Catalonia: Right and Left pact for a Republic

catalan republic.They said it was impossible, but Right and Left have agreed joint local rule to promote a campaign for Catalan Independence from Spain.

The CiU conservative leader had called elections to cash in on a tidal wave of sentiment for independence, as Madrid reneged on agreements and appeared set on milking Catalonia dry, along with racist and neo fascist insults.

However the electorate  thought differently and CiU lost their majority, while the left republicans shot up. But pro independence parties have a huge majority and a pact was made, the left will have to vote for savage social cuts on top of a record recession, while the right will have to share power and give in to some important ERC demands.

The workers  and social movements have been quick to decry the move as a ruse to defuse revolutionary actions due to the locally collapsing capitalist system.and oppose yet another State, this time in the hands of the corrupt Catalan business and political class.

Ecologists and Greens however celebrated the agreement to tax Nuclear Power, as well as a key measure to tax Carbon Dioxide emissions, which is a brilliant precedent in Europe.

imagesChances of persuading Madrid to allow the referendum however are nil, they have threatened to jail Catalan leaders who propose it.

Catalonia also to have referendum in 2014 following the pact between the conservative CiU and the left republicans ERC
by Beñat Zaldua
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 13:53

It was getting hard to get, but arrived late yesterday. Gathered at the Palau de la Generalitat, the CiU and ERC leaders, Artur Mas and Oriol Junqueras, respectively, reached an agreement to ensure the stability of the next Government of Catalonia and self convene a consultation over 2014, as voted at the polls by a large majority of Catalans on 25 November. The deal, which still has some unfinished business, will be closed during the day, with a joint appearance in the Parliament.

According to a document released by the negotiating teams, the agreement incorporates a roadmap on the path of self rule, as requested by ERC in negotiations with CiU.

Thus, both formations are committed to making a “declaration of sovereignty of the people of Catalunya” in the first plenary of the Parliament, to be followed by the processing of the Act consultations, developed over the previous term. This processing will be promoted, according to the agreement reached during the month of January 2013.

Then, you try to open a period of negotiations with the Spanish government to agree on the conditions for exercising the right to decide, in negotiations which would include the option to call a referendum. The formal request to the Spanish government to organize the referendum would be held in the first half of next year.

Parallel to create the Consell Català per the National Transició, “as an organ of momentum, coordination, participation and advice of the Government of Catalonia in relation to the actions of the consultation process and national transition, and in order to ensure their momentum and realization. ”

indexIn the fifth point of the agreement, CiU and ERC agree to exhaust all avenues “formal, legal and institutional” until December 31, 2013, to be, from that date, “able to convene the referendum. ”

The complicated formula is accompanied by a clause, according to which, the query could be extended if required “the socioeconomic and political context.” Such an extension should be agreed, at least by the two parties. Finally, the sixth item shows the same query call, undated, “for the people of Catalonia to rule on the possibility that Catalonia becomes a state in the European framework.”

The latter also includes a commitment to work CiU and ERC for the consolidation of “a broad social majority that would ensure the success of the consultation and the national transition process.”


The agreement is at an intermediate point between the demands of ERC, who wanted a specific date for the referendum, and CiU, preferred to leave the exercise of the right to decide.

On the economic issue, as already announced in the previous week, CiU accepted some of the proposed ERC as recovery of the last installment of inheritance tax or a tax on bank deposits, the Acting Government approved yesterday. Also put in place a tax on heavy goods vehicles traveling through Catalan owned roads and a tax on nuclear energy and carbon dioxide emissions.

These measures would raise about one billion euros, thus lowering the cut by a quarter of 4,000 million euros announced by CiU for the next term that ERC is now committed to supporting.

The last-minute agreement between MAS and Junqueras leaves way for the inauguration of the first as President of the Generalitat, which will be formalized procedure in Parliament over two sessions, which start tomorrow and end on Friday, so that, and as requested CiU, the stability of the next term will be linked before Christmas, at least for now.

Before the inauguration, Mas and formalized Junqueras morning formations agreement with a joint appearance in the same Parliament. Previously, the negotiating teams of both parties have closed the last details that fit the deal.

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