of one of the accused

This image was a favourite on the Facebook of one of the accused

by A Las barricades (‘to the barricades’) en  català abaix
Imagine two and a half months in isolation in a prison … Solidarity with the Barcelona 5!

It has been over two months since the arrests and the media are NOT talking about these young people.
They dont remind us that they are still imprisoned without trial. They dont inform us that they could remain a long time in this situation.
Imagine two and a half months in isolation in a prison …
Solidarity with the Barcelona 5! Continue reading

Er Banco Gueno

In Spain hundreds of thousands of people have been evicted from their homes after the capitalist property speculation bubble popped and they were left paying impossible mortgages. Evictions have been running at over 500 a day!.

Under Spanish law you not only lose the house but have to go on paying literally forever.There was a spate of victims committing suicide and a new law to change all this was proposed by a peoples coalition (PAH) wth more than a million supporters (organised locally without leaders). Continue reading


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