Spanish Revolution Diary for Sept 2012.

A sweltering August has given us a break in the frantic escalation of cuts repression and protests in Spain.

But September will be all GO, running up to the ultimate sellout when the Govt. accepts workers slavery to the terms of a national ”Bailout” .

Included are the ‘anonymous’ call to storm the Congress on 25th Sept and the general Strike, Sept 26th, see below.

Will we have to sacrifice our health, jobs, schools to pay back,  for ever and ever, the private debts of the banks, and the billions ‘disappeared’ by the 1%?

Diary for Sept 2012 (a selection)

1st Sept. Locally there will begin  another ‘Buy Nothing Week’,  called in Malaga by the CGT anarchist union against the huge Value Added Tax increases coming into effect.

On 15th Sept another massive demo of civil servants who are losing their security, jobs, pensions etc (with a small far right counter demo opportunistically attacking the govt. paid union officials). Last time even some police joined in. Slogan..‘Towards the indefinite General Strike .).

On 17th Sept a General and indefinite strike of Schools will begin in Madrid, and I’m not sure how many more areas. The teachers and youth have been radicalized by the denial of education by corrupt

servile politicians, with surprisingly radical actions and revolutionary talk, supporting the school occupations by children in the Valencia revolt this Spring.

17th Sept will also see a General train strike against privatisation and cuts, see HERE Spain to Split

youth uprising, Barcelona

Train Operator Renfe in Four Firms, Cinco Reports –

The same 17th Sept will be a General Struggle Day‘ supported by the  15m Occupy Movement.

On 22 Sept 2012, there will be more demonstrations against the cuts and government lies.

The global day against Fracking is also the 22nd Sept, strongly supported by various 15m Occupy Assemblies who are planning actions.

The 23rd Sept, the 15M Occupy activists are busier than ever organizing locally.  In Madrid we have the ‘Jornada Trasversal’ which is like a big meeting/festival with all sorts of workshops and a general popular Assembly.

 25th Sept and things are really hotting up. ‘Anonymous’ has called for Revolution. That is for marches from all over to blockade the Parliament in Madrid until they dissolve themselves for the writing of a new, and this time democratic, Constitition. All state groups are against. The military police have the place like a bunker all summer. Some 15m Occupy groups are in favour (and even some fascists so watch out). So far, the action Occupy Congress, whose objectives are the “resignation of the entire Government”, “the dissolution of the Parliament and the Head of State” and “the opening of a transparent and democratic constituent process to draft a new constitution, “has the support of more than 36,000 people on Facebook. Both the influential ‘Sol’ 15m Assembly and the Real Democracy movement have come out against, after endless discussion, and while supporting the aims.  more here..

26th Sept 2012 ..The GENERAL STRIKE. it seems the majority unions can’t directly call the countrywide General Strike, they’re afraid to be sued for damages, (indeed the last one was called by

general_strike!_2 (Photo credit: sandy_sanders)alled by

the minority anarchist Unions) so its done under the guise of supporting  regional strikes in Euskadi and the heroic miners in Asturias. This time we hope it will be indefinite and uncontrollable, and make it impossible for the Govt to bow to a regime of slavery to paying back forever money stolen by the banks and the 1%.

some events planned here for October

October 12 day of indigenous people

October 13 We WILL NOT Pay

the October 13 date is so far the global day of action against Debt, endorsed by Paris (and other cities of Fr

ance), London, Madrid, Melbourne, Perth, Brussels, Chicago, and some organizations Barcelona against debt “We must not pay”

October 13 Globalnoise

October 18th General Education Strike. On 18 Oct we have The worldwide General Strike of education, sure to be lively with hundreds of thousands of schoolkids again on the streets, though their teachers will no doubt try and control them

October 20  London Actions

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