Integral Revolution Coop takes off in Barcelona

translation  by The Free. From free paper ’20 Minutes’  and reprinted in ‘Rojo y Negro’ of the CGT union.

At least 1,200 Catalans manage themselves with their own ”money”, education and health , they do not use the euro but  ecos, a “free money” that can be exchanged for hours of work or products..cooperativa integral

They have organized a network of health care, education and access to housing, based on trust among  members.
They are expanding to the rest of the peninsula. in France and Italy similar experiences have been initiated.
They have a currency of its own, a self-managed health care system, an educational network and housing office. They are self-managed cooperatives and self-organization, groups of people living outside the system,  and make decisions in open assemblies based on trust organization. In Catalonia, there are already 1,200 citizens who have chosen this way of life and the implementation of these communities is spreading. The crisis and the 15M indignados movement has given it wings.


In Sardenya street of Barcelona, ​​near the Sagrada Familia, was established the Cooperative Integral Catalana (CIC). In a building of three floors and a roof with a brand new urban garden, they coordinate and carries out activities like education, health and housing, workshops and courses for all ages.

Opening of the first ‘CAPS’

Just opened the first CAPS, which  is not a clinic, but a Self-Managed Primary Health Center. There you can find “health facilitators’ persons accompanying patients to seek solutions to medical problems following the Holomedicina.  “If we break a leg go to the emergency room,” explains Xavier Borràs, one of the first members of the Cooperative.

In one of the spacious and modern rooms of the building,  is a day care place for children aged zero to three years. Parents of the district have organized to care for and educate their children. In addition to the 30 euros it costs to register jn the Cooperative (refundable if you leave) you will not have to pay more money. you can pay for goods or services by working hours or in ecos, their own currency.

cos cooperativa

This is a “free money” that is not prined in physical form and serves tforany trade you want to do within the network or even third parties who provide services, such as an ophthalmologist or farmers. The CIC uses the Community Exchange System (CES), an online software to manage the currency.

The eco is “free money” that has adopted by Cooperatives, Eco-Networks, Cores and Projects of Local Self Management and Initiatives of   Collectivised Autonomous. You can buy 100% organic products, or pay the dentist, part of social rent or day care of the children. Each eho is equivalent to a free market euro approximately. An active member of the Cooperative explained that he can live with about 150 basic-ecos a month .ecoxarxa

The term “basic” means that they have to be ‘spent’ in that month, not accumulated as capital..

With this he can cover food and voluntary contribution to the joint public health system .

They also have a housing office, which advises those who are in danger of eviction. They are informed of the gaps in the system and how they can benefit from them. It is encouraging social renting and “house caretaking”, a formula which is to recover the Catalan figure “masover”, a person or family who lives and operates a  country house owned by another.

“All this is not going against the system, but leaving the system,” explains Borràs. After years of protesting NO NO, “now is the time for YES’, and continues to clarify this history of the CIC, which was born with a hundred members and has increased already 12 fold. integral Revvo

The organization is being helped by activist Enric Duran, the Robin Hood of the Banks, whoi is now on the run for taking out 400,000 euros in loans anfd giving  it to socvial revolutionary groups..( see links below)

This system is spreading throughout Catalonia and the Iberian peninsula and even in Italy and France groups have been looking to replicate it.

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