Spain: Pressure grows as Giant Demos Join

manifestacion-en-espana--619x34823rd Feb was the biggest yet. More than 300 organizations have come together in protest at the cuts and to demand genuine democracy. Thousands and thousands have flooded the streets of the cities … But the crackdown has been felt again: indicriminate police charges in Madrid have left 12 people injured and 40 arrested.

  1. TREMENDO (VÍDEO) Antidisturbios entra en bar de Atocha y agrede a joven  #23-F Madrid RT! DIFUNDE!

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    Vídeo-crónica de la manifestación de la Marea Ciudadana :  |

    Firemen help the public against police attacks
    Firemen help the public against police attacks


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    Un bombero frena a los antidisturbios en Neptuno el durante : … Honor al valor de @BomberosCM

  4. 2h

    Vídeo de incidentes y detenciones tras la manifestación del 23-F en Madrid  @elpais_politica

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    Millones de gracias 🙂 Bombero frena el paso de antidisturbios. Emocionante … …! @BomberosCM

    For the first time mass chants called for the abdication of The King, now increasingly implicated in the countless corruption scandals.The peaceful mass protest against the central government closed down Madrid. At the end of the protest as Neptune Sq  emptied riot police charged against youth groups and the press with at least 40 arrests. Police also charged against a group of youths in the neighborhood of Atocha after the demonstration against the cuts, which had ended in mid-afternoon in a peaceful manner, with the result of 40 detainees and 12 minor injuries.
     Also Emergency Madrid has reported at least 12 injured, with 8 transfers to hospitals. Among the wounded were two policemen who  were slightly injured.


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