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Crazy or what?

Monday’s 4.4 quake was a timely warning. It’s typical that the USA permits fracking waste injection wells, known to trigger earthquakes, all over an area of dangerous fault lines. Anything goes, as always in the sacred cause of making a fast buck. Of course prospecting and extracting new fossil fuel resources is ecocidal and ultimately suicidal for the human race, since we need to leave most of the already discovered fossil fuels in the ground, just to avoid a total catastrophe. Instead billions of public cash in tax breaks are handed out to these same mega criminals. Now hopefully fracking will be banned, at least in the city of LA.

Frack Quakes

the below articles were written just before the 17th March quake,, now they can say ‘I told you so!!

Will frackers cause California’s next big earthquake? Continue reading

For The Eco Social Crisis

Fracking Capitalism

Fracking is coming to a neighbourhood near you soon. From Brent to Balcombe, to Patagonia and Pungesti, the frackers are moving in. Communities are resisting but they are up against an alliance of the state and big corporations.

Drawing on authoritative sources, this concise, up-to-date and information-packed handbook analyses the dangers of fracking. There are a range of proposals to tackle the eco-social crisis facing us all.

You can peep inside Fracking Capitalism

                                                                                           and buy a copy for just £3

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CO2-free fuel b99% of scientists agree, to avoid Climate Catastrophe two thirds of known coal/oil/gas will have to


Yet there is a mad worldwide rush to find and exploit new resources

We are forced to accept fracking, not to mention more and more cars, new coal mines,

power stations and oil fields coming on line. Continue reading


(traducido con ayuda  google del inglés aquí) Cuando el señor Craig Steinke, director general y accionista principal de R2 Energy, llegó a Castellón para convencer a los alcaldes locales y la prensa de los beneficios de la extracción de petróleo y Fracking les dijo una sarta de mentiras. 41 alcaldes de las localidades afectadas por la aplicación de Fracking se reunieron en el Palacio Municipal, con la prensa, la televisión y una concentración de la Plataforma Contra el Fracking en el exterior. Abajo refutamos esas mentiras una por una, e ilustramos el escándalo criminal de la fractura hidráulico. (Ver referencia 1 Craig Steinke.)

Esta fue la gran oportunidad de Craig para conseguir un permiso de perforación , para impulsar sus acciones y hacer otra fortuna. Él ya había ganado $ 20 millones (approx) de la fusión de su compañía anterior, Realm Energy con el  San León, de la que también es director general, después de conseguir 10 permisos para frackear en el norte de España y así multiplicar los precios de las acciones, (era dueño de más del 30% de Realm). (ver Ref. 2 Realm Energy). Continue reading

hyper-toxic fracking waste water 2    When Mister Craig Steinke, CEO and chief shareholder of R2 Energy, came to Castellón to convince the local Mayors and press of the benefits of Fracking and oil extraction he told them a pack of lies. 41 mayors of local towns affected by the Fracking Application gathered in the ‘Municipal Palace, with press, TV, and a picket from the Anti Fracking Platform outside. Here we refute those lies one by one, and illustrate the criminal scandal of Fracking. (see Reference 1 Craig Steinke. below)

This was Craig’s big chance to get a drilling permit, to boost his shares and make another fortune. He already got appox. $20 million  from merging his previous company, Realm Energy into San Leon, of which he’s also CEO, after getting 10 Frack Permits in Northern Spain and multiplying share prices, (he owned over 30% of Realm himself). (See Ref.2.)

And Craigy is a wonderful liar. All he had to do was convince these gullible natives, which should be easy enough. Continue reading

confront fossil fuels(extract from George Monbiot’s article with References and Comments)

”Preventing climate breakdown – the four, five or six degrees of warming now predicted for this century by green extremists like, er, the World Bank, the International Energy Agency and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (1 , 2 , 3 ,  ) – means confronting the oil, gas and coal industry.”

The only realistic way to do this is by making further development unprofitable. Global Warming Point of No ReturnThis seems impossible, even if extraction were to be limited by a world agreement, scarcity would drive prices up and make evasion eminently profitable, to companies who are anyway more powerful than many nation states.

One step forward is the movement in the US for Disvestment by Companies, Universities and Local Administrations, as it becomes ever clearer that the future of the planet really is being destroyed. (See article HERE Campaign to de-Invest from Fossil Fuel Climate Criminals ) Continue reading

Residents Blockade Injection Well One Week After 1,000 Gallon Fracking Waste Spill Meanwhile Well-blowout Kills 1 in Bolivar.

