Spanish student uprising spreads

The protest brought together tens of thousands of people 70,000 according to the organizers, 25,000 according to the Guardia Urbana police..-roads that have been jammed including the AP-7 Motorway and the center of the city from early in the morning. They also wanted to show solidarity with the students in Valencia, harshly repressed by police in recent weeks.

The student protests in Barcelona have been attacked by Autonomous Police
Three arrested and nine wounded. Police surrounding the Mobile Phone World Congress against the protes

Un coche y diversos contenedores arden esta tarde durante los incidentes registrados en la confluencia de las calles Diputación y Balmes de Barcelona. EFE

A car and several containers burn this afternoon during the incidents at the junction of Provincial and Balmes streets of Barcelona. EFE

The student demonstrations on Wednesday against cuts in education from the streets of Barcelona have received police charges and clashes between the Autonomous Cops and  the protesters, and have resulted in a balance of 12  injured and 12 arrested, including two children.

The detainees have been charged with public disorder, damage to street furniture, container burning and attacks on police officers, all of whom will this Thursday to justice as they are closing the proceedings.

Major incidents have occurred on campus in the city center and Plaça Catalunya, where they are celebrating the Mobile Phone World Congress.

Congress has been much of the afternoon heavily protected by a cordon of riot and Mossos to the hundreds of protesters who were nearby. Agents have arrested one of the students when they wanted to cross the police line that had surrounded them, which caused the student reaction, and a stone throwing objects, and some agents charge.

“Less police and education” or “we are students and not criminals” were some of the slogans that have shouted.
The Sindicat d’Estudiants dels Catalan Countries (SEPC) has accused the Catalan police of “suppressing” the protests and demanded the release of detainees without charge. Fifty students have protested peacefully against the Mossos police station in the district of Les Corts.
Students at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has called for another day strike for Thursday.

The campus, OCCUPIED

Earlier, hundreds of students have taken the campus of the University of Barcelona, which has led to the Autonomous surround the campus, in the center of the city, where there have been serious riots and clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement.
At the end of the protest some people have burned container
During the morning, the protests have resulted in new police charges after several of the protesters have burned containers and vehicles passing through some of the streets, as the confluence of the Calle de Balmes council or the Eixample.

Upon completion of the protest, some demonstrators have dispersed into groups by the Eixample of Barcelona and have overturned and set fire to several containers. In one of the fires that have been formed, the fire has caught in a vehicle parked next to containers, Efe reported.

Barcelona, collapsed

Tens of thousands of people in Barcelona, students and university staff have carried out a march in the Plaza of the University of Barcelona that has collapsed the city center. In the morning, protesters cut off several highways and Bellaterra station of the Railways of the Generalitat, causing major delays. At 10:30, about 200 students have come to the SER, where they read a statement with their demands in the program live ‘Fora Joc’.

The strike in favor of public education in Catalonia has also been seconded by

teachers, researchers and administrative staff, showing banners with the slogan “We wont pay foryour scam” and that the organizers have described as “huge success”. This protest is in addition to those held in about a dozen more cities participating in strikes, rallies and demonstrations organized by the Students Union.

Protests in 20 cities

In Barcelona, a group of students have entered the BE and have read a statement in direct

In Valencia closures have occurred in universities during a demonstration tonight and has come from the History Department at 12:00 hours.

In Madrid there was a demonstration from Cybele to the Sun, called by the university network of community meetings, along with the Assembly and Youth Without Interinstitutos Future. About a thousand students chanting “we are students, not criminals” or “We are all the Luis Vives High School” have participated in it. The general coordinator of IU, Cayo Lara, has attended the event, where young people said “do not want to be in a country with 31% of school failure and spent half a point less than the European average spending on education” , Efe reported.

Also in Malaga have left protested on campus about one hundred students demanding a “free public education and quality.”

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