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update day 7..see unique comminity rebuilding videos here:  

#CanViesNoEsToca .. Day 6, morning demo,  Re-Occupy-!  re-Build!

can-vies-re-occupied and reduilding-day-6, morning

can-vies-re-occupied and reduilding-day-6, morning

The morning demo on Day 6 was a huge success.h  After 5 nights of rioting Barcelona Council had declared the ‘demolition of Can Vies suspended’. Continue reading


Can Vies re-occupied! Rebuilding Begins! 30 May,morning.

Can Vies Rebellion Day 4 #EfectoCanVies

3rd day: Can Vies Uprising spreads like Wildfire # EfectoCanVies


LATE NEWS..3rd Day.. just counted a total of 41 separate demonstrations called this evening, mostly in Catalunya, as the Can Vies Uprising spreads like wildfire…

can vies mani

Can Vies was a local self-run Occupied Social Center, going for 17 yrs in an ex union building, with wide neighbourhood support. The Coumcil  ordered an eviction for a ‘green space’ to crush an organisation outside its idea of a sanitised, top down, rich only, capitalist paradise. They were warned many times that evicting Can Vies would be the start of urbaan warfare, with 70% youth unemployment. Yet the arrogant idiots went ahead and lit that fuse…..,

Second night of rioting, Demolition machines burnt. Neighbours support. Uprising spreads.   28 mai 2014

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Can Vies Victory !??

You can't evict 17 years of history

You can’t evict 17 years of history

Evidently the authorities dont dare to risk a community uprising in their Barcelona pot of gold. After a big local demo and a host of community resistance it was announced the eviction of the iconic Can Vies center, occupied now for 17 years, was cancelled. … or was it?? Continue reading

CONTINUES HERE: 3rd day: Can Vies Uprising spreads like Wildfire # EfectoCanVies


pdates…eviction battles

2nd day Barcelona riots for eviction/demolition of Can Vies

Eviction of Can Vies..26/05 Demo 20.00, Sants Est.

Eviction due from 1st April of historic Can Vies anarchist center

We’re having a big demonstration on Saturday 22 March at 12am at Plaza Santa , we all go out together on the streets. We love free spaces and we wont let Can Vies so easily disappear !

72ppi_tema_-okupacio-occupying.. to give Life to an Empty Space and open it to the Neighbourhood for political struggles against POWER  17 years of history.. NO to the Eviction!… If its knocked down.., The Barrio goes to War!

Lip Dub made by #Sants barrio for @SomCanVies Continue reading


OKUPAS_008.JPGThe protest against the eviction of La Carboneria collapses downtown BCN About 1,500 people take Sant Antoni against the closure of community center
The march ends with the burning of containers and ATMs   

What could have diminished the mobilization against the eviction of the squatted social center La Carboneria – was that it coincided with the day of the growing number of protests against the rising price of public transport – served this Wednesday night instead to boost a demonstration that soon became an expression of anger, with many burnt containers , smashed ATMs and police chases and charges through Ciutat Vella and Exiample .

The start of the march to protest the eviction at noon was delayed until after nine at night to wait for the hundreds of people from seven in the evening demonstrating throughout the metro . It was at that time when about 1,500 people gathered in the Plaza de la Universitat and walked down to the Sant Antoni barrio to show their rejection of the eviction, amid a huge police presence .



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Amsterdam: Joe’s Garage, Newsletter February 2014

During the last months various squats were opened and closed in Amsterdam and surroundings. Yet, the eviction procedure is becoming easier for the cops. Recently, the police came out with an old trick, the speed- eviction: despite squatting being illegal, Continue reading

Er Banco Gueno

In Spain hundreds of thousands of people have been evicted from their homes after the capitalist property speculation bubble popped and they were left paying impossible mortgages. Evictions have been running at over 500 a day!.

Under Spanish law you not only lose the house but have to go on paying literally forever.There was a spate of victims committing suicide and a new law to change all this was proposed by a peoples coalition (PAH) wth more than a million supporters (organised locally without leaders). Continue reading

desalojo can piella.The resistance has hampered the evicion of  Can Piella that has been extended over six hours

After holding out for more than 5 months since the Court Order the Can Piella ‘Land and Liberty’ occupation was evicted yesterday, on the 2nd anniversary of the start if the 15M ‘Take The Streets’ uprising. The squat had become a symbol of anarchist type collective action, permaculture, and resistance to rampant capitalist speculation, with countless mobilisations and widespread public support, even by local councils.

