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by Global Uprisings on April 21, 2014


The latest short documentary in the Global Uprisings series explores ongoing resistance and self-organization in the midst of the crisis in Spain.

As social conditions continue to deteriorate across Spain, people have been turning to the streets and to each other to find solutions to the crisis. This film tells the story of the massive mobilization that saw millions of people converge on Madrid on March 22, 2014; the story of the proliferation of social centers, community gardens, self-organized food banks; and the story of large-scale housing occupations by and for families that have been evicted. The film pieces together many of the creative ways that people have been coping with crisis and asks what the future may hold for Spain.

Filmed and edited in March/April 2014, it is part of the Global Uprisings documentary series. View more at globaluprisings.org.

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Anonymous Press supports the Marches for Dignity,  called for the 22 March         by Kaos .

At least 7 mass marches from around Spain will start 10 days earlier and converge on Madrid on 22 March. The idea began from the radical SAT agricultural union in Andalusia.

Anonymous is Friendly?

Anonymous has published a video showing his support for the initiative and calls on people to mobilize to “end the government in power at the service of big capital , which are destroying all our rights …22M

   Anonynous communique ( In Spanish)

Large state media are deliberately ignoring the dignity marches set for next March 22 , which seek to destroy the governments of the troika with protests from dozens of points of the Spanish geography to Madrid to gather millions of people in the capital to say “enough .”

The initiative , which started as an idea of the Andalusian Workers Union , has already gathered hundreds of political, trade union and social organizations around the country who come together to make 22M a historic day for the people of this country.1526129_755979091096354_680837289_nOn this occasion, it was Anonymous that released a video showing  support for the initiative and calling on people to mobilize to “end the government in power at the service of big capital , which are killing all our rights. We are millions and we are not willing to let them annihilate us . “

English: A member of Anonymous at the Occupy W...
English: A member of Anonymous at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Comunicado de Anonymous en apoyo de las marchas por la dignidad del 22M Destacado

por Kaos. Indignación Globalizadate reducir tamaño fuente aumentar tamaño fuente

Anonymous ha hecho público un vídeo en el que muestra su apoyo a la iniciativa, y pide a la gente que se movilice para “acabar con los gobiernos de turno, al servicio del gran capital, que están acabando con todos nuestros derechos…

Los grandes medios de comunicación estatales están obviando premeditadamente las marchas por la dignidad del próximo 22 de Marzo, que pretenden acabar con los gobiernos de la troika con movilizaciones desde decenas de puntos de la geografía española hasta Madrid para congregar a millones de personas en la capital que digan “basta ya”.1538894_219219718267039_548410136_n

La iniciativa, que partió como idea del Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores, ha congregado ya a cientos de organizaciones políticas, sindicales y sociales de todo el país que aúnan esfuerzos para hacer del 22M una fecha histórica para los pueblos de este país.

Anonymous shares the love with each other

Anonymous shares love with each other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

En esta ocasión, ha sido Anonymous la organización que ha hecho público un vídeo en

el que muestra su apoyo a la iniciativa, y pide a la gente que se movilice para “acabar con los gobiernos de turno, al servicio del gran capital, que están acabando con todos nuestros derechos. Somos millones y no estamos dispuestos a que nos aniquilen”.

http://www.larepublica.es/2014/01/comunicado-de-anonymous-en-apoyo-de-las-marchas-por-la-dignidad-del-22m/22m 2

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December 14, 2013
Source: RT
no pasaran rodea congreso 14dTHEY SHALL NOT PASS.. Coordination 25S..Fascism wants to GAG the People.. Madrid will be the TOMB of Fascism!!

At least 18 people have been hurt in clashes outside the Spanish Parliament in Madrid, as hundreds of protesters gathered on Saturday to demonstrate against newly proposed anti-protest legislation.

The demonstrators held signs that said ‘Freedom to protest’ and ‘People’s Party, shame of Spain!’ while police and barricades prevented them from getting any closer to the parliament building. Continue reading

Roundup of Spanish news items on 2nd Oct. Headlines and summary translated . All Items from Kaos, open news service,  with thanks

Old-Age Activist Groups (‘Iaioflautas’) occupy SOCIAL SECURITY headquarters in Barcelona to protest pension cuts

(Crónica y fotos) Iaioflautas ocupan la sede de la SEGURIDAD SOCIAL en Barcelona en protesta por las pensiones

por Iaioflautas Terrassa Continue reading

Occupy theorists launch militant research handbook

by ROAR Collective on September 12, 2013


A collaborative project seeks to redefine the place where activism and academia meet by promoting militant research in, about and with the movements.

