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Armed State Uniforms Wage Open War On Brazil’s Poor: Largest Favela Occupied, 2 Kids Killed, 37 Arrested En Mass

 Americas, Brazil


Two kids, 13 and 16 of age, were killed when special troops of Military Police in Brazil (BOPE), ahead of the Army, invaded the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro on  tanks and helicopters, at 5:30, on March 30th.

37 kids were arrested en mass and held at gun point, when they protested the killing of their friends, throwing rocks at tanks and the armed police. It’s a new escalation of military violence against civilian population in Brazil.

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150 recently evicted familiesASAMBLEA MST have occupied  land owned by the mayor of Sao José (Florianopolis), Djalma Berger, who is accused of rampant corruption. The new neighbourhood has survived all attacks so far due to strong community help.

A new neighbourhood called ‘Ocupaçäo Contestado’ has been born in San Jose! Plank by plank, canvas by canvas, recently evicted community residents in José Nitro are building their homes and their history in a space that bears the name of ‘Ocupaçäo Contestado’. Continue reading


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