McDonalds Sales Slump after World Day of Action, reports.

Fallen Arches: McDonald’s sales slump blamed on food costs, smarter customers

Anti McDonalds Day 16th October 2012  Report

What’s Still Wrong With McDonalds

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16th October 2012
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28th International Day of Action Against McDonalds, to mark World Food DayThe very first London Greenpeaceanti-McD day of Action was on 19 Jan 1985 and soon became a global phenomenon!Protest against everything that’s wrong with McDonald’s – animal cruelty, exploitation of workers, damaging the planet, promoting unhealthy food, marketing to young children and much more. For a summary of the issues surrounding the McLibel Case see the High Court Judgement and the European Court of Human Rights ruling. Also www.knowmore.orgWhy not Adopt-YOUR-Storeget leaflets from Veggies or Do-It-Yourself.

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Food Not Bombs groups worldwide are also encouraged to share vegan meals in their neighbourhoods:


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2012 pickets included:

  • Derby, 13th Oct: During the Saturday lunch time rush hours from 12:00 to 14:00, a group of activists spearheaded by Derby Animal Rights demo-ed the busy St. Peters street branch of McDonald’s, in protest at the unethical business practices of the fast food giant. Indymedia report

McDonalds exploits animals, people and the environment. These protest are against the promotion of junk food, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, animal cruelty, damage to the environment and the global domination of corporations over our lives. Animal farming produces 18% of global greenhouse gases and as McDonald’s is the world largest user of beef, they contribute significantly to this total. The animals used in McDonalds burgers have little choice in their brutal deaths – help us educate the public that they have a choice in what they consume and where they consume.

2008 in Rome, Italy:
“we have done a little smart mob:
Paris, France:

The London group continue to protest regularly on Thursdays.

  • Bring costumes
  • Bring fancy dress
  • Bring friends
  • Or just bring yourself

Contact: 07890136663 or email


Click here to download and print fliers or here(uses Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Leaflets also available from Veggies : details here.


McDonalds  Expansion Crashes  Oct 2012

By Deena Shanker

If you missed the news about McDonald’s recent sales slumpthat’s probably because the company planned it that way. Using the oldest corporate trick in the book, McDonald’s announced its disappointing news on a Friday afternoon, hoping it would get ignored as the weekend started. But the timing of the announcement only underscores how bad the news really was. For the first time since 2003, the company’s global sales rose less than 2 percent, and its net income dropped almost 4 percent.CEO Don Thompson blamed the economy for the fast food giant’s lackluster performance, pointing to “the external environment including declining consumer sentiment, high commodity and labor costs and heightened competitive activity.” Translation? Between the rising price of food (thank you, climate change), growing consumer awareness of McDonald’s bad business practices, and competition from the likes of Taco Bell, McDonald’s was having trouble maintaining its normally high rate of growth. Thompson said the company would respond by promoting its Dollar Menu and bringing back the shockingly unhealthy McRibin December, as a way to show the “value” of eating at McDonald’s. But Thompson is either missing the point or playing dumb.A brief review of the company’s 10-K, the annual, SEC-required company report card, filed in February of this year, reveals a number of “risk factors” identified by the company, including concerns over “adverse perceptions” of “nutritional content… how we source the commodities we use… [and] product safety issues,” as well as the “impact of social media,” “the risks and cost of our labeling and other disclosure practices,” and “the impact of nutritional, health and other scientific inquiries and conclusions.”  The company knows, then, that the public is growing less tolerant of CAFOs, unhealthy food, and large-scale corporate deception about its practices. But despite recognition of these systemic issues, judging by Friday’s announcement and several of the company’s recent PR projects – e.g. enlisting mommy bloggers and releasing pseudo farm-to-table YouTube videos – McDonald’s still seems to believe they have a “public perception” problem and not a reason to make substantial changes to its practices. Yet in a country where more and more people are making the choice to buy responsibly-sourced, organic products despite their higher prices (organics sales rose 9.4 percent in 2011), Thompson’s equation of “value” with cheapness might just fall short .As the single biggest purchaser of beef, chicken, pork, potatoes, apples, and tomatoes in this country, McDonald’s plays an unparalleled role in the food industry. When the company required its pork suppliers to phase out gestation crates in February, for example, it essentially required all pork suppliers to do so, because not being able to sell to McDonald’s will kill a large scale pork operation in this country. As the company watches its sales drop, it could seize the opportunity to do more than just unroll another marketing campaign.

It has happened before. In addition to the move away from gestation crates, in the late 1980s, public pressure forced McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. to stop serving burgers in Styrofoam packaging. And after the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, the restaurant chain complied with the law before it went into effect by posting calorie counts for its menus all over the country.

If McDonald’s wants to change public perception and increase sales, why not stick to this pattern of catering to public demands and start with better ingredients and more transparency. They might be surprised by how far it gets them.

Deena Shanker is a writer living in San Francisco. Follow her on Twitter.
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