General Strike 14-N, Spain: 155 arrests, 77 injured, woman loses an eye.

A woman loses sight in one eye after brutal police charges in Barcelona
A 42 year old woman lost part of her left eye because, supposedly, of the impact of a rubber bullet shot by the Catalan police during yesterday’s demonstration in Barcelona during the general strike.
This has assured the people that attended when injured on the corner of the Plaza de Catalunya and Paseo de Gracia.
This was confirmed by sources of the Hospital de Sant Pau, where the woman was admitted at 21.18 hours on day 14.

The general strike of 14-N resulted in the arrest of 155 people in various incidents throughout the day, in which there were also 77 wounded, as reported by the Ministry of Interior. Of these, 43 were members of the Security Forces of the State, according to sources.

Only in Madrid throughout the day there were 60 arrests , of which 21 were in the night riots around the Plaza de Neptuno, in the protest called by the Coordinator 25S, police said.


One of the most unfortunate incidents of the day was the assault on a child by the Autonomous Police in a police charge in Tarragona.

As parents have told the child the facts occurred while participating in the demonstration peacefully walked the streets of Tarragona. At one point found in the middle of a riot charge of the Catalan police, who beat up the 13 year old in front of video camaras, hospitalizing him.


The massive demonstration of 14-N in Madrid ended with riots in the center of the capital. Barricaded by radical groups who launched sticks, screws and other objects at police.

During the incidents they caused damage to several commercial establishments in the area, including a restaurant of the chain Kentucky,

Four men who have each lost an eye due to police rubber bullet attacks show posters of their in juries recently in Barcelona

two of McDonald’s, bank branches and BBVA and La Caixa, etc.


Among DETAINEES who which passes by the duty Judge was the activist of 15M and is number 21 on the electoral list of ‘Pirates of Catalonia’ in Barcelona, Francisco Garrobo.

In total, these Police arrested 28 people in Barcelona during the day of strike, while one was arrested in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), one in Tarragona and another in Cornella de Llobregat (Barcelona).

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