Argentina: Looting the Insane System!

In the last few days a wave of anti government demonstrations have  transformed into mass looting which is still spreading looting the insane systemacross the country. People have lost all faith in yet another round of austerity and cutbacks to please the 1% controlled markets in this resource rich country.

Union leader Hugo Moyano, who opposes the government’s economic policies, dismissed the government’s accusations of a left wing plot and organised robbery.

“This is probably triggered by the difficult situation the people of Argentina are facing. I cannot imagine that this has been organised by someone,” said Mr Moyano, head of the powerful CGT union.


Private banks say inflation is again rampant in the country, though government figures have it at just 9%.

The IMF has threatened the country with a “red card”, meaning potential expulsion from the Fund and the G20, if it does not do more to produce reliable statistics on its inflation and GDP.

Economists say Argentina’s state-centric policies are damaging its growth.

New import restrictions mean that companies are allowed to bring in only the same volume of goods as they export.

In many cases, this seems to have had a devastating impact on industrial production.

Some analysts believe Argentina could now be in technical recession.

no one can answer the question where did all these looters come from?.

The conspiracy theory reached ‘epic proportions. It seems that the conspiracy  even included the weather a storm that flooded Rosario amazingly in two hours, attaching it to the inside of PJ Black River, the there were unionists destabilizing opponents, drug traffickers and Santa Fe narcopolice of this province, the who joined the “violent” and, of course, the hordes of “common criminals” who are “isolated and organized” (the title is from the corporate TN). All gathered in various parts of the country to “destabilize the government”

No one, in the middle of the conspiracy, could answer where did they come from?.

It may be too early (or too late) for an answer, but I have no doubt that looting come from the deepest despair of a country argentinaravaged. They will say that this is not the same as in 2001 and will be right in part, but the realities are harder . We can all talk about poverty we see daily on the streets. The K speak of “dignified poverty” and thus differ it from the poverty of 2001.

But poverty is not worthy, its misery, hunger , discrimination and shame. Others speak of the conspiracy of the drug traffickers and the police probably have recognized some narcos waving at the neighborhood market selling, after all the police know them well because they do business with them. But they can not say who led thousands of desperate flood in Rosario did not have as clothe their children, or how to build a decent table in this new year.

Because in the middle of the headlines were filtered other news of looting. In Bariloche rulers had recognized that social plans are overdue. In Rosario there are areas that do not have electricity for 4 days. In Villa Governor Galvez’s flooded villages where the inhabitants lost everything in the storm. In Santa Fe Capital and pickets were out after the storm on Sunday because people remained without water and light. In Tucuman, while continuing to await justice by Marita Verón, the press reported that the Christmas dinner (dinner only) for a typical family is $ 300.

 You can not say who has an income of $ 600 per month is not poor. Or that there is 0% unemployment as the government says . No one can say that there is less than 7% of poverty at home as INDEC saysaqueos_campanas.

In reality the thousands of kids who showed up uninvited at this end of the world are nothing more than our students, known in the neighborhood, those who left school and do not appear in the official numbers. Because to answer the question where did they come from? Just look at the official government policies of recent years.

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