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”There are always oil spills in the Amazon. Because the criminal predator oil companies care nothing for the environment, the health of the people or even the genocide of whole indigenous nations. this has been going on for 50 years, the biggest crimes being the 1000′s of spills and abandoned chemical lakes created over 30 years by Texaco (now Chevron) which even today uses it’s massive wealth to defend its impunity. Today while science proves that 60% of fossil fuels will have to stay in the ground to save us from catastrophic climate change, the race to extract continues worse than ever, with the connivance of ourselves, the 1st world fossil fuel junkies!

no more spills

Amazon oil spill has killed tons of fish, sickened native people

10380656_663357330412494_142501327768392504_oBarbara Fraser
Dead fish from an oil spill in the Peruvian Amazon are mixed with oil-covered twigs gathered by local residents. Fish are vital to the villagers’ diet and income. Reporters discovered there had been another smaller oil spill only 4 days before which the company claims was a ”normal maintenance procedure”

By Barbara Fraser     Environmental Health News     July 23, 2014

CUNINICO, Peru – On the last day of June, Roger Mangía Vega watched an oil slick and a mass of dead fish float past this tiny Kukama Indian community and into the Marañón River, a major tributary of the Amazon.

Community leaders called the emergency number for Petroperu, the state-run operator of the 845-kilometer pipeline that pumps crude oil from the Amazon over the Andes Mountains to a port on Peru’s northern coast Continue reading

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Haiyan caused by Climate Change, sub water was +3 degrees

Rich polluters ignore Haiyan/Yolanda Climate Change massacre

Hurricanes and Climate Change: Huge Dangers, Huge Unknowns,  Dr.Jeff Masters

Yolanda/Haiyan, like Typhooon Bopha last year is being blamed on Climate Change caused by criminal burning of fossil fuels in the West.

beachfront on Samar island. 17 foot storm surge Yolanda imminent 07/11/2013

beachfront on Samar island. 17 foot storm surge Yolanda imminent 07/11/2013

Right in line is Samar and Leyte Islands, one of the poorest places in the country (see below)

314. stormchaser19 7:22 PM GMT en Noviembre 07, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan is about to strike the southern Phillipine islands as ”one of the most intense tropical cyclones in world history, with sustained winds an incredible 190 mph, gusting to 230 mph, said the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in their 15 UTC (10 am EST) November 7, 2013 advisory.” (Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog)

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Super-typhoons can only form over 30C water.. Climate Change is to blame. The billionaire Climate Criminals of the Oil Companies sit back in total luxury while their victims in Caleel Bay face annihalation. ..6th Dec

Super-typhoons can only form over 30C water.. Climate Change is to blame. The billionaire Climate Criminals of the Oil Companies sit back in total luxury while their victims in Caleel Bay faced annihalation. ..6th Dec. When will lawsuits be taken against these companies on behalf of the victims?

Annus Horribilis

Dec 31,   2012 was the worst year for the environment in living memory.

By George Monbiot,

It was the year of living dangerously. In 2012 governments turned their backs on the living planet, demonstrating that no chronic problem, however grave, will take priority over an immediate concern, however trivial. I believe there has been no worse year for the natural world in the past half century.

Three weeks before the minimum occurred, the melting of the Arctic’s sea ice broke the previous record(1). Iconic remnants of the global megafauna – such as rhinos and bluefin tuna – were shoved violently towards extinction(2). Novel tree diseases raged across continents(3). Bird and insect numbers continued to plummet, coral reefs retreated, marine life dwindled. And those charged with protecting us and the world in which we live pretended that none of it was happening…. Continue reading

 wild fireFossil fuel divestment campaign: “If it’s wrong to wreck the climate then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.”

On the recent Do the Math tour, Bill McKibben, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, author Naomi Klein and other speakers and a team of organizers launched a campaign calling on churches, colleges, and others to divest their stock portfolios of investments in fossil fuel corporations Continue reading


Act two  Chapter twenty one

Remaking James

-’Dangerous Anarchist Subversives.. High Value Priority’-

James paused, white-faced and sweaty, pinched his long nose and glanced casually behind him. Then he hurried on, a tall figure in black, with brown sunglasses and a plastic bag.

He’d taken a taxi to the city edge of the Ragwort area, had come in a side lane to avoid any cameras.

A narrow street of boarded shops and gaily whitewashed squats. What a mistake to say he’d wear black! No one wore black, not on the hottest day in history, and he stood out a mile, the old men were pottering about in their swimming togs.

