Gay Nigeria

3 thoughts on “Gay Nigeria”

  1. Funny, how so many Africans claim that homosexuality is “Un-African” but do not know that in most regions of pre-colonial Africa homosexuality was tolerated; probably not accepted but tolerated with no damage to any of these cultures (of course). Then the white European christians came and with them the intention of “civilizing” the “wild Africans”. They brought the bible and the hate for homosexuals. (Yes, the same bible they used to justify slavery) So when saying that homosexuality is “Un-African” and that it must be prohibited to protect “African values” Africans nowadays refer to the bible (or the Quran) – which are absolutely Un-African.

    Honestly, with this (as much as I hate the term as appropriate it is here) “uncivilized” behaviour countries like Nigeria will never get anywhere near the position of Europe or the US. It will remain a piece of land where big Western countries go in to get their resources why the people are killing themselves. And the European church and religion paved their way centuries ago.

    Open your eyes! Not homosexuality is a problem in Nigeria. It is your corrupt leaders, your corrupt officials, it is poor education (most of them all), it is drugs, it is violence, it is unlimited greed and it is religion holding back development. As (black) European, I know what I talk about. We had hundreds of years of medieval time and it only got better after we pushed back the reign of the church. And after the church lost Europe it conquered Africa.

    How long are the people in Nigeria planning to stay in this kind of Nigerian medieval time? Also for a thousand years?

    Wake up!


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