Corrupt Spanish Congress surrounded during Budget ‘Debate’


The 25-Sept demonstrators are  now hanging their proposals on the police fences surrounding Comgress.
At 18:00 hours there began, close to Congress, two Assembly meetings called by the ‘Coordinadora 25-S’ to discuss the accounts of 2013, cuts, debt and the constitutional process.

At 21:00 hours, there is a new call to “encircle” the Parliament

Image of one of the meetingsin the square of Neptune in Madrid. E.MURIEL

From this afternoon opens a new week of demonstrations called by the Coordinating Group 25-S-centered on rejection of the State Budget for 2013, which is currently being debated in Parliament, and been baptized by organizers as “the Debt Budget “.

At 18:00  two parallel meetings  began in Madrid’s Plaza de Neptuno to discuss, first,  the accounts, and debt cuts and secondly,  the “constitutional process”. During these meetings people drafted a series of texts to be hung symbolically on police fences. Finally, at 21.00, the protesters “surround” Congress and will remain there until MPs leave the building.

22:05 pm: The 25-S Coordination reported via twitter that today’s concentration is finishing and encourages attendees to be present at the next, 27-O.

21:50 pm: The Yayofalutas  (Pensioners Brigade) present in the concentación, shouting: “We do not want, no way, no thanks, to be a province of the German banks.” Their performance encourage attendees. The information and photography are Eduardo Muriel.

21:45 hours: Neptune refilled, reports Eduardo Muriel. A portion of the audience had begun to march towards Atocha to try to surround the Congress, but have returned to the Plaza de Neptuno.

21:22 pm: The Plural Left deputies, including his spokesman, Cayo Lara, have crossed the fence that prevents protesters reach Congress and approached them to support them. Like all opposition groups, except for some members of the Board, the Plural Left has also submitted an amendment of all public accounts, he has championed in the House today. EFE reports

20:12 pm: The 25-S Coordination reports through their website: “We will start to surround Congress literally. We will not leave until the deputies leave, they will be released after a hard day of pretending that responsible budgets debated by the Troika. ”

20: 59 hours: Have finished the two meetings that were held in Neptune, which have been developed in a peaceful and uneventful way. Many people, nevertheloess have preferred to hang around shouting slogans and preparing mobilization. This is a picture of EFE Neptune Square at this hour.

20:52 am: There are only a few minutes to start the action “surrounding the Congress”. Shortly before the meetings began, the police warned that “whoever stays shall be punished.” The 25-S Coordination has not communicated to the Government Office this afternoon’s demonstration.

20: 39 hours: Eduardo Muriel  provides a series of photographs with some of the posters at this time and police hanging from the fences surrounding the Congress.

20: 31 hours: At one point during the discussion of the budget in the House, the Congress President Jesús Posadas, has been absent for a few minutes to go out and ask if the police presence was enough to protect the Parliament. “While it stays peaceful there should be no problem”, said Posada, who left in the hands of the Government Commission’s decision to take the measures it deems appropriate to ensure legality. Efe

20: 21 pm: There are already numerous protest placards with messages like “More and more rich, more poor, where are theytaking us? Have to change course.” Theres a large one which one can read: “PP-PSOE Resignation”. There are also several posters against the monarchy and in favor of the Third Republic. “The Government urges patience, we shout disobedience,” read another. Europa Press Report

20: 12 pm: Miguel Retiz a student, “temporary worker”. He came to the call with two friends: “Today is an important day because people are starting a constitutional process and pointing to the culprits who are behind fences. There are less people as the result of pressure from politicians and police. I trust that the demonstration on Saturday will refill the streets, “says Luis Giménez.

resign! Both PP and PSOE Parties!

19:57 pm: The angry, already fill the roundabout of Neptune, preventing the movement of vehicles, have begun to fill the fence surrounding the Congress with alternative proposals for the State budget being ”debated”.

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