Serial of The Free. Ch 25. Gloria´s Fine Shot.

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Act Two Chapter twenty five

Gloria’s Fine Shot

-‘Shut up and listen you stupid cow.‘-

Merri and Gloria had heard the announcement, and turned into a narrower path, in the direction of the darkening cliff.
A few late bees were zooming, the first moths fluttering out.
Bright orange rays were fading out in the trees on their left, while the first eastern moonbeams, lit up a thin curtain of mist, curling white through the willow coppice saplings.

-‘Time we were getting back anyway, let’s go find Dolli.’- said Merri, with a shiver despite the heat.
-‘Why not try this famous inipi then.’- said Gloria. Swinging the heavy gun bag onto her shoulder. -‘Maybe I can sweat out these fascist prejudices you keep accusing me of!’-
-‘Food first, we gotta eat.’- said Merri, taking her hand.
They were approaching two gigantic black boulders.
-‘Are you sure this path goes through?.. Ow there’s brambles here.. I’m putting on my shoes, wait a minute Merri.’-
She was fishing them out of her little rucksack. No socks. And should she dress? Just the underwear then, Merri had her shorts on, but it was still so hot!

Just as she was slipping on the soft shoes Gloria caught the reek of male sweat.
She gasped in fear. For a second she really smelt Michael Princk with his rubber rocket. But that was just silly.
Gloria had never smoked and had an excellent nose. What she smelt was a sweaty man.
Her brain worked with a flash of terror. Gasping, she slipped her arm into the gun bag, and felt the cold tubes of a double barreled shotgun!
-‘Oh Merri run run I think they’re.. ‘-

-‘Why looky what we got here, hey Georgy our dates have just arrived..’-
Two gunmen in green had appeared between the boulders.
-‘Oh good girls, you’re already undressed, almost.’-
-‘Sorry we don’t know you.’- said Merri. Moving to pass them, but George just shoved her back. Jabbing his gun at her belly button.
-‘Now now just take off your.. ‘-
-‘Stop that we.. ‘-
He had grabbed her arm, spun her round.
image046 fascist horrorTripping and pushing her right down on her tummy, laughing sharply.
Twisting back her other arm under his knee.

He slipped on the yellow gag before she thought to scream and pulled it as tight as he could.
Pratson had moved to take Gloria at the same time. But she was crouched, backing away and pointing the bag, her right arm inside. She was s

hivering, eyes bulging and Pratson really wasn’t sure about her.

Gloria had seen immediately she was facing a terrorist version of her ex boss, Michael Princk.
-‘I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you.. ‘- she was repeating, like a cracked mantra.
-‘Now don’t you w

orry your pretty little head my sexy chickadee.’- She had backed off another step, another. -‘Just put the bag down and..’-
-‘C’mon Georgy it’s party time.’-
-‘Let her go let her go or I shoot. I’ll kill you..!’- Gloria was saying, as George tried to edge closer.
-‘Shut up and listen you stupid cow.’- he burst out .-‘Just stop. Put it down..I’ll cut your fucking tits you stupid cow.!’-
He was really irritated. Ranting and wheezing, as he unsheathed and waved his long razor knife.
-‘Do it! I’ll.. Drop it now! You stupid cow you fucking cow you..’-
-‘Let her go let her go let her go..’-
Then Gloria pulled the trigger. But realized she was only tugging at the safety catch.

Pratson had tied Merri’s hands behind her back, and was looping the rope over a low branch, yanked her to her feet, so she stood painfully half suspended, bottom up.
-‘Now! Hands up now! ..I hate you. Stinking feminist.!’- yelled George.
-‘I’ll kill you I’ll kill you..’-
-‘I’m chopping off your tits you frigid cow..’-
-‘This one’s all ready to go. Come on, that bag’s empty.’- Pratson was saying.
Putting down his gun, he produced a knife and began slitting off Merri’s shorts.
-‘MmmmMMmmMM.’- Merri tried to shriek, her face bright red.

Georgy was edging closer, still stupidly threatening Gloria. He would kick the bag sideways and have her! He must have the bitch. Now!
But she had backed off again, a step, a step..
-‘Let her go, Let her go, Let her..’
Gloria was pulling at a trigger in the bag, but nothing was happening.
-‘Stupid cow!’-

There was a terrific roar in the little clearing.
-‘Ow ow ow.’- She was hopping. The kickback had wrenched her wrist.
Georgy’s mouth was open. His hand went clawing to his crotch.
Where he found a few slivers of bleeding shredded meat.
Expertly he flung the razor knife at Gloria. But she was gone. She’d tripped over a branch as she ran towards Merri, almost falling on top of Pratson who had dived for cover.

