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digital footprint

 In the near future you may be chosen or refused for a job without an interview, test or formal qualifications, chosen by an algorithm robot after instant analysis of your ‘digital footprint’, everything you’ve ever done that leaves a trace. Equally you could get fired because the BOT dislikes your footprint.

Asking such programs to exclude anyone who has been in a union, or ever protested about anything, or ever pressed ‘LIKE’ on anything anti the 1% or whoever holds power, will be as easy as pressing a few keys Continue reading

The fourth wave of feminism seems to be A Thing now and it’s all about the technology.



The campaign for women’s liberation never went away, but this year a new swell built up and broke through. Since the early summer, I’ve been talking to feminist activists and writers for a short book, All The Rebel Women, and as I tried to keep up with the protests, marches and talks, my diary became a mess of clashing dates. Continue reading

The spokesman of Judges for Democracy published in his Facebook profile a Decalogue to end the ‘ shame ‘ that killed more than 100,000 people who remain in mass graves.PUIG ANTICH 1974

Joaquim Bosch , spokesman for the progressive Association of Judges for Democracy , wanted to explain in a simple way and through a Decalogue their stance on the situation of the families of the victims of Francoism and the “shameful ” Spanish Government action to not favor or even allow the recovery of their remains . Spain , reminded the judge , is the second country with the highest number of ‘disappeared’, behind Cambodia.

Today it’s more important than ever to remember what happened as fascism is stirred up again to protect corrupt politicians and put down protests at mass poverty.

exhumation of mass killing by spanish fascists

The “ten things you should know about the crimes of Francoism ” are, according to Joaquim Bosch on his facebook page , the following : Continue reading

Darker Net is going dark – bye, bye…

Darker Net is closing down – going dark – going off the grid entirely – though we may reincarnate – in another time, in another place and with another name, so expect us… Meanwhile, after heading south and crossing two borders we are now approaching our destination – Chiapas – where we intend to stay for a while, perhaps indefinitely. Below, are some of the ‘highlights’ of the Darker Net ‘project’, together with closing remarks re some of the ‘themes’ we covered: above, is a video whereby at long last our true political philosophy is revealed!

Darker Net Continue reading

enjoyable sex, chosen motherhood, I CHOOSE, where, how and when!!

enjoyable sex, chosen motherhood, I CHOOSE, where, how and when!!

Last Monday a feminist picket was called at the Health Ministry in Madrid to protest exclusion of single women and lesbians from health benefits, the latest neo-fascist law, as well as new restrictions on abortion rights, ,exclusion of violence victims with less than 24  hrs in hospital from statistics, closure of hospirals, etc etc. Men were invited.

Well over 500 people showed up, to a festive atmosphere, but the pòlice aggressively identified people, harrassing old people and then attacked without warning, causing many injuries. The press were attacked first, so there are few images of the violence. Continue reading

In Sabadell just to be an anarchist has led to prison for terrorism. But a nazi blogger with 100 weapons has been sent home free ‘with minor charges’ (en castellano abajo)nonazis
1. Statement by the Federation of the “Anarchist Black Cross”: Continue reading

We denounce the persecution of anarchism and demand the release of five jailed

35 days after being arrested by the Catalan police, on orders from Madrid five young  anarchists are still imprisoned still under dispersion and isolation in the prisons of  Soto del Real, Alcala Meco, Estremera and Aranjuez. The support group in Barcelona has opened a website explaining their current situation and how to show them support. (see below) Continue reading


Police retreat as protesters rally in Istanbul square


After viciously attacking peaceful protestors for 36 hours with tear gas and pepper spray to hold onto the area, Turkish police retreat as thousands of protesters pour into Istanbul’s Taksim Square….


Police have started withdrawing from a main Istanbul square to allow in tens of thousands of protesters campaigning against the potential construction of a shopping centre in a park.


State-run Private Dogan news agency said officers removed barricades after brief scuffles with demonstrators who hurled fireworks at them.


Riot police in Istanbul have fought running battles with thousands of people who turned out to protect a park in the city’s central Taksim Square.


turkish spring


Water cannon and tear gas were used as protesters tried to reach the square and the parliament building in the capital, Ankara.


