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Life Without Money  post 3

Integral Coop a

Money-Free Novels, continued

Imagine your life without money. Most people can’t really do it, because immediately you run into impossible situations.. How would you pay? Why would anyone offer free goods? etc.

Yet most of human history has been without money, in many countries now the system barely functions, and capitalism only ‘works’ by using up and destroying Earth at an ever faster rate.

Though it seems impossible to transition to a Money-Free world, it’s a good idea to imagine it now before our money system collapses. One way to envisage such a transition is in a story or film. We have a plethora of ‘end of the world’ movies but hardly any set in society being transformed in a positive way.

One novel where this does happen is The Free, it’s an adventure story but in the background we learn that Climate Chaos is destroying the world economy, and local Cooperatives are increasingly providing food and social services, as the bankrupt State nears collapse.

In this current web novel ‘The Free’ we see how the Money System is gradually abolished, in the context of collapsing Capitalism, climate emergency, and a vibrant anarcha-feminist Social Revolution. It’s a free download here. http://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/testing-downloads/

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Anonymous Global Million Mask March. LIVE Updates

Anonymous #MillionMaskMarch in Turkey. Via @RedHack_BaRikat

Anonymous #MillionMaskMarch in Australia.
Via @RedHack_BaRikat

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The Beatification Ceremony comes at a historic moment. For the first time an Interpol warrant has been issued for 2 notorious fascist criminals of the Franco regime, and the United Nations has called for an investigation into the thousands of ‘disappearances’ under ther dictatorship.

Murdered priests used for propaganda as victims still ignored

When right wing sections of the Spanish military tried to take power from the Republican Government the Catholic Hierarchy came out in their favour even signing a public Pastoral Declaration supporting them which may have swung the war in their favour. 


The support of the all powerful Church helped turn a failed army mutiny into a Crusade against the popular desire for abolishing oppression, portrayed as the evils of anarchism and communism. This resulted in a giant horror, with over 500,000 deaths on all sides and 40 years of fascist/catholic dictatorship, plus the execution of 100,000 republican prisoners, the robbery of 200,000 babies, etc, etc Continue reading

Er Banco Gueno

In Spain hundreds of thousands of people have been evicted from their homes after the capitalist property speculation bubble popped and they were left paying impossible mortgages. Evictions have been running at over 500 a day!.

Under Spanish law you not only lose the house but have to go on paying literally forever.There was a spate of victims committing suicide and a new law to change all this was proposed by a peoples coalition (PAH) wth more than a million supporters (organised locally without leaders). Continue reading


Act Five    Chapter fifty

sunswtFree As A Bird

All my nerves were screaming -’You can’t fly.

Maxie narrating

It took me a few minutes, I mean, I was deep down in the depths of the deepest depression.

            I couldn’t quite snap back into normal life. I just held onto Macker and cried and closed my eyes. Continue reading


Act Five  Chapter forty nine

Bye bye Maxie Moon


-’Flocks of dunlin and starlings, wheeling as one soul’-

Maxie narrating

            When the tide is high, which looks like nearly always here, flocks of wader birds arrive in circling swarms. Criminal immigrants, like me, in the waterlogged parks. Illegally colonizing the earth, between the sandbanked middle class suburb, the decrepit blocks of flats, and the ex industrial estate.


            Flocks of dunlin and starlings, wheeling as one soul.

            Flights of curlew with their wonky beaks.

            Leaning out the gaping window, I listen long for their lonely whistles.

            I’ve been waiting in this ninth floor flat for five hours.

            Being a terrorist is no fun. Continue reading

foto S..Rpdriguez., gracias.

foto S..Rpdriguez., gracias.

