UK Strike Escalates Resistance

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Across the capital most schools, colleges, local authority staff and civil service joined 750.000 UK workers on a one day strike to warn the govenment and capital to stay away from their pensions and wages. Pickets were established early in the morning in every corner of London being fed with home made food by UK Uncut’s ‘Big Society breakfast [pics] Across the UK over 12,000 state schools were closed. Everyone out to show solidarity.

The Critical Mass toured the picket lines in support since early in the morning starting out at Burgess Park near Elephant and Castle [report | pics | live broadcasts] The mass trade union march (one of 80 in the country) started at Lincoln Inn Fields, and it was reported to be 20-30,000 strong at its destination Westminster Hall where speeches took place. There was a call for a People’s Assembly at the same spot at 2pm coordinated by the J30 Strikers’ Assembly Bloc. UK Uncut also had a set of challenges starting at 3pm with Banker City vs. Public Sector United outside QE Hall. The police were reported to be heavy handed in stopping people from leaving the prescribed route, with many reports coming in of many young people being stopped and searched [more] along the route. Plain clothes police snatch squads were deployed in the late afternoon around Pariment Square and Whitehall and became vety active arresting people whilst kettles were being formed [report] Reports of a total of 31 people were arrested during the day [Green & Black Cross Legal support: 07946541511]

A flavour of the pickets: outside of Lambeth Town Hall, Hackney Community College, The British Museum, Peckham Job Centre, HMRC Euston, Parliament, The British Library, London College of Communication, as well as a cultural workers strike… Plus a demonstration outside the ATOS building in Euston. The Traflagar Square anti-cuts Camp set up the night prior to the strike was evicted in the early morning. See also Elephant reports on the day.

Updates from the streets: IMC London Tumblewire | Tumble pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | Tumble video | Video | Further info: June 30th website | UK Uncut | Afed statement on the strikes | The Commune on the march.
Other Union statements of action: NUT (National Union of Teachers) | UCU (Universitiy and College Union) | PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) | ATL (Association of Teachers and Lecturers).

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