Cheap CO2-free and Non Toxic Fuel available NOW


By now we all know we’re in a climate change emergency.

Most poeple also know that fossil fuels kill millions through air, land and water pollution.

But very few are aware that a cheap alternative fuel has existed all along, suppressed by the Fossil Fools for over 100 years.

And hardly anyone will believe this alternative is 100% CO2-free and produces no toxic gases when burned, is safer than petroleum and can be made locally from solar electricity, air and water!

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The Benefits of NH3

  • would cost less
  • no CO2 emissions, helps mitigate the climate emergency
  • no air pollution.. saves 2.4 million air pollution deaths a year, plus all the painful, degrading suffering, wilfully caused by the oil companies with zero compensation to their victims
  • storage, transport and production facilities already exist for NH3 used as fertilizer and would only need expanding
  • big savings in transporting fuel (can be made close to where it is most used)
  • less need for oil wars ( oil would then not be worth the fight )
  • no pollution or methane escapes from oil/gas extraction
  • can be made with air, water and cheap renewable energy
  • could decentralise fuel production and short circuit the Fossil Fools Industry
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How does an ammonia dual fueled vehicle work?

The simplest implementation of the dual fueled ammonia vehicle conversion is physically similar to a compressed natural gas vehicle conversion. A new on-board tank holds liquid ammonia at only about 150 PSI. Regulators, valves and an electronic control system meter the flow of ammonia to the engine as needed after the engine is started and warmed up on gasoline, ethanol etc. A small amount of gasoline is used to idle the engine, then as the load is increased the additional energy is provided by adding ammonia. This is all handled automatically by the engine control electronic module.

Can I buy a conversion kit for my private car today?

No. Not at this time. There has never been any investment or subsidies, though proven NH3 vehicles have existed for 100 years.


I’m running a little blog on the subject of NH3 fuel..but no one looks at it. Perhaps some Earth Firsters like you could promote it!?

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