On May 15th 2011, millions of people started a process of social change, giving a clear and unmistakable signal that we are not merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers, we have been publicly and massively expressing that the representative democracy is dying. The political class have not understood the message. Despite the growing protests and the outcry of upset people, these ruling classes are using this crisis to plunder the common wealth, risking the lives of people.12m15m Continue reading


  Act Five 

Chapter forty four


The Ultimatum

-’Have you ever heard of Shari Paba?’-


        -’Hey, hey Tessa, leave my friend in peace.’- said Duna. -’You found us finally now just forget it.’-

        -’Your friend! This useless pile of pus and pigshit!’- She was pointing at the disheveled Damo. -’How could you choose this for your friend!?’-

        -’Shut your fat mouth you stupid… .’- Continue reading

libres,mix bIn February Episode 1 of LIBRES (The Free) came out, free on the web.

It’s an eagerly awaited weekly 15 min adventure of Iberian squatters who get evicted and occupy an abandoned village in the mountains.

Starring some friends who’ve done it in real life.

Libres is sub titled in English and provides a brilliant insight into current Revolutionary politics in Spain. It’s funded by ‘Crowdfunding’. If you like it please re-post to didtribute.    Nuff said.. Enjoy.

this is the Trailer… creative commons



This is EPISODE 1

capitalism is obsolete

view episodes below Continue reading

fall of capitalism***********

Act Three  Chapter thirty two

Smash the Prison Gates

-‘Also I’m thinking Maxie wants to suicide..’-

Barney narrating

            If I live long enough I can tell my grandkids I missed the Revolution because I was at home babysitting Moonbeam.

As if a revolution happens just like that. But it was a watershed, the army being openly humiliated instead of destroying our goods depots, and the soldiers coming over that evening.

Because all the police began to follow suit, country stations were already allied with us, now more were publicly declaring for the Pools Federation.                  ref 8.Collapse of Capitalism Continue reading

The Free best colour Jan22  2012. _Page_211_Image_0001*******************

Act Three

Chapter twenty eight

‘Revolution Day’

I could hear wild cheering as the crowds merged

Barney narrating

I’m up here on the eleventh floor preparing my talk, for trying to win over the soldiers when they arrive at dawn. I’m all psyched up and shitting myself. The appeal probably won’t work, and then what?.

It’s two thirty in the morning here. I got keys of the manager’s office, in the occupied Customs and Excise building. This floor is in use, but empty now, the rest of the block was all abandoned till today. It isn’t because of the strikes that the Port is stopped. It’s down to economic collapse and impossibly stormy weather. Continue reading

occupy resist produce Greece: Fighting for Revolution

Posted on January 5, 2013 en español abajo
Greece stands at a crossroads. Either austerity or social revolution. The latter has been happening anyway with the parallel economy booming. The state is resisting, but so are the people.
The video below is a compilation from a number of sources and includes footage of confrontation over 2011-12. It has been a busy two years. 2013 will not be an exception. As with many other parts of the world – Chiapas, Catalonia, and the pockets of resistance everywhere – we may be witnessing the death throes of capitalism.
If Greece was Syria, the US would be in there arming the rebellion. Instead it’s up to us to provide support – as with the International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement or the International Brigade – or by creating our own version, where possible, of the parallel economy where we live.

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The Free best colour Jan22  2012. _Page_154_Image_0001


Act Two

Chapter twenty four

The Coppice Party

-’..ripples of pleasure ran up and down my body..’-

Maggie narrating

-‘Look! A squirrel.. two of them!.’-  I pointed.

-’Where where?’- said Lucy -‘Oh Yes!’-

With dramatic leaps one red squirrel was chasing the other. Continue reading

150 recently evicted familiesASAMBLEA MST have occupied  land owned by the mayor of Sao José (Florianopolis), Djalma Berger, who is accused of rampant corruption. The new neighbourhood has survived all attacks so far due to strong community help.

A new neighbourhood called ‘Ocupaçäo Contestado’ has been born in San Jose! Plank by plank, canvas by canvas, recently evicted community residents in José Nitro are building their homes and their history in a space that bears the name of ‘Ocupaçäo Contestado’. Continue reading


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