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“Precautionary”  Eviction Order for Can Piella

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Why Can Piella?

With self-management, autonomy and collective work as central pillars, Can Piella wants to build and disseminate an alternative model of society,

The Judicial Hearing of Cerdanyola del Valles has issued an eviction order for the country house of Can Piella from next October 15th. This measure aims to end the occupation of public land, which for three years has been carried out by associated neighbors…

The house, despite being a historical and cultural heritage, was in ruins, after more than 10 years of neglect. This reveals the lack of projects of the property owners (Alcaraz a huge estate in Catalonia), who seem uninterested in preserving the property.

Meanwhile, a group of people from the surrounding villages – and not so near – have spent more than three years giving a social use to this space which was apparently sentenced to death. The large attendance at the activities and participation of neighbors in the collective cultivation of the land and  rehabilitation of the house, have highlighted the need for a social use of space in a crisis like the present. In addition, we need to remember that the nearest town – La  Llagosta – is, according to Statistical Institute of Catalonia, the fourth lowest municipality in gross disposable household income of Catalonia.

Despite this need, the Court has issued the interim eviction within 10 days, claiming the right of use of the property by the owners who, however,  have always been unavailable and never wanted to talk with those that make use of it. From October 15 they want to stop the activities

Broody Poultry Manifesto
Poultry of the world, to you we appeal!
Thou that felt the narrowness of the barnyard.
Thou to whom feathers were cut.
Thou who were trapped in factories under infra-living conditions to produce with no reason.
Thou who live in cities, locked up in apartments without barnyard nor company.
Thou who were able to be free and wild.
Thou who spend half a life in a jail waiting to be bought.
To all we say: Our eggs are at stake!!
We have been 3 years incubating an egg of hopes, an egg of collective work, an egg of community values, an egg of alternatives, an egg of self-management, an egg of agrecology… Lots of eggs!
Nonetheless, the Great Farmer does not want us in his barnyard.
He says we are slow, that these eggs doesn’t make sense. He says our eggs are empty, that we need a ”precautionary breaking of eggs”…
After 3 years trying to dialogue with him without success, now he does give us just 10 days to abandon our project. So they have told us that on the 14 October he will break our eggs, which we are heating with such patience and love in Can Piella.
For that, chickens, let’s revindicate the effort, the work, the patience that some broody chickens who want to see their children grow in a different world.
A place where the barnyard poultry do not have a barnyard and where the collective work prevails over the farmer’s interests.
If you are a chicken, if you have eggs, if some other farmer has ignored you some time also, if our eggs are yours, or if you believe in the hope a different barnyard, you will know what we are talking about.
Because we are all poultry, broody poultry of the world, unite!
@CanPiella #CanpiellaVive #CovantAutonomia
Submitted by canpiella on Sat, 06/10/2012 – 16:

carried out on the farm.

A petition has been started on to ask the judge of the Court of the 1st Instance and Instruction Number 3 of Cerdanyola del Vallès to revoke this ‘precautionary’ eviction, because it’s inadmissible.

Why Can Piella?

With self-management, autonomy and collective work as central pillars, Can Piella wants to build and disseminate an alternative model of society, and contribute to realize social change that will lead to “a more altruistic, sustainable, ecological society with solidarity and a clear rethinking of consumption and where relations of domination are small imperfections and not the general trend. ”

The project integrates both residents of the nearby towns, who wanted to work the land collectively, as well as collective critical thinking, research initiatives in alternative energy systems, and use by boy scouts, among others. All have found in Can Piella a space for reflection, debate and community work.

You can find more information on the website:

The problem evoked by the eviction of Can Piella is a global one of our society, constantly facing the myth of progress with a social reality that degenerates into only profiting monetarily.
Really do we believe that projects like Barcelona World, or Eurovegas (Huge casinos planned near Barcelona) are necessary?
Really do we need to continue to build large conurbations on the few lands rurally cultivated remaining, like Can Piella?
Really does anyone think that we will leave the current crisis if we continue with the same patterns that have brought us here?

The success of initiatives such as Can Piella, with more than 1,700 partners, highlights the need for projects of  reappropriation of the land as well as a clear rethinking of social relations beyond competitiveness and hedonism, in favour of teamwork and community.

Something is changing in many minds. Lots of people, as in Can Piella, question the official view of the multidimensional crisis and its causes.
Also, Can Piella is only a small part of a movement across the country and the world, like the Somontes occupations (Andalusia) or the platform Reclaim the Fields, which are struggling for real change and a relationship of people with the Earth.

No wonder then, that initiatives like this are offensive to the political and economic elites, who attempt to control and deprive the population But there are things you can never take away …
They can not destrouy the consciousmess created by this project.
They can not evict the need to share, versus compete.
They can not take away the desire to build a new society.

The ideas that move Can Piella continue strengthening.

Neither the Earth nor hope, will ever be bricked up.

Can Piella is alive!

+ Info  @CanPiella   #CanpiellaVive   #CovantAutonomia i

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