13 women executed by fascists

August 5. Anniversary of the 13 Red Roses

This Aug. 5 marks 73 years from the shooting of the 13 Roses, young people, mostly Socialists , who were convicted of supporting the bombing deaths in General Isaac Gabaldon in July 29, 1939. The case also included two other women, Antonia Torres and Julia Vellisca, andanother 53 men, accused of committing criminal acts for having belonged to the JSU , the PCE or the UGT union during the Republic.
All thes people died that morning shot against the walls of the cemetery in Madrid. The Council of War, held barely 48 hours earlier, sentenced to the maximum penalty for military rebellion military had no time to seek clemency  Of the 13 women, seven of them were minors.

These were a few of tens of thousands illegally executed after the fascist military takeover.We remember especially these 13 women and girls who died together, but as representatives of all the rest, whose deaths have never been recognized or anyone brought to justice to this day, due to the continuing fascist stranglehold on the Spanish justice system. Only last year a top judge Garzon was blatantly barred from office for trying to bring cases to the courts

I swear to crush and sink whatever gets in our way, “said the dictator in his speeches. To date, unfortunately, we know that they fulfilled their threats … of the 13 women who died that morning, seven were children.

Barrero Carmen Aguado, Martina Garcia Barroso, Blanca Vazquez Brissac, Pilar Ibañez Well, Julia Conesa Conesa, Adelina García Casillas, Elena Gil Olaya, Virtues González García, Ana Lopez Gallego, Laffite Joaquina Lopez, Denise Manzanero Salas, Victoria Muñoz García and Luisa Rodriguez de la Fuente. …Dressmakers, pianists, secretaries, advocates, Democrats, women … shot.

Antonia Torres was also convicted, but her sentence was completed in February 1940, shot in the same walls as their peers. Julia Vellisca had better luck, she spent six years in jail and the sentence was commuted.
This year, in which the anniversary coincides with the abolition of social, labor and political rights gained over  the last thirty, we see reappearing the black hand of Franco, the fascists who blatantly try to forget the activists of the democratic history of our country and continue the denial of all rights to the victims of the dictatorship and their families.
Recognize those brave young people like the members of the JSU, defended democratic ideals Republican representing the state at the time, against fascism and barbarism to which obeyed the coup which led to a general war in Spain, is a must for our country’s democratic health.

The event this year, which is, as always, be held by the wall of execution is the most unitary ever, being attended, in addition to family and friends, by representatives of the Young Socialists and Communists, the PCE, the Thirteen Roses Foundation, the United Left and memorialists organizations like Forum for Memory, The Commune, The Seville Lane Width or Sunday Malagón Foundation.


rough translation by thefreeonline

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