Corrupt Unions control huge Madrid demo

Spanish firemen demo.The Cuts have stripped us naked!’

Ten enormous marches, up to half a million strong,  assembled and proceeded to the center of Madrid, mainly public sector workers and families, affected by the savage cuts, closures, sackings and tax hikes which are getting worse by the day.

The  Unions have conspicuously REFUSED to call a new General Strike for 26th Sept when there is a regional one in Euskadi and in Greece as well.

It has been left to the minority anarcho syndicalist CGT union to call a countrywide Strike for 31 October, and call for other groups to join in.

The State is locked into an ‘eat your tail’ spiral where the more money they borrow (to pay the interest in collosal debts), the more the interest on the borrowed money spars and the debt gets much bigger.

The main novelty was the shouts for a referenduwm. This was the demo of the totally sold out majority unions, who ensured their control and public passivity. (These ‘Socialist’ and ‘Communist’ unions are part paid by the State).

One section was the autonomous Occupy movement (15M) who attended reluctantly, explaining that was better than staying away. The police attacked and

The firemen livened up the Union controlled demo by spraying foam.

arrested some for carrying a banner referring to the ‘Surround Congress’ demo called by ‘Autonomous’ for 25th Sept. Every kind of dirty media trick is being employed to delegitimize the ‘Occupy’ protest of 25S. On this occasion we were refused access to the microphone at the rally to complain of the arrests, since it might ‘inflame the masses’, who chanted a lot before returning to their buses.

Another old tactic dragged out is the use of nationalist racism, with even presidents of regions spouting racist blatant lies to unite people in hatred of other sections of the angry people. First against the Catalans, and now by the far right Catalan president Mas.

The State and Spanish 1% are shitting in their pants that things will get out of control, as they raise sales tax to 21% and announce a new increase in social insurance contributions (while CUTTING those of the bosses!), and abolishing ‘free’ health care for immigrants and anyone without their complex paperwork in order, i.e. the poor and marginalized.  The banks are being literally emptied as the rich export their money, mainly to Luxembourg, they say. In the last General Strike the biggest protests in Barcelona were independent of the discredited majority Unions.

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