James glanced back again. -‘Relax you idiot.’- This was after all a no-go area for police. Continue reading

6th Dec. last Update..  unfortunately we were right. Cateel was devastated with at least 28 dead, hopefully the report/warning below, which came out 1 day before and was read by over 3000 people on the net, helped some people escape to safety.

”Davao Oriental Governor Corazon Malanyaon said initial reports indicated that in one town, Cateel, 95% of the buildings had been damaged. Twenty-three people had drowned or were buried under fallen trees or buildings there, she said…..” the massacre toll has risen to at least 500 with more than 400 others reported missing and about quarter of a million people made homeless.At least three cities on Mindanao’s east coast remain cut off after bridges collapsed and roads were swept away by floodwater.The sheer numbers of refugees have overwhelmed the Philippine disaster agencies prompting  government to call for international aid to help cope with the mega disaster.The death toll is expected to continue rising.

more here  Climate Chaos caused Bopha/Pablo. Oil Companies to be Sued ??


lastr22.48 GMT 3rd Dec. Bopha/Pablo now a highest possibl¡e Class 5 with winds to 287kph (Wundergound Weather)

Issued: 7:00 AM PhT (23:00 GMT) Monday 03 Dec 2012
Next Update: 1:00 PM PhT (05:00 GMT) Monday 03 Dec 2012

Important Note: Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) is almost three times the strength of Tropical Storm Washi (Sendong) which crossed North-Central Mindanao on December 16, 2011. Please take all precautionary measures on this dangerous cyclone. Refer to your national disaster agencies for more details. Continue reading

No Dash For Gas ends the UK’s longest power station occupation

By Martin Wainwright    The last of 17 climate change campaigners perched on a power station tower for a week have abseiled down to be arrested, ending the longest occupation of a plant in the UK.

The group called it a day after using their 300ft-high platform for a range of stunts to encourage debate on carbon emissions and what they called the government’s “dash for gas”. These included solar panels, a portable toilet and a kite flown to rig up a rope walkway between two cooling towers, and mock last week’s coalition row over windfarms. Continue reading

Exxon Climate Criminals may already have knowingly caused runaway Climate Change, which could lead to the extinction of millions of species, including YOU and ME.

ExxonMobil Executive Gunned Down in Belgium

A British oil executive gunned down in the Belgian capital of Brussels. Helmeted assailants escaping on a motorcycle. No arrests. A driver of a white van who has not been found. A court order for police not to reveal the details.

ExxonMobil said in a statement: “We were shocked by the tragic death of Nick Mockford, one of our employees, a fortnight ago in Brussels. Mr Mockford was a department manager at our office close to Brussels but we have no indication that the incident was work-related.” Continue reading

For the last 10 years all efforts at a world agreement on Climate Change have been blocked

Already at +1.4C Climate Chaos is rampant. Now at the behest of its Corporate sponsors the US has abandoned the goal to limit the increase to +2.0C.

by the insane greed of the USA in putting the profits of its criminal Corporations  before the urgent need to save the habitat of all life on Earth.

One of the few results of dozens of failed conferences is the commitment to in future try and limit to +2.0C average temperature increase, though many scientists estimate that even that will cause Runaway Climate Chaos.

Now the head of the US delegation, Todd Stern, has abandoned even that basic principle because..”insisting on a structure that would guarantee such a +2.0C degree goal will only lead to deadlock”. This is nonsense, the deadlock already exists and is caused by him obeying his money masters.

Stern in the past has denied US blocking of Climate talks, despite all the evidence of systematic sabotage, falsifying and blocking scientific reports, trashing and smearing scientists, financing of multiple far right Climate-Denier think tanks and blogs, as well as the obvious votes against any progressive measures. In the medium term this policy  of  the US climate criminals will be seen as responsible for many millions of deaths and a probably irreversible global catastrophe.

Todd Stern does distance himself from the deniers who he says are living in ”wonderland”, while himself toeing the line of Obama and the corporations. He admits that all legislation in the US has been blocked, and then details a long list of petty measures to gain credibility.

see his speech HERE Todd Stern’s remarks at Dartmouth College

Reaction of other Climate Politicians was one of ‘shock and awe’.

Spokesmen for the EU and the Alliance of Small Island States (Aosis) said the US should stick to promises made.