It all started with a peaceful protest over plans to redevelop the Gezi Parka but it has become bigger than just an environmental protest. It is now a demonstration against the Islamist-rooted government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


First pictures, then videos of brutal police attacks on unarmed protesters in Istanbul caused the protests to spread to other cities, with riot police being deployed in Ankara overnight. Continue reading

Libertad Yolanda

Libertad 5 Anarquistas de Facebook: Concentración HOY Sevilla.

Día: Lunes 27 de Mayo.

Lugar: Plaza Nueva.

Hora: 20:00h.

Fuente: CSOA Sin Nombre

Libertad 5 Anarquistas de Facebook.Concentración HOY Sevilla.
Libertad 5 Anarquistas de Facebook.Concentración HOY Sevilla.
Libertad 5 Anarquistas de Facebook.Concentración HOY Sevilla.
presxs a la calle
Lxs compañerxs del CSOA Sin Nombre convocan para el próximo lunes 27 en Plaza Nueva a las 20:00 de la tarde una concentración de solidaridad con lxs 5 compañerxs detenidxs en Barcelona y falsamente acusadxs de integrar una organización terrorista, entre otros cargos que nacen de la manipulación informativa de los medios de comunicación y de las mentiras deliberadas y reiteradas de la policía.
Lxs compañerxs fueron, por cierto, encarceladxs en prisión preventiva en Soto del Real (Madrid) donde afrontan nada más ni nada menos que un régimen FIES de tercer grado.Todo por expresar sus opiniones en una red social y en las calles, y por movilizarse contra un sistema que depreda la vida y la sustituye por máquinas y mercancía.
contacto para ayudar: cincdebarcelona (at) riseup.net
See also:

Libertad 5 de Barcelona: ‘la droga fue un químico no ilegal’ + 22 comentarios
Libertad 5 Anarquistas de Facebook: Concentración HOY Sevilla.
5 Black Flag anarchists seized in Catalonia Police Raids + update
More stats
Bandera Negra (Black Flag) statements on anarchist Arrests
Help Femen activist Amina, ‘condemned to Death’ for protest Photo More stats
Kolectivo Bandera Negra: No bail for 5 anarchist ‘Facebook Terrorists’ More stats



el blog de Los 5 encarcelados:http://freedomforthefive.wordpress.com/

el Facebook de los 5 de barcelona: https://www.facebook.com/Los5DeBarcelona


libertad 5 barcelona

Concentración en Madrid en solidaridad con lxs 5 encarceladxs, 26 de Mayo.




  • Día: Domingo 26 de Mayo
  • Hora: 12:00
  • Lugar: Plaza de Tirso de Molina (Madrid)

Continue reading


el blog de Los 5 encarcelados:http://freedomforthefive.wordpress.com/

el Facebook de los 5 de barcelona: https://www.facebook.com/Los5DeBarcelona#los5debarcelona
Apoyamos los 5 de Barcelona!  Han habido manis o concentraciones en Tarragona, Bélgica, Francia, Sevilla …y aquí que pasa!

Porque la policía decían haber encontrado Estasis?, y algún ‘dinosaurio anarquista’ ha dicho que ‘no son anarquistas de verdad’.??

MENTIRA PODRIDO Continue reading

UPDATE:  In a blatant attack on dissent the neo-fascist Madrid government still keeps 5 young people, including a mother of 2 small kids, without bail in anti terrorist punishment cells. Their only crime.. sharing anti state images with friends in accounts already deleted by Facebook.!!

libertad 5 de FacebookUPDATE de los 5 de Barcelona

Pedimos por favor que NO MANDÉIS CARTAS a los compañeros, es peligroso para ellos y para vosotros mientras estén en FIES3.  Aprovecho para puntualizar que estamos llevando a cabo un duro trabajo, pero que lo que podemos publicar es mínimo, nuestro trabajo es desde 
apoyo a los presos, la familia y contactar con decenas de 
organizaciones. Pedimos por favor que nadie actué por su parte, haciéndolo  con
 la mejor de las intenciones puede convertir su acción en un problema 
grave para nuestros compañeros. Los que pedís como ayudar, podéis 
preparar acciones de recogida de dinero (bolos, cafetas etc...) ya que 
en breve tendremos lista la cuenta para el apoyo económico, también 
organizar concentraciones solidarias todo y que nosotros no 
organizaremos nada mientras eso no pueda ayudar a nuestros compañeros. 
 Salud y gracias por la compresión....See MoreYou, Ricardo Mauriz, Ste Blacknoise, Abel Garcia and 91 others like this.View 12 more comments
  • Los 5 de Barcelona Sentimos mucho la confusión, esto nos viene de nuevo, no tenemos experiencia con estos temas y eso nos dificulta el trabajo. Después de hablar con abogados y distintos colectivos con mas experiencia lleguemos a la conclusión de no publicar esa información como nos recomendó todo aquel que tenia experiencia en el tema, perdón por la confusión.
  • el blog de Los 5 encarcelados:http://freedomforthefive.wordpress.com/

