Urgent: Help Defend Tipnis Park and Peoples from Highway

  Urgent: Help Defend Tipnis Park and Peoples from Highway

De: Marta López <martaravilla@gmail.com>
Fecha: 15 de septiembre de 2011 19:52
Asunto: Carta por el TIPNIS-Internacional-Inglés/castellano
Para: Campaña en Defensa del TIPNIS <isiborosecure@hotmail.com>Friends and Colleagues,

Since August 15, over 1,500 indigenous peoples in Bolivia -including men, women and children- have been marching in defense of their lives and their indigenous territory. The Bolivian government is determined to build a highway through the heart of the Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory (TIPNIS) an indigenous territory without consulting local indigenous communities. Determined to defend their territory and stop the highway, indigenous peoples are marching to La Paz with the hopes of immediate dialogue with the government to find an alternative solution to the highway going through the TIPNIS.  For more background information see letters below, read article by Friends of Tipnis or go to CIDOB’s website for up daily updates.
As the march gets closer to La Paz, indigenous marches face threats and opposition. They have requested international support to keep their march and their demands alive

Thank you for your solidarity!
For the TIPNIS and Indigenous Rights,
Leila Salazar-Lopez
Amazon Watch

More ways to show your support and take action: Sign this petition :

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  1. TIPNIS is already in La Paz, waiting the moment when this LIAR called president decides to sit and FACE them and talk with them. RESISTE TIPNIS!!


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