“Suddenly abandoning our agreement to keep global warming below 2C is to give up the fight against climate change before it even begins,” said Tony de Brum, Minister in Assistance for the Marshall Islands.

“‘Flexibility’ on our 2C limit would set the world on a path to irreversible, runaway climate change.

“For many low-lying island states, including my own, that is not a solution – it is a death sentence,” he told BBC News.


In July, the Arctic lost a total of 2.97 million square kilometers (1.15 million square miles) of ice. Continue reading

The Climate denier bandwagon, financed by the Koch brothers and Big Oil has suffered a big defeat.

A new report, commissioned in part by the deniers themselves has confirmed shocking and

dangerous warming using different methods of measurement.

The delay of 10 to 15 years and breakdown of international control measures caused largely by the US anti Climate Change lobby will lead to many millions of deaths as the present huge increase of CO2 releases works it way through the atmosphere over the next  20 to 30 years.

..''as the USA is ravaged by Climnate Chaos it has become taboo and unpatriotic to even mention the term 'Climate Change'''

Continue reading

1000′s trapped, road rail cut,  as deadly fire rages out of  control

Lorries at La Jonquera, the main Spanish/French border crossing this evening

Chaos in the Alt Empordà. A fire virulent, with much flame and fed by very strong gusts from the north, left yesterday from La Jonquera and moved through the region at a rate unheard of, so much so that at midnight the flames were roaming “uncontrolled” in the words of the Minister for Interior, Felip Puig. Besides the acres burned, more than 13,000 at midnight, the consequences of fire in La Jonquera and other focus, small but deadly, that erupted in Portbou were fatal: 3 deaths and about twenty wounded, 2 of them seriously ; evict farms and towns; recommendation of home confinement of all the inhabitants of the Alt Empordà (about 140,000) and trapped thousands of motorists on highways and roads, cutting early in the afternoon, the AP-7 and N- 2.

Climate Chaos comes to Catalonia

What apparently began as a simple brush fire shortly after the one p.m. soon resulted in disaster. Paradoxically, not the virulent deadly fire, but a smaller loosed in the N-260, in Portbou. Cornered by flames, a man of 60 years and daughter of 15 left the car and jumped into the sea from a cliff. A French citizen was also killed in Llers a result of a heart attack.

From the control center was established in Figueres, Puig reported that more than 80 fire crews, Catalan and French, and one hundred members of Civil Protection in last night working out the fire. They also planned to join a military unit (EMU), while air assets remained on the ground because the wind prevented them from performing their work. There were fears that the fire reached the Garrotxa. At midnight, Artur Mas moved to the area.

North/South highway, rail and train links cut

According to some reports, the fire began at Fort Bellagarde, a seventeenth-century fortress located in the municipality of Le Pertús, in France. Several neighborhoods of La Jonquera were evacuated and about 150 residents took shelter on a temporary basis in the sports of the border population. Among the first evicted by the Mossos there were 74 children and 17 adults who were in the house Estanys colonies and were transferred to the military camp Sescebes Sant Climent.

The train traffic was interrupted between Girona and Portbou, like the high-speed connection between Figueres and Perpignan. As a result of fire also cut the electricity supply of 3,500 subscribers and about 1,725 ​​were affected phone lines.

The intense smoke that darkened the sky and in less than an hour could be seen from almost all the region forced to cut the AP-7 and the N-2 in both directions. The closure of these two main routes between Girona and Barcelona, ​​but also between Spain and France, led to major delays. In Girona, queues formed over 25 kilometers and the same happened in the French part due to the closure of the A9 highway D900 and, linking Perpignan to Figueres.

One of those deductions in the N-260 is most likely started the fire deadly Portbou. Many motorists, retained by the monumental traffic jam, abandoned vehicles to escape the flames.

Firefighters advised the farmers to undertake fire to hinder the passage of the front devastating. The Catalan Traffic advised motorists not to travel to Girona and recommended to go south and use the Cadi tunnel to traveling to France. This payment method your barriers up from seven in the evening.

Almost from the first hours of the fire, Civil Protection advised that neighbors remain confined Agullana, Capmany, Biure, Vilarnadal, Sant Climent and Masarac Sescebes. Later, the recommendation was extended to the whole region. “We have decreed compulsory confinement in all villages of the region,” the minister said Puig.

Tonight’s fire is one of many already devastating parts of Spain, with August yet to come. The patterns of extreme weather can be linked to worldwide climate change disasters due to excessive and rapidly increasing CO2 release.

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