    el Facebook de los 5 de barcelona: https://www.facebook.com/Los5DeBarcelona



If you would like to collaborate  you can contact us at :

On 15th May were arrested at their homes, in the province of Barcelona, Yolanda, Silvia, Juan, Xabier and José by order of the Spanish National Court in a police operation that resulted also in the smashing and seizure of material from Catalan anarchists premises. Continue reading

UPDATE HERE. Support Group Statement    http://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/…   Freedom for the Anarchist 5

from Facebook of Eskupe Metralla , in prison for 'promoting terrorism'

from Facebook of ‘Eskupe Metralla’ , in prison for ‘promoting terrorism’

Update from;

Freedom NOW for the Black Flag ”Facebook Terrorists”

The 5 anarchists arrested Wed 15th  have been imprisoned without bail. They appeared in Madrid court on ‘promoting terrorism’ and other charges, that is, just saying things in favour of ETA separatists on their Facebook identities pages. According to the police on Facebook they are ”Kete Follen, Pakete Bomba, Cadenas Libertarias, Eskupe Metralla and Indio Apache Barcelona”.

Police photo of ''terrorist material'' seized form Kolectivo Bandera Negra

Police photo of ”terrorist material” seized form Kolectivo Bandera Negra

Of these we only found Eskupe Metralla still up, this page seems  like 1000’s of other radical young anarchists,  supporting animal rights, prisoners, punk bands, occupy, anti-fascist action etc… Perhaps thism is another police ‘mistake’. We saw no threats to politicians  or royals in his/her 1370 great photos, some do advocate violence, but were put on her/his wall by others, so the crime would be ‘not deleting a criminal photo  from your Facebook timeline’… Eskupe has not posted since Wednesday when the arrests took place. Continue reading

montreal 447

International Workers Day rally yields unlawful assembly fines for participants

Montreal police arrested 447 people last night during a May Day demonstration in Montreal organized by a group called the Anti-Capitalist Convergence, or CLAC.

Those arrested at the demonstration that coincided with International Workers’ Day were released over the course of the night and handed a $637 fine for unlawful assembly.

The noisy, colourful rally Wednesday was almost festive when it began early on the unseasonably warm evening.

Restaurant patrons watched from outdoor terraces as drummers, musicians and chanting, flag-waving demonstrators gathered in Place Jacques-Cartier.

However, police declared the gathering illegal shortly after it started under the controversial Montreal public order bylaw P-6. The bylaw makes it illegal to participate in an assembly with a face obscured by a scarf, hood or mask, and requires protesters to disclose to police in advance the location and itinerary of their demonstration.

Police said they issued a dispersal order, and also confirmed criminal acts, which consisted mainly of wielding sticks and throwing billiard balls at officers, were performed.

“It was getting dangerous for peace and safety and the public order,” said police Sgt. Jean-Bruno Latour.

Dozens of demonstrators tried to make their way to the march’s destination, a private club known by its street number, 357c.

Witnesses at Quebec’s inquiry into corruption in the construction industry have referred to the club in testimony as a meeting place for entrepreneurs, high-level bureaucrats and politicians to discuss business.

However, the demonstrators never reached the club.

  • Montreal protest
1 of 22

Hundreds of police encircled the protesters at the intersection of de la Commune Street and St-Sulpice Street. They herded — and in some cases, physically carried— those detained into awaiting buses.

The CLAC denounced the police intervention, saying they used disproportionate force against protesters.

Latour could not say if anyone would face criminal charges.

reblogged  from  CBC


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