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capitalism is obsolete

Enric Duran didnt show up at his trial in which they asked eight years in prison for borrowing half a million euros and donating it to sustainable social causes. He’s now an outlaw on the run, but remains free.(24/03/13)

sign a petition against his imminent arrest HERE: oiga.me/..-enric-duran Continue reading

cluster bomb victim

cluster bomb victim

CAMPAÑA BANCA LIMPIA. Somos clientes, no cómplices

Hola, ahora vas a descubrir
que hacen los bancos con tu dinero

¿Cuál es tu banco?






Banca March gestiona hasta 180.000 € en empresas fabricantes de armas.

Banco Madrid gestiona hasta 60.000 € en empresas fabricantes de armas. Continue reading

King Joan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hiunting elephants, may soon be sacked as King for blatant family Corruption

King Juan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hunting elephants, may soon be sacked as King for blatant family Corruption

Pressure is mounting as various protest groups and political parties add to the calls for the abdication of the Spanish King, and the creation of a Republic with a new Constitution.

The latest scandal is that Urdangarin, son in law and protegée of the King and now on trial for massive corruption, also plundered a foundation for disabled children.

Urdangarin and Torres totally looted the foundation for disabled children they  had been put in charge of by Royal patronage.
Only 9,800 of more than 620,000 euros in donations earmarked for social purposes were received by public and businesses, the rest was pocketed by the Duke and his partners. Continue reading

A woman loses sight in one eye after brutal police charges in Barcelona
A 42 year old woman lost part of her left eye because, supposedly, of the impact of a rubber bullet shot by the Catalan police during yesterday’s demonstration in Barcelona during the general strike.
This has assured the people that attended when injured on the corner of the Plaza de Catalunya and Paseo de Gracia.
This was confirmed by sources of the Hospital de Sant Pau, where the woman was admitted at 21.18 hours on day 14.

The general strike of 14-N resulted in the arrest of 155 people in various incidents throughout the day, in which there were also 77 wounded, as reported by the Ministry of Interior. Of these, 43 were members of the Security Forces of the State, according to sources.

Only in Madrid throughout the day there were 60 arrests , of which 21 were in the night riots around the Plaza de Neptuno, in the protest called by the Coordinator 25S, police said. Continue reading

#caixarolada i #claxonada cada dia a #occupymordor

in English below

Què: #caixarolada i #claxonada
Quan:Cada dia de 17h a 20h #caixarolada i #claxonada
20h : Assemblea   On: Torres de Mordor (Metro Maria Cristina)
Acta d’Assemblea 2012.05.17 a OccupyMordor
L’Equip de dinamització suggereix la metodologia a seguir:
  • Recull de les propostes per consensuar i executar-les si es consensuen….etc
  • Continue reading

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