Victims of Pedophile Priests crash Vatican conclave

pope voteVictims of pedophile priests “break” in the Vatican conclave
From the United States, Mexico and Belgium, victims of pedophile priests “broke” in the debate surrounding the conclave to require that certain prelates are not considered to become the next pope, having covered or minimized the sexual abuse scandals in the Church.

“If the Church elects a new pope whose balance in combating pedophile priests is poor, it means that nothing has changed,” he told AFP James Salt, director of Catholics United Association (Catholics United), who called “All cardinals splashed by the caucus scandal to apologize.”

Present and active for several days in Rome, the U.S. network of victims of SNAP issued a “black list” of 12 papabili who urged not choose for inaction, including two of those listed as favorites: the Canadian Marc Ouellet and Italian Angelo Scola.

In Mexico, the victims gathered about 23,000 signatures against the participation of Cardinal Norberto Rivera, according to them, covered the actions of Marcial Maciel, the founder of the Legionaries of Christ congregation, accused of sexual abuse of minors and who died in 2008.

In Belgium, reported in the same way the participation of Cardinal Godfried Danneels, who “shut up”, according to the social organization Human Rights in the Church.

In Italy, a victim reported the presence of Cardinal Domenico Calcagno that country, while Americans of Catholics United Cardinal Roger Mahony require “stay home” for the same reasons.

Open the Vatican archives

“Many cardinals have made statements minimizing the scandal,” said Becky Ianni, Washington director for SNAP, “with comments like ‘happened long ago’, ‘is not a specific problem of the Catholics’, ‘you did a good job’ (in the fight against the scandal) or ‘only concerns a small number of priests.’ ”

“Such statements ever revives pain of the victims,” ​​he added.

United States, where associations are very active, was affected by resonant scandals in the last decade, and numerous surveys show that the issue of pedophile priests should be, for the vast majority of American Catholics, a priority for the new Pope .

Many victims believe that Benedict XVI, who renounced his pontificate on February 28, “did nothing” and that “unfortunately the worst is probably yet to come,” the SNAP, because the scandals have not yet been made public ” most countries. ”

The future pope “must act immediately,” said Ianni.

“We have heard in the past many apologies, but not much has changed. The new pope must do more than talk. Should punish the bishops and cardinals who have covered sexual abuse. You should open the Vatican archives, “he added.

The association published a list of possible future popes “least worst”, where three names resonate: Filipino Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the Austrian Christoph Schonborn and Irish Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

Asked about the “black list” of twelve names, the Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, told CNN that SNAP does not correspond to “decide who participates in the conclave and who is elected.”

“For most officials, we are not invited,” said David Clohessy, director of SNAP present in Rome, “but for many concerned Catholics, we are welcome.”

The “cardinal can hear us, or may hear the sound of slamming doors giving Catholics who leave the Church,” said Salt.

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