Occupy Monsanto Demo and Arrests

Protesters Occupying Monsanto Corp. Arrested

 Anthony Gucciardi  Activist Post
Taking a stand against the agricultural takeover of the United States and worldwide, a group of Occupy DC members began to protest outside the offices of Monsanto. Taking part in an attempt to help raise awareness over the atrocities committed by mega corporations like Monsanto, Occupy members as far away as Portland helped to organize the national protest.

In the call to action statement provided by Occupy Portland, the movement stated that the protest was to highlight the fact that “corporations buy off legislators and craft legislation that serves the interests of corporations and not people.” According to Occupy DC, about 12 members were arrested.

Protesters were told by D.C. police officers to remove themselves from the Monsanto office, where they formed a line around the building.  One police officer, William Farr, said that around 50 protesters gathered around the building.
Police threatened protesters with arrest if they did not move away from the doors, and 12 were ultimately arrested.
According to the report, 10 were arrested for ‘blocking the entrance’ and 2 were arrested for crossing a police line. One of the individuals arrested was an American University student doing a report on police brutality.
During their protest at Monsanto corporation, protesters chanted things like ”Monsanto and ALEC, corporations are making us sick.”
Protesters were even quoted as saying that Monsanto ”is doing more to make a sustainable world impossible than almost any corporation on the planet.”
Monsanto was declared worst company of 2011 for their numerous acts against nature and public health.
In addition to running slave rings and controlling U.S. diplomats behind the scenes to push their agenda, Monsanto is also ensuring that you have no idea whether or not you are eating their genetically modified foods. Squashing labeling initiatives all over the nation through admitted influence, Monsanto wants to make sure you’re in the dark about their latest GMO creations.

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This article first appeared at Natural Society, an excellent resource for health news and vaccine information.

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