2011: bad weather or Runaway Climate Chaos?

climate chaos..five hundred million dead trees in Texas

      We can’t say just one weather disaster is Climate change. But when there are dozens of disasters, way over the norm, with 5 of the hottest years ever in the last decade…  that’s runaway uncontrolled climate chaos.

   So it’s tempting to say  it serves Texas right, when they suffer the worst droughts in their history. Greedy predator Texas politicians and corporations have led the campaign  that’s put back Climate Change control by decades, till it’s almost too late to save 1000’s of species, including even the human race.

Over 1200 people died in last week’s typhoon in Mindanao, and we can’t say that’s just climate change, but Christmas  isn’t even in the typhoon season, only that the sea is hotter than ever before.

    So it must be tempting for the Philipinos, who hardly produce CO2, to blame the Texans in their tank like 4X4’s for their dead relatives, and rejoice that Texas is becoming a desert.

But this would be a mistake, only a tiny minority, the 1%, of the Texans are

1250 dead: climate criminals blamed for xmas typhoon

responsible for maintaining the suicidal capitalist system, the rest have little choice and of course the decimated natural world is entirely blameless.

Every week we hear about a new climate disaster, and it will get worse. Excess CO2 takes decades to work through the system, and this year was yet another record high in emissions.

Very soon it will be time to put the 1% of Climate Criminals on trial for their atrocities against the planet.

Drought and wildfires: Welcome to climate change in Texas

By Bruce Melton / The Rag Blog / December 29, 2011

AUSTIN — If this is not climate change, then this is exactly what climate change will be in as little as a decade. What has been happening in Texas, with these unprecedented (in time frames that matter) droughts and wildfires, is exactly what the climate scientists have been warning us about for over 20 years. We have been building up to this point since about the turn of the century, and now ecosystems have tipped over the edge. Climate feedbacks have kicked in hard.

The Texas Forest Services tells us that a half billion trees have died. Many more will die in the next five to 10 years from disease and insect infestation allowed by the damage that has already been done. These are the trees that have died in the drought, not the fires.

The first of this series of drought in 2005/6 was just classified as extreme. The last two have been one category worse than extreme — the exceptional category. The last 12 months were drier than the worst 12 months of the great drought of the 1950s. This has been a $10 billion drought, with another $1 billion in damages from the fires.

Worse, it’s hotter now. This summer was 4.9 degrees warmer than average. This may not seem like a lot, but think how sick you have been in the past if you have ever had a 102.9 degree temperature. The reason that increased heat makes such a big difference is that extra heat greatly increases evaporation intensifying the effects of drought. In other words, the same drought is much worse if it is only a little hotter…….

READ MUCH MORE HERE.. Courtesy The Rag Blog Tambien en ESPAÑOL  http://cinabrio.over-blog.es/article-hecatombe-climatica-

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