4 more ‘Food not Bombs’ activists arrested.

Feeding: The anti-poverty group Orlando Food Not Bombs has been passing out free food in city parks for years.

cross-posted from the Miami Herald

ORLANDO, Fla. — Four more activists have been arrested for feeding pancakes and donuts to the homeless in downtown Orlando.

Police officers handcuffed the activists and loaded them into a police van Monday just after they had distributed food to about 30 homeless people in defiance of a city ordinance.

The Orlando ordinance requires groups to get a permit to feed 25 or more people in parks in a downtown district. The rules also restrict the groups to two permits per year for each park.

The law was passed in 2006, but Orlando Food Not Bombs challenged it in court. In April, a federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled that the Orlando law was legal.

Last week, four other activists were arrested for violating the law.

4 thoughts on “4 more ‘Food not Bombs’ activists arrested.”

  1. So, what they need to do is each person go to the park and separately set up their own serving station denying they are part of the same group; then, each one can serve their food to up to 29 people and close up their station and leave… Right?


  2. It´s increadible how american´s can have this kind of dictatorial laws, and proclaimed themselfs as a democracy.

    Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.



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