The Militant Research Handbook


New York University, 2013
FULL VERSION  http://www.visualculturenow.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/MRH_Web.pdf Continue reading

Catalans will try to form a human chain, holding hands along the entire 400 km seashore of Catalonia in the Spanish State. The demonstration is called by a non governmental organization the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) with the theme “Catalan way to independence” on Wed. September 11, the Catalan national day. The event aims to both challenge Madrid and make the Catalans’ voice heard in the world.    ... continued below CGT article

Bumper stickers in Barcelona celebrate the Catalan Donkey instead of the Spanish Bull

Bumper stickers in Barcelona celebrate the Catalan Donkey instead of the Spanish Bull

Right to decide : For the determination and self-management

Permanent Secretariat of the CGT Catalonia for September 11 , 2013.

en català sota

All people were born to be free . Given that all people live in society , the desire for individual freedom also becomes a right to collective freedom . Hence the whole community recognized as such, as a group , as a people , as a nation , and of course , as a class , have the inalienable right to decide their future. As expected this September 11th the people of Catalonia will again take the streets to demand something that is obvious and logical : the right to be free to decide as a people on all aspects of our future . Continue reading

thanks, thanks to all the comrades.The struggle continues!

Diana Lamb

They succeeded in blocking the evacuation of the family who’ve lived there for generations. Hundreds gathered in solidarity to ocupy the street, roof, garage and indoors, staying there 24 hrs a day for 2 weeks until the Eviction order finally ran out. Solidarity CAN win, and the anti eviction movement is fast expanding.

One more sleepless night on the roof of Ofelia Nieto street number 29,
A few hours more and we will stop the eviction. So that this process that started 15 days ago has a fair result. But anyway, beyond what happens, incredible solidarity is a victory, and the struggle of Ofelia Nieto 29 is a benchmark for what’s to come. Continue reading

We reprint from Indymedia 2 inspiring letters from Barcelona 5 prisoners, with rough English translationsMani5anarquistes
We need the voices of our fellow prisoners, we’re lacking their wordsby ‘La desmemoria de los dados’  15th july 2013
Right now I’m in a prison, what they call a penal jail, punishment pure and simple, not for nothing do they call it a a security prison … it’s a concrete pit. Continue reading

reblogged from Raging Bullshit with thanks

691_2902Attitudes Harden in Spain as Catalonian Referendum Looms (someday,maybe..)

“I hate Catalonia and I can’t stand the Catalans.” These blunt words rolled off the sharp tongue of an habitually sweet-tempered 15-year old Spanish girl called Aina. Aina is from Spain’s north-eastern province of Aragon and she is among a score of Spanish teenagers attending a two-week summer language course I’m helping to organize in the UK. Continue reading

this image was a favourite on the Facebook of one of the accused

This image was a favourite on the Facebook of one of the accused

by A Las barricades (‘to the barricades’) en  català abaix
Imagine two and a half months in isolation in a prison … Solidarity with the Barcelona 5!

It has been over two months since the arrests and the media are NOT talking about these young people.
They dont remind us that they are still imprisoned without trial. They dont inform us that they could remain a long time in this situation.
Imagine two and a half months in isolation in a prison …
Solidarity with the Barcelona 5! Continue reading

enjoyable sex, chosen motherhood, I CHOOSE, where, how and when!!

enjoyable sex, chosen motherhood, I CHOOSE, where, how and when!!

Last Monday a feminist picket was called at the Health Ministry in Madrid to protest exclusion of single women and lesbians from health benefits, the latest neo-fascist law, as well as new restrictions on abortion rights, ,exclusion of violence victims with less than 24  hrs in hospital from statistics, closure of hospirals, etc etc. Men were invited.

Well over 500 people showed up, to a festive atmosphere, but the pòlice aggressively identified people, harrassing old people and then attacked without warning, causing many injuries. The press were attacked first, so there are few images of the violence. Continue reading

In Sabadell just to be an anarchist has led to prison for terrorism. But a nazi blogger with 100 weapons has been sent home free ‘with minor charges’ (en castellano abajo)nonazis
1. Statement by the Federation of the “Anarchist Black Cross”: Continue reading

no health cutsby Kaos.

