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The message from the IPCC report is familiar and

shattering: it’s as bad as we thought it was, says

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This is a catastrophe we are capable of foreseeing but incapable of imagining Continue reading

Climate Change Capitalism Destroys the Planet Earth23 de feb 2013 (traducción Google corregido por thefreeonline) (en inglés abajo)

Multimillonarios se esconden detrás de una red de grupos “independientes”, que manipulan la política en su favor.

Por George Monbiot

No existen conspiraciones contra el público mucho más feas que esta. El Guardian reveló la semana pasada que dos organizaciones secretas que trabajan para los multimillonarios estadounidenses han gastado $ 118 millones para asegurar que no se toman medidas para evitar el cambio climático causados ​​por el hombre (1). Mientras que inflige un sufrimiento incalculable a los pueblos del mundo, sus fundadores han utilizado estas estructuras opacas para garantizar que sus identidades nunca son expuestos. Continue reading

Super-typhoons can only form over 30C water.. Climate Change is to blame. The billionaire Climate Criminals of the Oil Companies sit back in total luxury while their victims in Caleel Bay face annihalation. ..6th Dec

Super-typhoons can only form over 30C water.. Climate Change is to blame. The billionaire Climate Criminals of the Oil Companies sit back in total luxury while their victims in Caleel Bay faced annihalation. ..6th Dec. When will lawsuits be taken against these companies on behalf of the victims?

Annus Horribilis

Dec 31,   2012 was the worst year for the environment in living memory.

By George Monbiot,

It was the year of living dangerously. In 2012 governments turned their backs on the living planet, demonstrating that no chronic problem, however grave, will take priority over an immediate concern, however trivial. I believe there has been no worse year for the natural world in the past half century.

Three weeks before the minimum occurred, the melting of the Arctic’s sea ice broke the previous record(1). Iconic remnants of the global megafauna – such as rhinos and bluefin tuna – were shoved violently towards extinction(2). Novel tree diseases raged across continents(3). Bird and insect numbers continued to plummet, coral reefs retreated, marine life dwindled. And those charged with protecting us and the world in which we live pretended that none of it was happening…. Continue reading

confront fossil fuels(extract from George Monbiot’s article with References and Comments)

”Preventing climate breakdown – the four, five or six degrees of warming now predicted for this century by green extremists like, er, the World Bank, the International Energy Agency and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (1 , 2 , 3 ,  ) – means confronting the oil, gas and coal industry.”

The only realistic way to do this is by making further development unprofitable. Global Warming Point of No ReturnThis seems impossible, even if extraction were to be limited by a world agreement, scarcity would drive prices up and make evasion eminently profitable, to companies who are anyway more powerful than many nation states.

One step forward is the movement in the US for Disvestment by Companies, Universities and Local Administrations, as it becomes ever clearer that the future of the planet really is being destroyed. (See article HERE Campaign to de-Invest from Fossil Fuel Climate Criminals ) Continue reading

note. posts on ‘NH3 the CO2-Free fuel’ now have their own blog HERE.. http://co2freefuelexistsnow.wordpress.com/


Fracking for gas is declinng in the US, not because of permamently poisoning the groundwater, they couldnt give a shit, but because the gas price has fallen through the floor.

Fracking for oil is the new craze, and over 20,000 wells have already  been drilled.

The reserves of this ‘tight oil‘ are gigantic, peak oil theory has been proved wrong for now, as the US is set to raise its production to 8 million barrels a day  in 2 years(but they consume 19m barrels a day).

Far from declining there’s enough oil available to skyroclet CO2

levela and fry us all, leaving the planet as sterile as Venus.

” We were wrong about peak oil: there’s enough in the ground to deep-fry the planet.”

See George Monbiot‘s  article here http://www.monbiot.com/2012/07/02/false-summit/

Continue reading


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