The eviction comes on the same day as an ”anti terrorist” raid detained 5 local anarchists see here and in the context of a 15M offensive, with demonstrations and new occupations daily. See  here,  here  here  and here (Catalan) Continue reading

Another victim of the silent genocide: Appears hanged a man in his house when he was going to be evicted2653590314_166f74d748_z
by Kaos. Human Rights
Monday, May 6,

A man has appeared hanged inside his house in Barcelona when he was going to be evicted, as reported by the Mossos d’Esquadra. To carry on in the number of silent genocide victims that state terrorism is leading to the population. Continue reading

Update: The ruling PP and controlled media are accusing the anti eviction movementg PAH of belonging to ETA terrorist mileau and subject to anti terrorist laws

with 500 evictions a day activists stop outside houses of Politicians denying a popular law to stop them

with 500 evictions a day activists stop outside houses of Politicians denying a popular law to stop them

The PAH Anti Eviction Platform in the town of Salt has occupied a whole block of new empty flats owned  by Sareb, the newly created ‘bad bank’ set up to hold ‘toxic assets’ from bankrupt creditors. The association will transfer them to families who have been left homeless. 400,000 people have been evicted in the Spanish State due to the banks crisis and evictions are running at over 500 a day. The PAH forced parliament to debate an anti eviction law with a 1 million petition, but the majority PP are against. The EU has declared Spanish law in which you have to keep paying a mortgage after being evicted to be illegal.

The squatted block is a toxic asset. It is also the only speck of life in failed blocks and empty buildings and real estate in the mountain town of Salt (Gironès County, Catalonia). The Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) on Friday took the block of  brand new unused flats to distribute them free to families evicted . An illegal action  that has received the solidarity of neighbors and social entities. Continue reading

stop evictionsThe spokesman for the Platform of People Affected by the Mortgage, Chema Ruiz, criticized Spain’s economic model that defends banks and leaves people with a huge debt, that of being unable to pay their home mortgages.

This situation has meant that there are six million empty houses in Spain while 400,000 families have no place to return at the end of the day.

Ruiz reiterated the need for efforts to ensure that housing is a right rather than a commodity, and that called people to fight against evictions rather than suicide.

He also demanded a moratorium on evictions, a foreclosed law retroactively applied and also toi form a public park in social rented housing.

Evictions have become a social tragedy in Spain and many cases led to suicides. Since the financial crisis began, more than 350,000 families have lost their homes over unpaid mortgage loans to the bank. Continue reading

107615-822-550The mass demonstration in Barcelona for the right to housing ends in front of the  ruling PP headquarters
Saturday, 16 February 2013 . “The right to housing and financial genocide against us ” has also mobilized thousands of people during this Saturday, not only Barcelona but also in more than fifty other cities such as Madrid, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Granada, Logroño, Arrecife, Palma de Mallorca, Murcia, Santander, Valencia, Valladolid, Zamora Zaragoza, Albacete, Alicante, Seville, Huelva, among others.

imagesThis is not a crisis, it’s a robbery.” Among the banners that read “Stop evictions”, “Too many thieves” or “genocide bank.”They also honored with banners the memory of the suicide victims of evictions, now running at 500 a day.. Continue reading

     Update. 15th Feb ’13. Enric Duran, the ‘anarchist Robin Hood’ is now on the run, after the Spanish State declared him an outlaw and ordered his immediate ‘Search and Capture’. Enric is charged with ‘stealing’ 492,000 euros which he borrowed from gullible banks and donated to revolutionary and social causes.
LATEST UPDATE. despite the news in this and many other papers it has emerged that the arrest warrant was never officially sent and the trial remains blocked! Great News for Enric!

Enric Duran in the Integral Coop

Enric Duran in the Integral Coop

Enric refused to attend his trial on Tuesday after all his witnesses had been banned by the judge  (even some bank managers who were to testify for him), and because the trial was brought forward by surprise.
     He had planned to use the trial to expose and reject the banks and capitalist system:   ‘While banks’ and institutions’ credibility is almost zero, hundreds of senior politicians and bankers are being impeached and almost all of them getting away with everything. While all of this happens, the attorney’s office and 14 banks request 8 years of prison for Enric Duran. Continue reading

CasalGracia2A leak thwarts the eviction of the Gracia youth squatters center
A leak has frustrated this morning eviction attempt o The Catalan police had planned the assault on the building located in Ros de Olano 39 at quarter to seven, when it was still dark in the town of Gracia (Barcelona City). The intentions of the police, however, reached the ears of the youth who for 11 years have been managing this social center.

From six in the morning a concentration of about a hundred people at the doors of the building and several containers with fences and barricades in the streets adjacent commands surprised police and politicians in the district. Undercover officers have visited the area and reported back. The intendant of Police, Richard Fernandez, accompanied by another person has control of the police Avenue Vallcarca and announced the suspension of the action during the day.  TV3 cameras have recorded the moment. Continue reading

MASS SQUATTING nowby Núria Bonet 24 01 13 (en castellano abajo)
The Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) now drives a campaign to promote “civil disobedience” and extend the relocation of poor families who are homeless in empty promotions in Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

About thirty families are living in Vallès are okupying entire blocks. There are six buildings owned by the banks, and until recently, empty. Due to the slow management response to the drama of mass mortgage  evictions, the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) now drives a campaign to promote “civil disobedience” and extend the relocation of poor families who remain homeless empty in Barcelona promotions and its metropolitan area. Continue reading


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