The ‘Troika’ are demanding ever more cuts in Spain, due to the collapse of the corrupt banks which are being ‘rescue’ by endless billions pf piblic money and loans
Amnesty International (AI) criticizes the health reforms have left 873,000 immigrants without health card in Spain “preventing or hindering” their access to health care, and “sometimes even putting their lives at risk.” The local rabid right have seized the moment to sell of the Madrid health sustem to their corrupt friends.

Amnesty death risk warning for immigrants without medical coverage
Non health care for illegal immigrants is a “regressive and discriminatory” measure that is “prohibited by law and international human rights standards.”
Furthermore, this “health maze” could cause a chilling effect on some people who would choose not to attend health centers.
Amnesty International makes a number of recommendations to the Ministry of Health to prevent the occurrence of new cases like the Senegalese citizen. Among them, requesting that they “restore the universality of health rights, write a report assessing the impact of the Royal Decree that cut immigrants rights and that th government stop making speeches that stigmatize immigrants.”
These requests are made to be extended to the regions, requiring to inform medical personnel and “eliminate administrative irregularities that could lead to further exclusion of healthcare.”

6 MAIN MADRID HOSPITALS HANDED OVER TO PRIVATE FIRMSDespite the huge radical campaign and total popular opposiution the neo-fascist PP govt. todayhanded over the 6 Madrid hospitals to the companies: Hima-San Pablo, Bupa Sanitas and Ribera Salud.
The six hospitals built with public money, will therefore privately run from September.

Las reformas sanitarias han dejado sin tarjeta a

873.000 inmigrantes

por Kaos.

Las reformas sanitarias han dejado sin tarjeta a 873.000 inmigrantes

Amnistía Internacional (AI) critica que las reformas en materia de sanidad han dejado a 873.000 inmigrantes sin tarjeta sanitaria en España “impidiendo o dificultando” su acceso al sistema sanitario, e “incluso poniendo en ocasiones su vida en riesgo”.


En una rueda de prensa, celebrada ayer jueves en Palma, el director de AI España, Esteban Beltrán, ha considerado esta medida “regresiva” y “discriminatoria” y ha pedido que se modifique el Real Decreto-Ley aprobado el uno de septiembre del año pasado, en el que, según AI, se “limita” el derecho a la salud de las personas inmigrantes, que tienen que pagar para recibir asistencia sanitaria, incluida la primaria.

La organización advierte de que la crisis económica no debería ser una excusa para recortar hasta el punto de “menoscabar la disponibilidad, accesibilidad y calidad de los servicios de atención sanitaria”. Por eso, Beltrán ha pedido un informe real sobre el “ahorro” que se habría conseguido hasta ahora.

No obstante, el problema básico, según Beltrán, es que la Constitución Española no recoge los derechos a la sanidad y a la vivienda como derechos fundamentales, de tal manera que son más susceptibles de ser modificados. Así, afirma que muchas personas quedan desprotegidas ante la ley y opina que deberían convertirse en derechos fundamentales.


Para denunciar la incidencia de estas medidas, que AI considera una violación a los derechos humanos, en Baleares, la organización ha elaborado un informe llamado “El laberinto de la exclusión sanitaria. Vulneraciones del derecho a la salud en las Islas Baleares”, que ha sido presentado en rueda de prensa esta mañana.

En ella, el autor del informe, Ignacio Jovtis, ha manifestado que sólo en el archipiélago, se han retirado 20.000 tarjetas sanitarias, alrededor del 2% de la población balear.

Jovtis también ha asegurado haber documentado casos de inmigrantes que, por “desinformación”, no han recibido un servicio al que por norma sí que tienen derecho, a parte de todos aquellos casos “invisibles” de personas sin papeles que renuncian a acudir al médico por miedo a que “les pillen” o porque no tienen cómo pagar el servicio y que no llegan a AI.

Por todo ello, el autor del informe ha pedido que la Consejería tome medidas y que se informe con exactitud al personal sanitario para que se eliminen las “irregularidades” que pueden “crear más exclusión”.

Más información:

Amnistía alerta del riesgo de muerte para los inmigrantes sin asistencia médica

articulo completo aquí: http://kaosenlared.net/component/k2/item/62271-las-reformas-sanitarias-han-dejado-sin-tarjeta-a-873000-inmigrantes.html



We denounce the persecution of anarchism and demand the release of five jailed

35 days after being arrested by the Catalan police, on orders from Madrid five young  anarchists are still imprisoned still under dispersion and isolation in the prisons of  Soto del Real, Alcala Meco, Estremera and Aranjuez. The support group in Barcelona has opened a website explaining their current situation and how to show them support. (see below) Continue reading


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