12 Ways to Escape Debts to Criminal Banks

Due to the ”crisis” and the Libor loan rate fixing crimes, millions of us have lost or are in danger of losing our homes and/or liberty, while the 1% have moved up to $600 trillions of our credit to tax havens. Amazing but tyrue!

For me the best solution is community real wealth sharing, without money or nations. But this may be some time in coming.

Meanwhile if you’re trapped in debt here’s some ideas for fighting back.

1) Sue the banks, maybe an idea for a large group of pissed off victims. They took billions by rigging the Libor rates. We want it all back.

2)Go public. Don’t blame yourself, ask neighbourhood and occupy groups for help. Because its they who are robbing you!……..

3) Resist evictions. Many evictions for mortgage default have been blocked (in Spain anyway). Banks fear publicity and often make a deal with the few who don’t quietly hand over their property.  here’s an example of the stopped eviction of 300 people.. https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/el-suport-mutu-funciona/

4)Legal actions. In the US people are forcing banks to bring down loans, by sueing, or getting local councils to threaten compulsory orders at low market not high original prices.

5) Boycotting the banks. Taking out savings (if any) all on the same day. Moving over to community credit unions and ethical savings banks, now available.

6) Disappearing. In some countries, for instance,  it’s still possible to emigrate and return with a new ID, though hardly possible if you have a family!

7)Dropping out. In every country there is a more or less organized underclass of people who get by. Squatters, campers, travellers, migrant workers..the black economy is hard but the people are friendly! In Spain there’s a big network of local 15m (take the streets) activists with all sorts of practical projects.

8) Direct Action. All kinds of more or less revolutionary groups are springing up, with little clue on how to abolish and replace Capitalism. Direct Action is a great option and may even work. eg..  Evicted mortgagee sledgehammers 3 banks https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/evicted-mortgagee-sledgehammers-3-banks/

9) Occupy abandoned banks. This has been done in Spain and at least one continues as an

occupied ex bank in barcelona. May 2012

Occupied Social Center by the 15M Take the Streets movement.

10).  Just refuse to pay money debts. It’s often too much trouble for them to seize your property, if any, and prison sentences are low for debt.

11) If you’re old or ill and have a job try and get a loan with the intention of never repaying.

12)Suicide is a lousy solution. ..unless you’re a banker or one of the 1%, then please go ahead.!

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