Vienna, OH – Concerned residents blocked access to an injection well in Trumbull County this morning, protesting the failure of Ohio regulators to adequately test and monitor dumping of toxic fracking waste.  One supporter locked himself to the gate to prevent all trucks carrying fracking waste from entering the site.  Two activists were detained by police, and the supporter locked to the gate was eventually and safely removed by authorities and placed under arrest. The supporter and detained activists were all released by police without bail a few hours later…………..

……A 2011 New York Times report revealed a widespread, massive presence of radioactive materials in fracking wastewater, including levels over 1,000 times federal drinking water standards.  A recent independently tested sample of frack waste from Athens County revealed elevated levels of barium, arsenic, toluene, alpha particles, and diesel particles nearly 300,000 times the federal standard for drinking water. State Representative Bob Hagan contacted ODNR with a copy of these results  on June 27 and requested that ODNR begin testing frack waste, citing his “serious concern that the safety and health of Ohio citizens is in jeopardy from the chemical contents of fracking waste-water.”  As of July 16, he has received no reply.

This blockade comes just weeks after Madeline Fitch of Athens County chained herself to two barrels, blocking access to an injection well in her community.  A statewide call-in day to demand that ODNR initiate a statewide brine-testing program is scheduled for Tuesday.

“How can the ODNR possibly allow fracking companies to dump untold volumes of fracking waste in our communities if they won’t even test it? How can they reassure us that a 1,000 gallon spill of waste is safe if they don’t even know what was in the fluid that was spilled?” asks Reverend Monica Beasley-Martin, who led fellow Trumbull County residents in prayer at the site.  “We have been asking too long, and we have had enough. We need safe water, and clean air.  Ohio is not a sacrifice zone, and Ohio is not a dumping ground. ODNR: test the fracking waste now!”

Read all HERE   http://itsgettinghotinhere.org/2012/07/

FRACKING FOR OIL  http://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/fracking-for-oil-huge-toxic-boom-in-us/

note. posts on ‘NH3 the CO2-Free fuel’ now have their own blog HERE.. http://co2freefuelexistsnow.wordpress.com/


Fracking for gas is declinng in the US, not because of permamently poisoning the groundwater, they couldnt give a shit, but because the gas price has fallen through the floor.

Fracking for oil is the new craze, and over 20,000 wells have already  been drilled.

The reserves of this ‘tight oil‘ are gigantic, peak oil theory has been proved wrong for now, as the US is set to raise its production to 8 million barrels a day  in 2 years(but they consume 19m barrels a day).

Far from declining there’s enough oil available to skyroclet CO2

levela and fry us all, leaving the planet as sterile as Venus.

” We were wrong about peak oil: there’s enough in the ground to deep-fry the planet.”

See George Monbiot‘s  article here http://www.monbiot.com/2012/07/02/false-summit/

Continue reading

Published: May 8th 2012 – at 2:36 pm

BBC changes fracking story to help ‘deniers’

”this is typical BBC double think. Their mask of fairness slips every time they support the criminal British State”
by Tim Fenton     No matter how cautiously the words are phrased, and in spite of a range of caveats, when a former minister mentions the subject of shale gas live on the BBC, the hacks’ antennae twitch to attention and those words are instantly spun.

And the Beeb’s own report hasn’t helped matters, as it has relayed the sentiments of Chris Smith, who is now head of the Environment Agency.

Smith, recently elevated to the Peerage, has given cautious support to the extraction of gas from shale, but is by no means cheerleading: Continue reading

note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE.. http://co2freefuelexistsnow.wordpress.com/


“It is deeply disconcerting that the oil industry not only has a swarm of lobbyists here in Washington, as well as in all the state legislatures where decisions about drilling are made, they’ve also got

‘truth’ is one more designer product

multimillion dollar advertising campaigns and think tanks”

Meanwhile a horde of ultra right wing bloggers, half of them fascists, religious fanatics or  ‘Bots for the Kochs’, have infested the internet, so you can’t believe anything there either.

For the similar reasons the US is the only country in the world where most people REFUSE TO BELIEVE in Climate Change that has been proven millions of times.

Anything but corporate profit is false by definition. Scientific proof is routinely trashed.

While FRACKING is being banned on health grounds in European countries “The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is issuing a permit every two to 30 minutes, without having any idea what this could mean for the community or the environment,” Lo Basso stressed.

“The DEP’s own website has recorded 11 violations by gas companies each day, yet there is no regulation of the process.” According to FWW, 15 million people rely on the Delaware River Basin for their fresh drinking water. Continue reading


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