please help STOP Gendercide of Indian Women !

justiceIn December 2012, the  Delhi Gang Rape public uprising sent a furious message to the the government of  India! That message was: ” We are not going to tolerate government apathy and corruption in face of  the intolerable violence on girls and women in India.” 

There’s an increase of 873% in India’s rape crime rate. Moreover, in 20 years, 20% of women will have been exterminated from India subject to all forms of gender specific violence. [Also browse our newspaper log]

The government’s first response was — stony silence!  It pretended it didn’t hear! 

As the uprising gathered momentum and all of India came on board, the government decided it to use brutal force to clamp down on the protestors.

When the clamor continued, and the government thought it is starting to look increasingly un-democratic and dictatorial to the outside world, it decided to use an old, Indian bureaucratic routeLet’s push paper for months, maybe years, till the public gets tired of waiting and goes away! So they asked  J. S. Verma, ex-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, to head an investigative panel on rape related violence on girls and women in India.  The government obviously thought this important enough to ring Justice Verma’s door bell  past midnight, and wake him up to hand him the government’s request and suggestions!

This strategy also backfired!  Usually committees and their reports take months and even years!  However, the Justice Verma Committee,  which comprised of 3 Supreme Court Chief Justices:  J.S. Verma, Leila Seth, and Gopal Subramanium, aided by 15 young lawyers, worked tirelessly, round the clock, with almost no aid or support from the government, and after collating of thousands of testimonies from victims, women’s groups etc. presented a 600 page report, complete with recommendations to the government in a record 29 days!

Again for 7 days there was no sound from the Prime Minister’s office!  Then the government speedily both acknowledged the report, and came up with a new ordinance on rape and violence against women, claiming they’ve accepted 90% of the Verma Committee recommendations.   This was done without pubic involvement, or parliamentary debate!   But as Justice Verma himself has pointed out: the Government completely ignored the observations and recommendations of the Verma Committee!

In fact the Government even removed the Justice Verma report from its website so that the public would not be able….  Read more…indian women demo


Tell World Leaders

to End the Female Gendercide in India

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