Serial of The Free Ch 31 ‘Dinner at The Grand’

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Act 3  Chapter 31

Dinner at The Grand

‘You’re a spy, man. Admit it.’-

            Peter Kennedy was worried and walking fast, head down, through the back streets to avoid the marchers, strikers and rioters, who thronged the city center

-‘I’ve lived to see Revolution Day!’- he thought.

            Glancing back furtively at the Special Police, two on foot and two in a car, who were watching his every move from an obvious distance..

Before it had been easy, now it was dead risky, and he had urgent information to send. There would be a new attack on the docks by the Commandos that night. Twice he had almost been caught using the little cellphone. Continue reading Serial of The Free Ch 31 ‘Dinner at The Grand’