-‘Don’t shoot don’t shoot.’- Pratson squealed, missing his weapon in the half dark.
Gloria’s gun bag was pointing near his head.
-‘Don’t move anybody or I shoot.’- she squeaked. Fumbling for the second trigger with her numb hand.

But Georgy had gone intwar_crimeo shock already. Kneeling humbly in the flowers and reciting the bible.
Bleeding profusely from his absent penis and testicles…


Maxie narrating

-‘I did notice a bang all right but it didn’t strike me as strange. We were just arriving back at the Gathering.’-
-‘Come Barney, Maxie, a shotgun!’- Sol shouted, grabbing at Barney’s arm and beckoning, and we followed him, running and ducking low branches. The nearest guards had also heard the shot, over the music, and quickly located the spot.
It was Sol got there first in fact, and snatched up guns and knives. I saw a naked woman hung up to a branch, blood trickling down her legs, and a shorter older woman trying to untie her. Sol was threatening two men on the ground with a gun. The Clanner guards arrived with torches. They were calling for help, a doctor, a stretcher.
I thought she’d been raped. I picked up a jacket and was draping it around her.

-‘No filming them Sol!’- I said, seeing him raising the camera. But he had zoomed instead on the captured terrorists..
-‘Congratulations young ladies you have arrested these professional mercenaries.’- he proclaimed, setting the tone. -‘You brave women have trapped these fierce monsters. What a fantastic effort!’-
-‘Well we were lucky.’- said the tall one, Merri, sobbing and sniffing as I held her. -‘My office supervisor just blew that one’s balls off.’-

-‘I thought she was joking. Then she pulled away, picking up a stick and suddenly started whacking the men on the ground with it. We stood back. Nobody stopped her.
Maggie was arriving, though the guards, and we hugged Merri and Gloria close.
Gloria, the plump older woman, had accepted tissues and was blowing her nose.
-‘I tried to shoot him by pulling the s-safety catch.’- she laughed through her tears.
-‘But then you saved the day for everyone!’- Sol cheered.
-‘That bastard wanted to cut..cut bits off me!’-
-‘Do you mind if I am interviewing, to show them up?’- said Sol to Merri.
-‘Go ahead,I’m not really hurt, thanks to Gloria.’- said Merri in a normal voice. -‘Just let me get some clothes on.’-

Someone had brought a first aid box and I was dabbing her cuts with a bandage.
They had cut off her pants with a knife.
One of the terrorists was badly injured and weirdly yelling hallelujahs.
Gloria really had shot him in the goolies.

The Clanner guards had got him on a stretcher. Away down the dark path, and they were about to march off the other one, Pratson, when he suddenly found his tongue.
-‘I have done nothing but carry equipment for Gordon. I was forced to do this by threats to my family, They offer me only seven thousand Euros, black money. I am sorry for causing terror and I am asking for a secret detention place.’-
-‘Shut up. Shut your lying mouth.’- Gloria started yelling as well.
-‘They can kill me for talking to you. Please let’s get out of here. They can bomb us with a robot plane any minute. They can see and hear us talking, by satellite, really! I am completely innocent I was forced to…’-
-‘Shut up you lying rat!’-
The Clanners were glancing at the sky. Sol was filming Pratson’s declaration but had leaned forward. Seemed to manipulate his neck. The terrorist went silent in mid sentence. Eyes wide. Seemed to be choking silently, hands scrabbling.
-‘Tell us the truth.’- Sol spat. -‘Now! Or I click my fingers and you die!’-
Pratson couldn’t breathe, his neck was out. Half paralyzed and desperate.
Sol raised his arms. Black against the last red rays.

-‘They’re telling me to kill you, the souls of those murdered in Guatemala, when boys like you began the dirty war. Two hundred and eighty thousand dead brothers and sisters are asking me to kill you now!
Pratson’s face was scarlet, his eyes popping from their sockets. I was totally shocked and couldn’t breathe either.
The wind was whipping a cloud of leaves,
Flashing with the last sun through the writhing trees.
An owl screeched close, scaring us even more, if that were possible.
We all just stood and watched as Pratson jerked, violently dying in the ferns and flowers.
Sol reached down to him, casually. And suddenly he was coughing and spluttering, gratefully sucking in air.
-‘Okay.. okay I’ll talk, I’ll talk uh ..Oh god, I’ll talk, oh, ah…’-
-‘Who sent you here, where did you leave from, where and when do they pick you up?’-
Pratson soon got enough breath to tell them what he knew. Sol trotting behind with the microphone, still recording, as they took him away.

Gloria and Merri started giggling, half crying and recovering from the attack. They already knew Maggie, who was hugging and consoling them, as we all made our way back to the party, just a hundred meters away, through the young forest.


image047 sexist horror

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